Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1681

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Chapter 1681: 1681

Chapter 1681: Treasure of the Lu family (One)

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As the furious roars of the ancestor rang out, the heavy stone door to the room sluggishly opened with a rumble . The ancestor of the Lu family walked out slowly in his grey robes . With every single step he took, his presence climbed to a new level . By the time he fully emerged from the room, his presence had flooded the surroundings, enveloping the sky and the entire Lu family .

He had already fully recovered from the wounds he suffered at Jian Chen’s hand, and even his strength had reached his peak . It had even improved drastically, reaching the peak of early God . He was only an inch away from mid God, and he only needed to reach the required comprehension of laws .

When the ancestor’s presence enveloped the entire Lu family, the expressions of the patriarch and the various elders all changed . Through the ancestor’s presence, they could all clearly feel the ancestor’s fury . There was also a palpable killing intent that sent chills down the spines of everyone in the presence .

“The ancestor is summoning us!” The patriarch looked towards the location where the ancestor cultivated and became extremely stern . Soon afterwards, he disappeared with a flash in an instance, rushing towards where the ancestor stayed as quickly as he could .

At the same time, all the elders in the Lu family hurried towards the ancestor’s location as well .

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The ancestor of the Lu family stood with his arms crossed and his face sunken outside his room . With a flash, several figures appeared before him . The patriarch and basically all the elders had arrived at the same time .

“Greetings to the ancestor!” The patriarch and the eight elders all bowed towards the ancestor .

The ancestor of the Lu family glanced past everyone coldly and said, “I’ve already reached the bottom of this . Lu Fei’s betrayal is linked to the Mo clan . It was the Mo clan that bribed him, getting him to steal our treasure . Our treasure is currently in the hands of the Mo clan . ”

“What? It’s actually the Mo clan? We were just planning on working with the Ando clan against them . Never would I have thought that they would move against us first . Ancestor, we have to make the Mo clan pay the price,” an elder said coldly .

The patriarch’s gaze became cold as well, “Looks like the Mo clan has become bold just because they have a Xi Yu . They’re actually meddling in our affairs . Ancestor, I’d say we immediately move against the Mo clan together . We can’t give them any time to catch their breath . Xi Yu is very talented, and she cultivates very quickly . If this continues, she’ll become a God . At that time, we’ll suffer heavy losses even if we work with the Ando clan . It won’t be worth it . ”

“The patriarch is right . Ancestor, please give the order . We can’t let the Mo clan catch their breath…” The other elders all requested for battle as well . They were all furious . The Mo clan had actually stolen their treasure . They could not be spared .

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“No, we can’t move against the Mo clan right now . Recently, the Mo clan gained a mysterious expert . He is very powerful . A few days ago, I battled him, and we both suffered heavy injuries in the end,” the ancestor of the Lu family said with a sunken face .

“What? The Mo clan has gained another God?” The patriarch and the several elders immediately became surprised . To them, this was the worst news possible .

“No, he’s not a God . Although I couldn’t see his exact cultivation, I could tell from the battle that he was still a Deity . It’s just that his comprehension of laws are no less than mine . Of course, just that still isn’t enough to heavily injure me . What really injured me was the mighty treasure he used at the end,” the ancestor of the Lu family said uneasily .

Before anyone could ask a question, the ancestor continued, “We have to make full preparations against an expert like that now that the Mo clan has gained someone like him . We can’t act recklessly, or not only will we fail to wipe out the Mo clan, but we’ll become doomed instead . You can leave for now . Be prepared for a battle against the Mo clan . ”

The patriarch and elders of the Lu family all departed .

“Mobilise everyone to pay close attention to all movements of the Mo clan . Remember to be secretive . Do not let the Mo clan discover your movements,” said the ancestor .

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“Yes, sir!” The black figure who had come bearing the news replied politely . He vanished after bowing to the ancestor .

The ancestor remained where he was with his arms crossed . He thought back to all the details of his battle with Jian Chen a few days ago . Whenever he thought of the Profound Sword Qi Jian Chen used in the very end, fear and dread would immediately appear in his eyes .

“Just what was that? Was it some secret treasure I haven’t heard of? Or was it some sort of powerful technique?” The ancestor murmured . Even until now, he still did not know what the Profound Sword Qi used by Jian Chen was .

Seven majestic halls stood silently in the Mo clan . Origin realm guards surrounded every hall, and they held their posts silently .

Only the Godhood elders of the Mo clan could reside in such a hall .

Shen Jian currently sat on his jade bed in the newly-constructed seventh hall . In his hands were around a dozen thumb-sized divine crystals . He rapidly absorbed the pure origin energy within the low grade divine crystals, which transformed into strands of pure energy that entered his body . He refined it into a part of him .

There was not a lot of origin energy within low grade divine crystals . Very soon, all the divine crystals ran out of origin energy and turned to dust . Shen Jian slowly opened his eyes and looked at Jian Chen who sat at a table nearby . Currently, Jian Chen was eating some deserts leisurely . He said, “The origin energy that these low grade divine crystals can provide is extremely limited . Just these divine crystals won’t be enough for me to reach mid Deity . These crystals can’t even provide me a tenth or even a hundredth of the origin energy I require to reach mid Deity .

Jian Chen did not find that to be a surprise at all . Over a hundred thousand low grade divine crystals sounded a lot, but in reality, that was only a little more than a thousand mid grade divine crystals, or around a dozen high grade divine crystals .

Jian Chen arrived before Shen Jian and took out the box he obtained from Lu Fei again . He said, “If my guess is correct, the treasure of the Lu family should be in here, except the box is protected by powerful formations . Even Gods would need to expend quite the effort to get through it, so why don’t we get through the box together and see what’s inside?”