Celestial Peak - Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: 127

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Wang Ling watched Wang Hong brandished his spear against the youth named Yuwei, Wang Ling watched him do so and was rather surprised to see Wang Hong use Spear of War.

The Spear of War was the martial technique he had asked Qigang to pass on to Wang Hong. Although he knew Wang Hong had a lot of top-notched techniques at his disposal, Wang Ling still gifted him with this particular technique for one reason alone.

It could help in getting enlightenment in the way of the spear.

The spear was a weapon for war and bloody battles. The Spear of Wang was a technique that simulates the techniques used in wars while have it resonate with one's soul giving the cultivator a feeling of war when they execute an attack.

Wang Ling had viewed the current era as something truly nice. It was filled with spirit qi and resources were bountiful. But the only flaw it had was the cultivators of this generation lack mastery of their crafts.

Having fought people considered as 'geniuses' by everyone. Wang Ling had seen their lack of mastery over weapons. Only their cultivation and qi was superb, but nothing else.

In the past, mastery of weapons or any of your crafts was a must for any genius. Mastering a weapon temper the will and the temperament of the geniuses to become true people who can aim for the apex.

Wang Ling was one such youth who mastered his sword and reached the apex after doing so. However, in the current era, Wang Ling was laughing at the stupidity of others who lacks the will and temperament that aims to reach greater heights.

They lack the ambition and the drive, the will and the discipline to do so and for Wang Ling, it was truly painful to watch.

Wang Ling had seen Wang Hong's spear before and he had thought the Spear of War was going to match him perfectly to improve. Although Wang Hong was already a battle-seeking cultivator.

He still lacks enough bloodshed before he could call himself a legitimate practitioner of the spear. Although it was commendable of him to reach Spear Intent at such a young age, it was lacking the aura of a true spear.

Wang Ling gave Wang Hong to realize what he was missing and cultivate it to the best of his ability. But he didn't think he would get it so fast. He had thought Wang Hong would hesitate for a while and would not immediately use Spear of War.

But it seems like he was wrong. Despite what he presents to others, Wang Hong was smart and intelligent. Often deciding by carefully considering the pros and cons of a situation.

He was a genius not only because he was a strong and indomitable battle prowess amongst his peers. But also because of his insane comprehension of things, especially when it comes to martial techniques and spear.

Wang Hong had seen the potential of Spear of War and quickly used it to strengthen himself.

Wang Ling was, of course, happy to see him improve and seeing him beat an opponent to a pulp right here and now made him smile and walk away feeling pleasant about his gift to Wang Hong being used properly.

Walking around with Wang Yue who, by some odd chance was already eating and giving him a plate of meat to eat, they met with citizens of the Moon City. Wang Ling managed to speak with most of the citizens and locals without any problems.

Ladies especially was attracted to Wang Ling who quietly minding his own business. They would constantly take a glimpse of him from the corner of their eyes and giggle away as they spoke about him.

Some approached Wang Ling with a playful smile on their faces, clearly giving hints for some action, but Wang Ling politely made sure to divert the conversation topic from any sexual actions.

Not that he was uninterested in women or anything, it was just that Wang Ling cannot do any procreation right now. The reason being the Yin and Yang inside his body had yet to form an equilibrium with one another.

If any of the two were to be lost, like his Yang dispersing after losing his 'purity' as a man, then he would be devoured by his Yin. Which was the hellish qi?

Although it says devour, that doesn't mean he would die, just that his qi would be screwed over and his connection with Heaven Realm might waver thereby losing his ability to use angelic qi at worst and at best, having it weakened.

Wang Ling was, of course, frustrated about such a thing, but he was someone who could be considered as the ancestors of many. He has a mind that had been tempered by numerous battles. Such thoughts was nothing to him and managed to control his libido shortly after.

Although kind people were greeting and socializing with him. Some acted like they are some stupid and arrogant young master who does not have any regard for anything other than themselves.

There were only a few of them present, but it was enough for Wang Ling to completely ignore such people to not have the sudden action of killing anyone because of irritation.

He had done so before and the consequences would always rather be complicated and a hassle so Wang Ling chose to calm down.

From the nice to the overwhelmingly frustrating people, Wang Ling found someone who was standing in between. A young man around the age of 21 named Lu Wei.

Those people who were from more refuted families acted rather familiar with him and didn't try to hide their words with flowery ones.

Wang Ling enjoyed his time without thinking anything seriously, he went to socialize and oddly enough. Wang Ling found nothing to do after talking to many people around him. Soon, he went to sneak out of the banquet and went to find a quiet place to eat and drink.

Going to the library and going up the roof, Wang Ling took out fine wine and ate the meat he was handed by Wang Yue who went to watch Wang Hong's show of manliness and power.

Sitting on top of the library's rooftop. Wang Ling looked around and sighed as he uttered to himself.

"This is quite the sight, it seems an utter utopia here and yet these people will kill people without a second thought if the price was enough."

Wang Ling went back down after cooling off his head.

In the whole banquet, Wang Ling did not show any particular skills other than socializing with the women. This gave the others the impression of Wang Ling being too attracted to women giving them the idea of him as a playful young master.

Wang Ling being himself didn't care about his public image that much. But he did care for his family's name so he acted with decorum and continued on with a smile on his face.

It was fake, yes, but his smile would often turn genuine when he saw Wang Yue and Wang Hong enjoying themselves at peace. 

Time passed and the banquet was concluded.

This banquet of Wang Ling's coming home went on until midnight when the strong alcohol finally kicked in and everyone was satisfied.

At around this time, Wang Ling was inside the library, reading.

Wang Ling was trying to get as much knowledge possible so he can understand the era more and more. Because if he could do so, then he will finally be able to move around without any restraints.

But as Wang Ling was reading more and more of the era's history, something unpleasant managed to elicit Wang Ling's confusion as one question popped inside his head.

"What is the Great War?"