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CEO in a fantasy world - Chapter 142

Published at 19th of February 2019 03:40:21 AM

Chapter 142: 142

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Caesar hesitated a moment before slowly approaching the busy building . He hadn't thought that there would be so many trolls present, however, since they were in the middle of a war, it wasn't surprising that they sought sexual relief .

He jumped atop a building just parallel of his destination, it was somewhat ragged and didn't look as pristine as the other buildings . It was made of brittle wood, and Caesar could hear faint breathing from inside .

It didn't sound anything like a grown troll, but more so like a child . With these thoughts in mind, Caesar couldn't help but get flashbacks to the time he found Elizabeth, and soon, a strong curiosity assaulted him, and he stealthily walked through the entrance .

He pushed the flimsy tarps that covered the door-way aside and entered . The old wood creaked with every step and he soon arrived in what he assumed to be, the living-room . He glanced around and couldn't find anything noteworthy, until finally, he gazed upon what he had heard earlier .

Lying in the middle of the room, were two small figures snoring loudly whilst sharing a wide blanket . He couldn't see their faces vividly, as it was dark and they were sleeping in a weird angle, but he could easily discern that they were young children .

The one on the left was female, while the one on the right was male, presumably siblings . They shared no visible features to the trolls, and no matter how Caesar looked at it, they appeared to be either humans or some other kind of human-like race .

"Mmm, mom, are you back already?" the young girl asked lazily while lifting her upper body and rubbing her sleepy eyes . Her movement awoke the young lad to her side and he also stood to his feet .

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They both silently observed the fluttering fabric in the doorway, and the only sounds that they could hear were the loud raindrops and occasional thunder . Confusion filled the eyes of the young lass as she looked around the room .

Caesar, who was in an inconspicuous corner, hiding within the dark, couldn't help but admire her instincts . He moved rather stealthily, yet he still awoke the young lass . This was, by no means, a coincidence .

"Sis, are you sure mum's back?" the young boy asked curiously, he appeared to be a few years younger than the girl . He had rare blue hair and yellow eyes, that were eye-catching, even within the dark .

"I know someone walked in here… mother taught me to always follow my gut feeling" the young girl replied with confidence and walked closer to where Caesar currently resided . She also had blue hair and yellow eyes, even at her age, it was clear that she would grow up to be a beauty .

Caesar calmly observed them for a few more moments before walking out and presenting himself . He still had his ominous mask on, and the two youngsters jumped up in fright at his appearance .

They didn't scream, but instead, shook fearfully… especially the young girl . They stayed like this for a few seconds, before finally, tears flowed down the lass's face and she begrudgingly opened up her thin lips .

"M-mother told me that you people wouldn't touch me until I was t-thirteen… she told me that she made a deal with you guys" she said while choking on her tears . Her eyes, however, betrayed the tears falling from her eyes .

Caesar could see that she was glancing at a sharp stick in the corner of the room while clutching her brothers hand tightly . He speculated that their mother was captured and that she formed some sort of deal with the trolls to keep them alive .

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Suddenly, the young girl made a dash for the sharp stick while screaming at her brother, "HURRY, RUN!" her courageous voice passed into Caesar's ears, and he couldn't help but feel impressed with this young girl who seemed to be only 11 years old .

Alas, her efforts were for naught . Caesar reached the young girl within a split second and softly knocked her unconscious . He didn't dally and did the same to her brother, and soon, both of their unconscious bodied rested on the ground .

Caesar feared the young girl's earlier scream attracted unwanted attention, thus, he quickly rushed out of the small house and charged at the 'sexual relief' building . His figure, which was no longer being concealed, almost instantaneously grabbed the attention of a few patrolling guards .

He took out the long scythe from his storage ring and quickly lobbed off the few guards' heads . His movements were quick and precise, and soon, a few blood-curdling screams echoed throughout the surroundings .

Caesar's scythe didn't seem to stop moving and a large amount of blood dyed his raven black clothes . His eyes radiated a deep crimson, that gleamed through the slits in his mask, further increasing the fear his current appearance generated .

Without wasting another second, he rushed into the building . A strange and morbid scent immediately attacked his nose, causing him to frown . It reeked of many different fluids, and he could hear crying, screaming, and even moaning inside .

He didn't pay much attention to the insides of the building and tried to locate a specific person . His gaze soon rested on a tear-jerking figure . She had messy, blue hair and dimmed yellow eyes . Her skin was pale and her cheeks had signs of recently being slapped, as a small trail of blood escaped from her lips .

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She and the two children look so similar, that Caesar didn't bother waiting and immediately approached the woman . Before she could even react, Caesar hit the back of her neck and knocked her out . He then proceeded to heave her over his shoulders and dash out of the building .

He could hear roars and the sound of metal clinging from behind him as he ran, it was clear that the trolls' temporary stupor was broken and they were now enraged . Alas, Caesar's speed was too fast for them to catch up, and he easily left their line of sight .

Caesar stopped by the small building where the two children were currently unconscious and placed them on his shoulders as well, before leaving and heading towards the walls, where he infiltrated from .

At first, he was going to kill the miserable women inside that morbid building, however, he changed his plans . For some reason, when he looked at the two children in dire straits, he couldn't help but think back to Elizabeth .

An unknown rage overtook Caesar, and his fatherly instincts fully showcased themselves . Perhaps, even he himself didn't know, but his most prominent weakness was children .

Caesar used his fastest speed to leave the troll stronghold, he was aware that quite a few strong opponents resided further in . He knew that this loud commotion would surely cause them to act, so he wanted to leave before they could even catch sight of him .

Thinking to here, he quickened his pace and scaled the wall he had entered from . He could feel the two children on his shoulders subtly squirm and raise their head, but once they saw Caesar's ominous mask, they fearfully put their head back down .

Caesar found their actions cute, and once he jumped down from the wall, he removed the mask on his face . His long white hair flowed out like a river and the mask that covered his perfectly sculpted face was no longer present .

The young girl stared blankly at Caesar's new look and reached out to pinch his cheek in curiosity… as if she was making sure it was real .

"Wh-who are you?" she asked meekly, but Caesar didn't respond and continued running through the vast forest .

After he continued running with a swift pace for about ten more minutes, he finally let the young girl and boy off his shoulders whilst breathing heavily . The rain and sweat soaked Caesar's clothes, and his hair was currently dripping wet .

Both children stared at Caesar awkwardly for a few moments before Caesar flashed a smile and spoke up, "it's common courtesy to state your name before asking for someone else's" Caesar said jestfully .

The young girl was first shocked, and then an abashed blush appeared on her face, "m-my name is Symphony… and this is my brother, Seraph" she replied cutely .

Caesar nodded his head, "my name is Mephisto Pheles, but please call me Caesar" he said politely and put both Symphony and Seraph on his shoulders once again .

"We don't have time to dally, don't ask where we're going, just know that your pain and suffering will temporarily end," Caesar said seriously and once again started running towards the fox-kin stronghold .

"Why are you helping us? Mommy told me that there was no free lunch in this world and that all men beside me are evil" Seraph finally spoke, his voice was cute, but it contained a strange amount of intelligence for a child .

"Perhaps that's just because your mother met the wrong men" Caesar replied with a loud laugh and continued on his way . However, his words, unbeknownst to even himself, caused a ripple in the two children's hearts .

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