Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1662

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Chapter 1662: 1662

Chapter 1662: The Sword Qi’s Appearance Throws World in Shock (One)

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The Profound Sword Qi was a technique that the sword spirits had passed onto Jian Chen . It was the greatest sword technique he knew so far, as well as his greatest trump card .

This was because the old master of the sword spirits had poured his heart out and devoted a tremendous amount of time to create this powerful sword technique . It had reached the peak of God Tier, and its name had rung through the entire Immortals’ World in the past as well . It was known as one of the greatest God Tier Battle Skills in the Immortals’ World .

Logically, the greater a technique was, the greater the requirement on the cultivator was to comprehend and use it . Usually, God Tier techniques required people to be Immortal Monarchs at the very least to comprehend and gain a grasp over them, but not all techniques were like that . There were a few special ones that could still be learnt and used regardless of the person’s strength, even if they had not become an Immortal Monarch .

The Profound Sword Qi was one of these techniques .

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Jian Chen sat on the top of the mountains and ignored the buffeting from the strong winds . He allowed the bolts of lightning to fall from the sky and land onto him . He did not take any defensive measures at all, directly beginning his refinement there .

Even Origin realm experts suffered the risk of losing their lives in such a horrible environment . No one would go here unless they had to . As a result, just the natural environment here became Jian Chen’s best measure of defence . At the same time, with the entire World of Forsaken Saints in perspective, no one aside from the Spiritking could injure him anymore with his ninth layer Chaotic Body .

“The Profound Sword Qi has a total of nine strands . Only by refining all of them can the full power of this peak God Tier technique be demonstrated . However, even if I only refine a single strand, its power will still exceed all the sword techniques I know right now . This will become my greatest trump card in the Saints’ World . ”

“Refining the strands of Profound Sword Qi is related to my comprehension of the Way of the Sword . I can only refine all nine strands when I become a Sword God, but right now I’ve only comprehended to the major achievement of Sword Origin . It just happens to be enough to refine the first strand of Profound Sword Qi . If I can reach great perfection of Sword Origin, I’ll be able to refine the second strand . In the future, Sword Spirit, Sword Immortal, and Sword Sage realms will allow me to refine another strand of Profound Sword Qi when I reach major achievement and great achievement respectively…” Jian Chen thought . He thought about the refinement method from the sword spirits and entered a selfless state of comprehension .

Profound Sword Qi was formed by combining the power of laws from the Way of the Sword comprehended, the power of the soul, personal cultivation level, and the vital energies of life . As the sword Qi used the power of laws as its primary source of strength and had several other powers combined into it as well, it was much stronger than any power of laws that could be used at that level .

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Although it seemed simple on the surface, it contained the mysteries of the universe, making it infinitely profound and almost heaven-defying . Only an expert as great as the old master of the sword spirits could come up with something like this .

Jian Chen meditated on the top of the mountain as the tremendous energies of life tremored . He had mobilised all the vital energies within him so that they entered the most lively state, preparing to refine the Profound Sword Qi . At the same time, he had entered his realm of the Way of the Sword, having his entire consciousness submerged in his major achievement of Sword Origin . He began to control the power of laws from his Way of the Sword, fusing it with a part of his soul’s power, his vital energies, and a strand of his cultivation’s power .

This was the first step to refining the Profound Sword Qi, known as the Fusion of Heaven and Origin . The ‘heaven’ referred to the power of laws in the Way of the Sword, as the power came from the world and was one of the three thousand great ways, so it was called ‘heaven . ’ The ‘origin’ was not referring to the ‘origin’ in the Origin realm, but the three powers present in a cultivator—their cultivation, their vital energies, and their soul . The fusion of the three powers was called ‘origin,’ the ‘origin’ in refining the Profound Sword Qi and not the moniker used in the Saints’ World to refer to a cultivation level .

As Jian Chen undertook the first step in the process of refining the Profound Sword Qi, his body showed signs of withering . This was caused by his vital energies being drained away . During the first step, the power of his soul, cultivation, and life would be constantly drained away, ground away by the power of laws . After all, the power of laws were just too great . Even with Jian Chen’s comprehension of the Way of the Sword remaining at the major achievement of Sword Origin, the power of laws from that level was still much stronger than the power of his soul, cultivation, and life combined .

As Jian Chen meditated, his body gradually withered and his face became haggard as well . The constant consumption during the fusion process of his vital energies, power of the soul, and power of laws caused this scene . At the same time, his Chaotic Force was being consumed as well . Chaotic Force was his power of cultivation, so his chaotic neidan visibly shrank .

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“Although I can use the power of the Way of the Sword, every time I’ve used it is just stacking it on top of Chaotic Force at most, not truly fusing them . Fusing the four powers will be extremely difficult, so this first step will be the hardest . I’ll need to reach a juncture where I find the balance between the four powers if I want to succeed . Then I need to fuse them all in one stroke and complete the first step,” Jian Chen thought . He already knew how difficult it would be to refine Profound Sword Qi . If he failed to complete the first step before his vital energies, power of cultivation, and power of soul ran out, his attempt this time would end in failure .

Fortunately, he could recover everything he consumed in the process, so even if he did fail, his life would not be in danger . He could recover and continue trying .

Jian Chen spent a total of ten years on the first step but still failed to succeed . By now, Jian Chen had been reduced to a bag of bones, while his face was waxen . He seemed ancient . His head full of hair had withered as if all the signs of life had been drained from it .

“I can’t last much longer . It’s just too difficult to combine the power of my cultivation, soul, life, and Way of the Sword . It looks like I can only end my first attempt in failure,” Jian Chen thought . However, he did not become dejected because the Profound Sword Qi was a peak God Tier technique . Refining it would obviously be difficult .

However, just when Jian Chen wanted to give up, a gleam of light suddenly flashed through his eyes . He could clearly feel that although the power of laws continued to eat away the other three powers when they came into contact with each other, a tiny sliver of power had entered the power of laws .

“A juncture! This is the juncture of success!” Jian Chen’s attention gathered, and without any hesitation, he immediately poured the vital energies, power of cultivation, and power of soul into the power of laws despite the former three almost running dry . He wanted to complete the most crucial step in a single stroke .

Finally, just when Jian Chen’s vital energies and power of the soul were about to run dry, he smiled victoriously . Three inches before his forehead hovered a finger-sized white sword Qi . The sword Qi was small, but Jian Chen could clearly feel the greatness of the power it was hiding . It had reached a level that was enough to make him shiver .

“I never thought that the power of laws would become so great after fusing with other powers,” Jian Chen stared at the tiny sword Qi with great interest . The sword Qi was created from the fusion of the powers of his soul, cultivation, life, and laws, so the power contained in the sword Qi had even surpassed the power of laws before fusion .

This was a power that was even greater than the power of laws, it was on a whole new level, even though it was so weak right now .

“There are two steps to refining the Profound Sword Qi . I’ve already completed the first step now, but the second step should be much easier in comparison . ”