Celestial Peak - Chapter 70

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Chapter 70

-Ling'er, this is a pills called [Nature Extension Pill], consume it and it will help you regrow your arm . Although the process is going to be painful, you will have to bear with it and grit your teeth . Pain is going to teach you, I am sorry I am not there when you need me the most .

The second letter of Wang Shu Qing .

-Ling'er, I have been feeling that I have reached the peak of Celestial Stage . I will go into seclusion and come out after breaking through . I don't know when I'll be able to come out but it should be before your mother . Also, your mother should be leaving seclusion in just a few more years, Sun Wu will inform you when . With me entering seclusion, Yue'er is going to be quite lonely, so try and go home at least after managing to enter the academy of your choice . Oh, Yue'er is starting to become more like your mother, she evens started taking lessons in archery from Sun Wu . I just hope she doesn't completely copy her, or else she'll… . Enough of that, Wang Hong will be leave by the end of the year, take care Ling'er .

The letter from Butler Sun was shorter in comparison to Wang Shu Qing .

-First Young Master, the Little Miss has started to take archery in as a hobby . She is a prodigious at it, oh my goodness, I wish she can cultivate and become strong like the Mistress . Also, how is Qigang's assistance? He is one of my best personal disciples so I know he'll be able to make my little Shadow Pavilion proud . Hope you are doing great First Young Master .

Wang Hong's letter was something that made Wang Ling quite admire his younger brother .

-Older Brother, I heard from Father that you wish to help me in getting my revenge, but I wish to get it myself . I'll make them pay for trying to take advantage of my momentary lapse in concentration . Please, take care and good luck on your path of cultivation .

Wang Ling had to think twice in regards to Wang Hong's letter . He had been planning to kill those bastards to get revenge, but it would seem that doing so will only become unnecessary trouble and it might have an effect on Wang Hong's confidence if he steals his kills .

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[Well, I'll just kill them if they offend me and spare them if they don't… nah, I'll just kill at least two or three of them to vent out my anger .

Wait, not that I think about it . If Wang Hong kills them, won't their families start coming out like wasps? Seems like my target have changed . ]

Wang Ling was holding a grudge against those bastards . Wang Ling wanted to kill them but because wanted to do it himself, he wouldn't interfere . Other than killing one or two of them if he gets the chance, he had now changed his target from the students who attacked Wang Hong to their families .

[I should teach Wang Hong some things in the future . If they really come for revenge, my work will come earlier than not . ] Wang Ling, as a professional destroyer of sects and various clans thought with an evil smile on his face .

Lastly, he took out the letter from Wang Yue .

-Big brother, I am doing quite well, I wish that you are too . There are a lot of crazy events happening in the main house… speaking of which, the main house is really big, I think it's even bigger than the entire capital of the Azure Skies…

Wang Yue had the longest letter, ten pages worth of description that depicts how amazing the main house was written neatly on the papers . Although this was the case, Wang Ling still read it with a look of contentment .

The last three pages of her letter was the most important thought as it tells him how she had been practicing her archery . Base on her sentence of, 'Striving to become like mother', Wang Ling already knew that Wang Shu Qing will not find the idea pleasing .

He didn't know why Wang Shu Qing hated the idea of Wang Yue resembling his mother . Was there something wrong with his mother? Thinking through this matter, Wang Ling realized that his mother was rather unique in many cases .

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After all, that was the same person who thought a young child how to pick up ladies on the streets and social gatherings rather than etiquette . Just her priorities alone were unconventional and something that Wang Ling did not understand .

Shaking his head, he took out a separate storage ring and kept the five letters inside as if they were his most valuable treasures . Keeping the storage ring away, Wang Ling stretched his body with a smile as his good mood was reflected .

Turning around, he saw Qigang and asked, "You're one of Butler Sun's personal disciples?"

Qigang nodded his head and answered, "I am a part of the seven orphans Master have taken under his wings . There are seven of us and I am the sixth of the seven . Qiqi, who is the Little Miss' personal maid is the seventh and the youngest of the six . "

"Qiqi? How strong is she? I seem to have no recollection of her showing any signs of being a cultivator . "

"She is already a minor saint at the age of 20 . She looks young but she is the same age as you, First Young Master . She is the most proficient on the art of stealth and espionage so her blending in to the point of you not noticing anything is not that shocking . "

Wang Ling came into a realization and started thinking back on the time he was guided by that maid named Qiqi . He didn't feel any kind of qi around her body so he thought that she wasn't a cultivator . Who would've thought that she was just too strong for him to properly observe .

Also, if she can fool his eyes, then she really was good . Wang Ling nodded his head and was just about to enter his dorm when he asked Qigang .

"What about you? How old are you and what is your current level of cultivation?"

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"I am 25 years old and I am still only at the peak of pinnacle-grand saint stage . "

Wang Ling looked at the embarrass look on Qigang's face and wanted to smack him flat to the ground . Back in the day, he was already 26 years old when he entered the early levels of grand saint stage .

[These guys from the Shadow Pavilion is really talented . It seems like Butler Sun is also one of the most mysterious personage that I know . ]


Wang Ling went into seclusion with the intent of letting the five days quickly pass . It was still noon but Wang Ling had no intention of being lazy or waiting for night to come .

He immediately went inside his room and these he saw the lazy white fox . Bai Xue was lazing around with at least different spirit plants and treasure that was filled with spirit qi laid out in front of her .

Bai Xue muse have stolen them from some poor students . She noticed him entering and she asked lazily . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"When are you going to the central region? Didn't you say that many good things are found in there?"

"Just wait for a few more days . We'll get our ticket to go there in two weeks . Oh, when can you break through the barrier of nascent soul stage? After this thing is done, I'll be going to three different places to harvest some devil bloodline, and find a good spot where I can break through both my cultivation and bloodline . "

Bai Xue perked up her ears after hearing his plans and answered enthusiastically, "I'll be able to ascend to nascent soul stage in less than ten days . Just give me a four grade 1 spirit plans that have a high density of spirit qi and some spirit stones to supplement my cultivation . "

"Here, you can cultivate nearby . But make sure to suppress your qi when you break through . Having unwanted visitors at my doorsteps is not something I enjoy . "

"Don't worry, I'll do it properly and will conceal my aura as much as possible . "

Wang Ling took out a bunch of spirit plants and spirit stones and placed it to one side . Bai Xue's eyes beamed after seeing so much resources without her even needing to lift a single finger .

She began cultivating the next instant she could . Wang Ling saw this and he too took out the flame attributed treasure he had and began cultivating his Hell Spark .

Time will pass and Wang Ling will grow stronger but his cultivation shall improve no further for now . He chose not to .

While Wang Ling was cultivating, the entire Piercing Heaven Empire started announcing the tournament . Every student began to prepare and the envoys of the Seven Great Academies started appearing on the eighth day .


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