Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1099

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Chapter 1099

Chapter 1099: Legacy of the War God

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Tie Ta’s gaze became rather complicated . At that moment, his heart struggled to remain calm, beginning to wildly beat and shiver . Even his burly body shook slightly as a deep feeling of sorrow radiated from him .

“Jian Chen, just what is that? Why do I feel so sad and painful when I see it? Jian Chen, I feel horrible inside,” Tie Ta’s expression suddenly became extremely pained . Even he did not know why he felt like that .

“That’s the blood of the war god Aergyns . Tie Ta, the owner of the blood is your predecessor,” Jian Chen explained with mixed emotions .

“What! This is blood left behind by the ancient war god, Aergyns?” Hei Yu was shocked . However, he eased up soon and said, “No wonder, no wonder my body shakes . So it’s a droplet of essence blood from Aergyns . ”

Tie Ta stood there blankly as he stared at the droplet of golden blood . Two clear streaks of tears ran down his face . He was the new war god . Although he was different than the previous god, they possessed a similar bloodline that came from the same origins . Tie Ta seemed to see the previous war god leading his clansmen into war as he stood before the droplet of blood, searching for a safe place for his clansmen with all he had before dying heroically in a foreign land .

A deep sorrow welled up in Tie Ta . He seemed to have formed a subtle connection with the droplet of blood before him .

The space in front of him blurred and the golden droplet of blood became fainter and fainter, as if it would disappear into the empty space at any moment .

The formation there would only be activated if someone entered it . Otherwise, it would remain well-hidden in empty space . Now that Jian Chen had already left after triggering it, the formation would disappear soon .

At this moment, the drop of golden blood began to forcefully move up and down . A blinding golden light radiated from the droplet, forcefully stopping the formation’s power . An extremely powerful ripple of energy erupted from the blood with a surging battle intent .

Bang! Bang! Bang… 

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With several consecutive booms in the surroundings, the energy from the blood broke through the formation which restricted it, causing the surrounding mountains and rocks to crack . No longer restricted by the formation, the supreme battle intent and terrifying energy within the blood immediately began to radiate out, enveloping the entire island . It caused the mountain ranges to violently tremble .

The drop of blood turned into a golden streak of light as it flew toward Tie Ta . It then disappeared into his forehead . Immediately, the battle ax imprint between Tie Ta’s eyebrows began to radiate with blinding light, outshining the sun . The golden glow illuminated the world, dying the world gold .

Tie Ta could not help but close his eyes . His consciousness had already entered a bleak world completely enveloped by a supreme battle intent .

However, not only did Tie Ta fail to find the battle intent to be uncomfortable, he found it to be extremely warm and comforting . The feeling was like a child who had entered his mother’s bosom after leaving home for many years .

Ten meters in front of Tie Ta, a man clad in golden armor stood with his arms crossed and with his back to Tie Ta . A supreme presence radiated from him, as if he was a god of the world .

Tie Ta could not see the man’s face, but he felt extremely close to the man . This closeness was hundreds even thousands times more powerful than what he felt with his parents .

“My name is Aergyns . I am a member of the warring gods . Only those who are connected to me by blood can awaken this imprint…”

A heavy voice boomed through the world . It was powerful and contained a strong attack toward souls . Only those of the warring gods could withstand it .

“To think that the people of the warring gods are born from the world, blessed by the world, and inherit their abilities from the world . Our battle prowess is peerless, yet I died in a foreign battlefield in the end . What a pity, what a regrettable matter…” A deep sorrow filled the world . This was the feeling that Aergyns had left behind all those years ago .

“The magical beasts went too far . They invaded my homeland and chased away my citizens . I led my clansmen to fight the magical beasts, but I was forced to flee since I could not defeat the Winged Tiger God . I then turned to the Tian Yuan Continent, yet I was stopped by Mo Tianyun . To think that I was a warring god, possessing peerless battle prowess and abilities that came from the world itself, invincible against those at the same level of cultivation, but I was still not the Winged Tiger God or Mo Tianyun’s opponent . What a joke, what a funny joke…

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“I’ve already died, but I still worry about my citizens . New war god, go complete my final wish . Protect my citizens well and help them find an even more beautiful world . In return, I shall bequeath this drop of essence blood upon you…”

With that, Aergyns’ body suddenly shattered, disintegrating into countless fragments .

“The Winged Tiger God and Mo Tianyun are unfathomable . They have already broken through the limitations of life and survive with the world . They are eternal, so do not avenge me . ” The moment before Aergyns had completely turned into fragments, another voice boomed through the sky . Afterward, Aergyns completely disappeared and the bleak world loudly shattered apart .

The fragments of Aergyns were split into two portions . One consisted of fragments of memories that entered Tie Ta’s soul while the other fragments were the energy within the essence blood, which fused with Tie Ta’s body .

Immediately, Tie Ta felt many things appear in his head . These things were all the battle comprehensions of Aergyns, containing many frighteningly powerful Mysteries of War .

The droplet of essence blood had already turned into a powerful energy that flowed through Tie Ta’s body . Although there was very little of it, it was still energy left behind by Aergyns . It contained vast amounts of energy of the world that had been compressed into a tiny droplet, so it was extremely terrifying and powerful .

Just that tiny amount of energy was enough to rival a portion of all the energy within a Saint Emperor, enough to rival several Saint Kings .

Tie Ta’s entire body was coated by a blinding golden light . He continuously absorbed the memories of Aergyns as the extremely-pure energy flowed unceasingly into his body . It was converted into Tie Ta’s own power at an unbelievable rate .

Warring gods were birthed by the world and were richly endowed with advantages . As Aergyns possessed the same bloodline as Tie Ta, there were no backlashes or consequences for Tie Ta as he increased his strength through the energy Aergyns had left behind .

Tie Ta’s presence rapidly strengthened, and the power within him increased quickly as well . He went from the Fifth Heavenly Layer to the Sixth Heavenly Layer very quickly, and not only did his rate of increase fail to show any signs of slowly down, it instead skyrocketed, becoming faster and faster .

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Jian Chen and Hei Yu stood thirty meters away as they stared at Tie Ta unblinkingly, silently watching over him .

“Looks like Aergyns’ drop of essence blood is being absorbed by Tie Ta . This is a droplet of blood left behind by someone who has surpassed Saint Emperor . The energy hidden inside is so terrifying that it can even injure Saint Emperors, yet Tie Ta’s obtained it so easily,” Hei Yu emotionally sighed as he looked at Tie Ta with some envy .

“I’ve guessed correctly . Aergyns’ droplet of blood really is extremely beneficial to Tie Ta . Now that Tie Ta has come across this item, I wonder what level his strength will reach . ” Jian Chen was filled with anticipation .

Seventh Heavenly Layer… 

Eighth Heavenly Layer… 

Ninth Heavenly Layer… 

Tie Ta’s strength skyrocketed at an incomparable pace . In just half a day, he reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler from his original Fifth Heavenly Layer, bypassing four lesser cultivation levels .

Jian Chen clenched his hands as he stared at Tie Ta without blinking at all . Although Saint Ruler and Saint King both belonged to Sainthood, the difference between the two was still very great . He wondered if Tie Ta could borrow the energy within the blood to break through the barrier of the Ninth Heavenly Layer and reach Saint King .

Tie Ta’s presence at the Ninth Heavenly Layer slowly increased . Now, the energy he needed for each level of cultivation was increasing, which was why it took him longer and longer to break through .

Finally, Tie Ta’s presence reached the very peak of the Ninth Heavenly Layer . As Jian Chen watched with much anticipation, a vast and surging pressure immediately appeared from Tie Ta’s presence . It was extremely weak at first before quickly strengthening and blanketing the surroundings .

At the same time, the supreme battle intent sandwiched within the presence underwent a qualitative change, becoming much more powerful than before .

Suddenly, a golden streak of light cut through the sky . It passed through the forbidden altitude of the Dragon Island and landed accurately in between Tie Ta’s eyebrows, on the imprint of the battle ax .

This was the world passing on its teachings . Warring gods were born from the world and were blessed by the world . Every time they entered a new cultivation realm, the world would pass on teachings .

Tie Ta subconsciously raised his head and pointed the imprint at the sky . He accepted the teachings of the world as mysterious information appeared from the void, entering between Tie Ta’s eyebrows through the golden streak of light .

In a desolate continent, a group of life forms vastly different from humans inhabited the land . There were ten-meter-tall giants as well as handsome- and pretty-winged elves with pointy ears . There were also dark-skinned dwarves that were no taller than a meter, and even rockmen completely made from stone .

The continent was known as the Wasteland Continent, home to the Hundred Races . It was inhabited by a myriad of races, not just a single race like humans . However, there were some races who seemed extremely similar to humans .

At the center of the continent stood a mountain range that reached into the clouds . It was barren, without any vegetation . There were odd rock formations that stood around the dangerous terrain . It was unscalable .

At the highest peak of the mountain range, a divine golden hall radiated with blinding light all year round . It stood there silently and radiated with a simple but ancient presence . It had existed for countless years and was almost as old as the ground .