Celestial Peak - Chapter 38

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Chapter 38


With Wang Ling leading the way he and the other people quickly reached the mansion . Wang Shu Qing was there in the front gates of the mansion quickly taking Wang Hong from their arms .

Acting like the wind, Wang Shu Qing brought Wang Hong to some room so he can examine his current situation . Although he was no doctor, Wang Shu Qing had ways to make Wang Hong suffer less and ease his pain .

Wang Shu Qing was clearly shook about Wang Hong's conditions because he didn't even seem to acknowledge the maiden who came with Wang Hong's group .

Wang Ling didn't follow Wang Shu Qing as he was made to wait in the garden . Although it was night, numerous [Luminous Pearls] lit up the whole garden . The garden looked like it was shining .

There, Wang Ling was sitting quietly with tea served on the table . In front of him was a beautiful maiden who had streaking long black hair .

She wore a long sleeved robe and was emitting elegance . Her eyelashes were long, accentuating further her alluring pair of black eyes . She was silent as she sat on the chair, but her eyes showed that she was anxious about Wang Hong's current situation .

Her mind was preoccupied by many worries . She didn't even gave Wang Ling a second glance as she was simply too anxious .

Wang Ling noticed this and decided to break this awkward atmosphere by clearing his throat . Hrrm! The rough sound of his throat echoed in the garden . The maiden took note of this and looked at him with her pure eyes .

Wanting to ask her something, Wang Ling just about to speak . But the lady was simply too dazed and simply turned her head around after looking at Wang Ling for a single second .

"Hey, I want to talk to you!" Wang Ling had enough of acting like a gentleman and just straightforwardly called out to the maiden like a thug . Wang Ling's voice carried a little bit of his irritation .

"Yes?" Looking oblivious as to why Wang Ling was acting so irritated, she looked over and questioned what his intention is . Of course Wang Ling had a sudden urge to bash her face in because of irritation but he didn't do anything that can hurt this maiden… because he was still too weak .

Wang Ling took a couple of deep breaths before managing to calm himself down . He also circulated his supreme spirit qi and made sure to keep his entire mindset clear .

"Sorry about my father not coming here to entertain you . He is too worried about Wang Hong that he didn't seem to notice you . I apologize for that . "

"It is fine, my presence being acknowledge is not a problem if junior apprentice-brother Hong can be treated . " The maiden answered with complete calmness in her voice .

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[Oh, so she's someone from the central regions . What's more is that she's from the academy Wang Hong goes to… . She should have the information that I need . ] Wang Ling thought to himself as he secretly smiled .

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"Junior apprentice-brother? Does that implies that my younger brother and your beautiful-self is from the same academy? Are you his senior?" Wang Ling acted like a gentleman once again . Conversing with this kind of people needed him to act like so .

The maiden looked at Wang Ling and nodded her head .

"I and junior apprentice-brother Hong are from the same academy . We have the same teacher in beast taming . " The maiden explained .

Wang Ling nodded understandingly as he issued another question to get the conversation rolling, "Oh, is that so . I wish to ask more question but I have yet to properly introduce who I am .

"My name is Wang Ling, I am Wang Hong's disgraceful older brother . May I have the chance to know your name?"

The maiden realized this point and thought that Wang Ling had a point . Also, she was a guest of the mansion and Wang Ling was the first young master of the 'esteemed' Wang family so it was disrespectful of her not to introduce herself .

She sit upright and exchanged gazes with Wang Ling . She opened her mouth and the soul steering voice she permeated the garden .

"My name is BingDiao* of the Sacred Beast Academy . "

(Authors Note: Her name is translates to Ice Sculpture . )

Wang Ling who was looking at BingDiao and thought that her name was very fitting .

The way she acted was full of elegance and had a hint of coldness . She carried no smile on her face . With her alluring eyes, anyone's soul or senses will be shook and had their lust reach a whole new level . However, that gaze does not work on Wang Ling .

Wang Ling was unperturbed by her gaze, he was as solid as mountain and tranquil as a flowing river . The maiden took note of his boulder like heart that never wavered in front of her and thought to herself: [He is like how Wang Hong described him to be . He is mysterious and interesting, but I cannot see the warmth and kindness he spoke of . ]

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Although BingDiao could not see through Wang Ling completely, she was not that on guard about this person as she knew about his background .

After all, Wang Hong speaks of him frequently when they were travelling together to the Black Beast Mountain .

"I say, you are a true mystery First Young Master Wang, your brother has just experience a life threatening incident . For you to be so calm, is quite commendable . " BingDiao spoke in straightforward manner .

Wang Ling took a sip of his tea before talking .

"Don't get me wrong, I am seething with anger right now, but I cannot let my own anger get the better of me . Showing my anger blatantly will only cause me harm, but if I learn how to control it, I will be able to temper my mind and heart… at least that is what I learned from reading numerous books . " Wang Ling put all the credits to books .

"Although books contains knowledge, it may lead you to a path that is not for you . Books are beneficial but I advise First Young Master Wang to keep it into moderation . " BingDiao said with great wisdom that is backed with her experience .

Wang Ling nodded his head and took a sipped from his tea . The two talked for a while and Wang Ling finally managed to drag the whole conversation towards the direction of the incident .

"What happened in the Black Beast Mountain? From what I heard a tomb had appeared in that place, just what happened that made other powers attack you and Wang Hong?"

BingDiao was silent for a moment before speaking what she know .

"Yes, that is correct . A tomb really did appear after a couple of months of investigation . We managed to unearth the tomb of ancient celestial who carried the moniker of [Nebula Celestial]…"

[Nebula Celestial? Wasn't that the one who fought the [Phoenix Sovereign]? I thought she died after their battle in the Sea of Weeping Souls, it seems like she managed to erect a tomb for herself before dying . ]

"…the tomb contained treasures and artifacts from an era before the [Great Upheaval] happened . Other academies were present when the tomb surfaced so a great battle erupted for the treasures that is obtainable inside the tomb . In the end we managed to harvest quite a lot treasure .

"At first the ransacking of the tomb was still not chaotic, but when the legacy of the Nebula Celestial surfaced, a great battle erupted . Junior apprentice-brother Wang Hong fought for the legacy and obtained it after a lot of hardships . However, the instant he obtained it, those he competed against acted shamelessly and joined forces to forcefully obtain the inheritance . In the end, the whole thing ended with junior apprentice-brother Wang Hong suffering from grievous injuries . "

While listening, Wang Ling took a bunch of mental note regarding various things . He was interested with what happened as it will dictate who he should direct his hatred in the future but something else caught his attention .

That was the even called Great Upheaval . This Great Upheaval should be the time when every celestial died and the new, much denser spirit qi gushed to the world . He was interested about this matter but he should get his priorities straight and focus on the issue of Wang Hong .

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Wang Ling looked at the vexed expression on the cold countenance of BingDiao . Wang Ling was sure that she too was feeling hate for those people .

"Who are the people who attacked Wang Hong? What academy did they belonged to? How many people are involve in this matter?"

"There were four people who is launched the joint attack to junior apprentice-brother . Two came from the [True Devil Academy] they are Wen Luxian and Xie Hai, one from the [Northern Faith Academy] he is Hu Shen, and the last one came from the [Ancient Scriptures Academy] she is Huo Yimu .

"All of these people are top-tier geniuses of their respective academies . All of them had ascended to sainthood already and is about to reach late-minor saint stage . They were originally stronger than junior apprentice-brother, but they still dared attack him .

"If not for the treasure given to me by my master, junior apprentice-brother and I wouldn't have been able to escape that place . "

As BingDiao continued explaining the colder Wang Ling's became . Four people actually ganged up on someone weaker . Although he was unsure if this is normal now, he was still sickened by their greedy behaviors .

Although he was not that foreign about killing people who were weaker than him, Wang Ling still had a bottom line . He won't join with others just so he can kill someone who is weaker . Yes, he might kill someone weaker but he will do it alone and with his own hands .

In his eyes, whether you are weak or strong . If you dare cross Wang Ling's boundaries and push his buttons . The only path that you will tread from then on will be death and those four who dared touch his brother was going to die for doing something like this .

At first he only wanted to teach them a lesson, but those people discussed him too much and he would love to have their heads roll . Wang Ling made the decision then and there . He had their names and location, now he only need a proper type affiliation that will let him kill those bastards without implicating his family too much .

"Thank you for helping my brother Lady BingDiao . " Wang Ling spoke as he lowered his head ever so slightly . It was thanks to this person that Wang Hong was alive, she earned his thanks and respect . The name of BingDiao was registered as an ally in his head .

BingDiao waved her hands as if saying, "It is nothing . "

Wang Ling raised his head once again and went to a different topic altogether .

"How many academies are there in the central regions?"

"Couting the three I have mentioned just now and the Sacred Beast Academy we belonged to, there are still three other academies located in the four other domains of the central regions .

"These academies are as follows: [Thudergod Academy], [Heavenly Refinement Academy], and the [Heaven's Will Academy] . "

"From these four, what academy is a neutral force that does not have lean towards any of the other academies?"

"Of the three, both Thundergod Academy and the Heaven's Will Academy are both have neutral treatment to the rest of the academies . "

At this moment, BingDiao took a sip of the tea that was in front of her as she felt parched after answering so much of Wang Ling's questions . This older brother of his junior apprentice-brother is simply too curious .

She heard he liked reading books to gain knowledge and broaden his horizons but she didn't think that asking questions like this was also something he liked .

Wang Ling also took a sip as he arranged the information he got . After a while he smiled .

"Last question, of the two neutral academies, which will start accepting students earlier? If you can, can you also tell me about the prerequisites needed for one to enter an academy?"

Wang Shu Qing spent a good five hours calming the spirit qi that was rampaging inside Wang Hong's body . This was the best he could do for Wang Hong's current condition .

Although Wang Hong's condition looked pitiful as his internal organs suffered a backlash and had been injured . The spirit qi rampaging all over his body was starting to calm down and is beginning to subside . Although he can do nothing about the damaged meridians at the moment, it was enough .

It would be best if he could concoct a stronger and more potent pill that can help Wang Hong's current situation . He only gave him [Tranquil Sea Pill] that managed to calm his spirit ocean and spirit qi, but Wang Hong still needs another pill named [Phoenix Blessing Pill] to help Wang Hong recover faster .

He kept Wang Hong's still injured body in a room so he can have some peace .

After coming out, he saw a figure suddenly coming his way . It was Wang Ling and it seems like he had a serious matter he needed to talk about so he asked .

"What is the matter?"

Wang Ling paused for a bit and answered .

"Can I enter the room for a minute?"

Wang Shu Qing hesitated but nodded his head in the end .