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CEO in a fantasy world - Chapter 34

Published at 27th of December 2018 04:51:51 PM

Chapter 34

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Caesar and the knights soon made it to the castle gates, the elves naturally followed behind them . The knights and archers stationed at the castle gates were a bit bewildered at the sight of the following elves… They had an idea as to what happened but after all, there was no way they could hear Caesar's and that elf representatives voice from the castle walls .

The battle had been going on for some time so Caesar and the rest were all quite exhausted . Caesar led the troops through the gate slowly, right as they moved through the gates Caesar and the rest of the knights could hear a loud applause .




After feeling the appreciation from the civilians smiles blossomed on the faces of the knights, soon a crowd of people pushed through some of the applauding crowd .

"Darling, your okay!"

"Daddy, *sob* I thought I wouldn't get to see you again"

Tears of happiness streamed down the faces from many of the family members belonging to the returning knights, Caesar smirked and began to take his armor off .

"Son! I'm glad your okay" A voice clearly holding back tears ented Caesar's ears

Caesar looked up to see his dad, Sebastian, and Elizabeth all had happy smiles on their faces welcoming Caesar . Caesar smiled widely and crouched down opening his arms, Elizabeth came running and jumped in them .

"I haven't seen you for so long daddy!" she giggled and said sweetly

Caesar picked her up and twirled her around, she giggled happily while caesar silently contemplated… "I guess I am not alone after all," he thought silently while looking at Elizabeth's blissful face .

Caesar twirled her around for a bit longer before gently setting her down, he walked towards the front of the awkward elves and turned to face the civilians of Rahvin kingdom .

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"Although you all may have your differences, the elves have agreed to join our kingdom, not as allies but to be treated as our own… We will treat each other as a family even if we were enemies prior"

Caesar said loudly letting everyone hear it, the elves behind him nodded appreciatively and the kind civilians all laughed and cheered .

"Welcome to Rahvin kingdom!" they all shouted with joyful smiles .

The elves behind Caesar all held awkward smiled on their faces as they waved back . Seeing this scene Caesar smiled slightly and walked away, the elves and citizens of Rahvin kingdom started to mingle right after Caesar left .

"Oh my, your skin is so beautiful," A woman said to an elf

"Hehe, don't flatter me . " the elf girl replied shyly

"Wow! Your quite muscular" an elf man said to a blacksmith

"Haha, I'm not as handsome as you though" the human male replied

The elves and humans were getting along decently well, there were still some elves and humans that were reluctant to talk to each other due to past grudges .

As Caesar was walking back to his manor he caught sight of Ahri, right as Caesar made eye contact with her she turned away in annoyance . Caesar tilted his head in confusion as he walked over .

Ahri just stood there with her arms crossed, Caesar smirked as he walked behind her and whispered in her ear "What's wrong?"

Contrary to his expectations she didn't bush this time but instead looked at him angrily "I didn't know you had a daughter, who is the mother?"

Caesar first looked at Ahri with surprise and then flung his head back and roared with laughter "haha, that is what you were worried about?" Caesar said laughing while wiping a tear from his eye .

"W-what? I-it's not as though I'm jealous but to do those a-acts with me even though you already have another woman is disrespectful to me and to her… WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING!?!" Ahri shouted out excuses rapidly and became louder and louder with each word .

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Caesar held back his laughter and looked at her with a sly smile, "you don't need to worry, she is not my biological daughter, meaning that I don't have a woman"

Ahri's face became relieved at Caesar's words but after looking at Caesar's sly smile she soon became embarrassed and her face flushed red .

"I'm sorry, I didn't know… I thought you were just playing with me all those times" Ahri said with tears in her eyes and her ears furrowed .

Caesar patted her head and chuckled "don't worry about it, I'm sure any lass would be curious as to why I have a girl calling me daddy when I'm so young" Caesar said to comfort her

A smile soon blossomed on Ahri's face… "thank you" she said appreciatively

"Young master, madam, I am going to prepare a feast at the manor, shall we all go together?" Sebastian soon interrupted both Caesar and Ahri .

Caesar nodded and said: "yeah, let's all go together"

Caesar, Ahri, Sebastian, Crowley, Elizabeth and the rest all walked back to their manor… along the way Elizabeth would continue to pester Caesar about his battles, the rest would just laugh at her innocent questions .

Along the way, Caesar and the rest noticed a huge crowd of people, curious about what they were watching they all walked over . In the middle of the circle surrounded by people lied the crown prince .

"Heh, I've never tasted an elf before, how about you join me tonight?" the prince said with a lustful grin .

"I-i don't want to," the elf girl said fearfully

"You don't seem to be resisting much though haha" The prince laughed wildly as he started to attempt to drag the girl to his carriage .

"T-that's because we promised that general loyalty and you said you were a higher rank than him…" The elf girl said with tears in her eyes .

Caesar stepped forward "it seems as though my knights went to softly on you during your training," he said in a cold tone making everyone present shiver .

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"Y-y-youuu, what are you doing here?" The prince let go of the elf girl and fell down while yelling in fear .

Caesar walked slowly to the prince on the ground while talking to the rest present "let this be a lesson, be you a prince or even a king if you mistreat the elves or anyone in this kingdom for that matter . This will be the consequence"

Caesar stomped down on the crown princes face… twice… thrice… the prince's skull collapsed after the first stomp, his brain matter flew everywhere after the second stomp, Caesar was just stomping on flesh and blood after the third stomp .

The crowd sucked in a cold breath and Sebastian covered Elizabeth's eyes . Caesar finally stopped stomping and pointed to a nearby guard and ordered: "clean up this mess"

The guard nodded respectively and began to clean up the bloody mess, Caesar walked back to his family with a smile "shall we continue to home?"

The elf girl looked at Caesar's retreating back with awe… "now that is a man!" she thought to herself before quickly shaking her head to stop thinking those kinds of thoughts .

Crowley looked as though he wanted to say something but just shook his head and said with a smile: "yes, let's continue"

Caesar nodded and they all made their way back to the manor… Caesar opened the door and sat at the dining table first, the rest followed shortly after . His father sat on the opposite end of the table while Ahri and Elizabeth sat on his right and left respectively .

They all sat at the table silently waiting for Sebastian to make the food and set the table… after about 30 minutes of waiting Sebastian finally returned with a small table full of food, he brought the plates one by one from the small table to the dinner table .

Sebastian made pasta with fresh loaves of bread, the food smelt delicious and a smile appeared on everyone's face just smelling the food .

After the plates were on the table they all began to eat, both Ahri and Elizabeth gulped down their food as if they were about to starve to death . Both Crowley and Caesar ate slowly and elegantly .

As they were eating Crowley looked up and said with a smile while gesturing towards Ahri: "son, you must introduce me to this fine lady"

Caesar placed his fork on the table and gestured to Arhi "father, this is Ahri . And Ahri, this is my father"

Caesar introduced them to each other, picked up his fork and continued to eat . Ahri bowed her head down and shyly said "n-nice to meet you father" Ahri's face turned red after realizing her mistake and changed her sentence "i-i mean Crowley"

"Hahaha, no need to be courteous to me" Crowley laughed loudly and said

Ahri put her head down even further in shame… Crowley seeing that the girl was embarrassed stopped laughing and changed the topic .

"it's quite rare to see beast-kin in the continent… what brings you here?"

Ahri lifted her head and scratched her hair "ah, that, uhm… I am here on a mission haha" she didn't want to tell Crowley the real reason she was in the kingdom .

Crowley nodded his head and looked at her with a curious look "If I may ask, what is your mission? Perhaps I can help you"

Ahri stood there with a frozen face, "uhmm, I uhh"

Before she could continue Caesar interrupted her by putting his fork down loudly on the plate and looked towards his father, "apparently she is here to find a husband… After looking all over the continent she said I was the perfect one and her soul mate" Caesar patiently explained to his father .

Crowley nodded his head in comprehension "ah, as expected of my son"

The rest of the people at the table looked at Crowley with baffled expressions "how could you believe that so easily!?!?!?" they all thought to themselves .

Ahri's face flushed red "t-t-that's not true… . " she said quietly similar to a mosquito

Crowley looked at her confused "What did you say, I didn't hear you?"

"N-nothing…" she said while glaring at Caesar .

They quickly finished dinner in this harmonious atmosphere, Sebastian came to the dining table and took all of the dirty plates away . Caesar stood up from his chair first and declared his parting's, "I will be going to bed first, I'm exhausted" he said as he made way to his room .

The rest of the people at the dinner table nodded their heads, Caesar walked up the stairs slowly and entered into his room . He collapsed on his bed shortly after and closed his eyes while contemplating .

"I need to progress my business, I also need to fulfill my promise to Ahri being her strategist… . Ah, so many things to do" Caesar thought to himself while slowly falling asleep

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