Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1408

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Chapter 1408: 1408

Chapter 1408: Shangguan Aojian’s Transformation (Two)

The endless blue ocean was calm at daybreak . The surface of the ocean seemed just like a neat blue blanket where it connected with the sky .

A huge red disc began to slowly rise from the horizon . It radiated with a warm, golden sunlight, dyeing the blue sea a golden hue . The light was resplendent and dazzling .

A small island stood all by itself in the vast, endless sea, far from the Tian Yuan Continent . A few simple fishermen entered and exited the harbor on the island on their fishing boats, which were created from wood and metal . They were making preparations for a day out at sea .

Close to the island stood a three-hundred-meter-tall stone tablet . The tablet seemed to have formed naturally, not even constructed from individual pieces of rock . On the tablet were three majestic words, ‘Three Saint Island . ’

This was the Three Saint Island where the Heavenly Enchantress stayed . There was a small city on the island, which was completely occupied by the native fishermen of the island . They made a living from fishing when they were not cultivating . Overall, they were not powerful at all . Aside from the saintesses of the mountain, there were no Saint Rulers .

The saintesses that stayed on the mountain possessed an extremely reversed status on the island . They were like gods to the fishermen, consecrated and divine . The people of the island would often bow toward the mountain out of sincerity .

At this moment, a figure silently appeared on the edge of the island . He seemed to have fused with the surrounding space, making it difficult for someone to discover his assistance . The weaker people would not notice him even if they glanced at him .

The person was not very old . He wore white robes and only seemed to be in his twenties . He was handsome, elegant, and possessed an extraordinary bearing . His face was resolute and stern from having gone through thick and thin . However, the most eye-catching thing about him were the two swords on his back . One of them glowed with a faint violet light while the other glowed with a faint azure light .

The two swords were not in scabbards, nor were they tied to him by any rope or string . They seemed to be stuck to the young man’s back, preventing them from falling off .

To no surprise, this person was Jian Chen . He floated high up in the air as he gazed down . He stared at the huge stone tablet for a while . The island had a tablet the first time he had come here, but the one right now was larger than before . Clearly, it had been replaced .

In just the blink of an eye, I’ve been away from Xiao Bao for several years already . I wonder how he has cultivated the Chaotic Body,” Jian Chen thought . His longing for his son became even more intense after arriving above the island . He concealed his presence as he flew toward the mountain in the distance .

Jian Chen did not use the senses of his soul . He was both excited and in high spirits . He wanted to use his eyes to see his son first .

A ten-meter-tall gray boulder stood silently on the edge of a cliff on the mountain . A boy who seemed only around ten sat on the rock with his eyes closed . He circulated the energy of the world . Beneath the boulder was a cliff face several thousands of meters tall . The boy was more courageous than any ordinary person . He was young, but he sat there steadily, without any fear .

A visible stream of white air surged with his breathing near his mouth and nose . Extremely pure energy of the world condensed around him, entering and exiting his pores with the rhythm of his breathing .

Every breath the boy took would resonate with the energy of the world in a certain range . All his pours were open as he accepted the purification from the energy, cleansing every impurity within him and leaving behind what he was born with .

A woman in a purple dress stood behind the boy . She carried a zither and her beauty seemed to even overshadow many goddesses . She gave off an otherworldly feeling, making her seem like a fairy from heaven .

She was the Heavenly Enchantress, but her strength had already far exceeded Saint Ruler . She looked at the boy with gentle affection . In reality, she stood near the boy every time he cultivated, fixated on the boy, unless she was not present on the island . She seemed to fear that the boy would come across some danger .

At this moment, the Heavenly Enchantress’ face changed . She suddenly turned in a certain direction and the gentleness in her eyes quickly disappeared . It was replaced with coldness, making her seem like an unapproachable glacier .

At the same time, the cultivating boy suddenly opened his eyes as well . His eyes lit up while he stared into the distance with joy . He exclaimed, “Daddy, daddy, daddy’s here . ” The boy was extremely excited, standing up on the rock in a single movement . He stood on the rock as he pointed into the distance, jumping up and down as he cried out . He was overly excited, causing his little face to become flushed .

Jian Chen slowly flew over from afar . He did not move fast at all . He just smiled as he approached the island .

“Daddy, you’ve finally come back . I’ve missed you so much . I think of you everyday . ”

Jian Chen landed on the ground and Xiao Bao leaped off the boulder . His small body possessed extraordinary agility, and he glided several dozen meters before hitting the ground . He then clung onto Jian Chen’s waist .

Xiao Bao had grown quite a bit . He was a meter and a half tall, already taller than Jian Chen’s waist .

Jian Chen hugged Xiao Bao . He was so excited that he became speechless . The cold-blooded him also had a soft side .

“Why have you come?” The Heavenly Enchantress kept her eyes on Jian Chen as she impolitely inquired . She did not seem to welcome Jian Chen from her gaze .

Jian Chen looked at the Heavenly Enchantress and warmly smiled, “Xiao Bao’s my child too . As his father, of course I came to see him . ”

Pausing a little, Jian Chen continued, “I know I owe Xiao Bao a lot for all the years I have been gone . I haven’t taken up the role of a father . I’m not a responsible one, but I will make up for what I have done as much as I can . Xiao Bao is my second chance at life!”

“Master, have guests come to our island?”

“Which island master or sect master has come to visit? There sure are a lot of people who have come to visit you within the past few days . ”

At this moment, Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue’s voices rang out . They currently made their way over with Qin Qin .

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