Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 2033

Published at 9th of April 2019 11:51:10 PM
Chapter 2033

Chapter 2033: Impossibly Powerful Overgods

This was a Space Ring from a Primordial realm expert after they had passed away . It went without even thinking that it contained all the wealth of the Primordial realm expert . It might even possess his legacy .

An Infinite Prime’s legacy may not be enough to attract people from large organisations with great backgrounds, but it was extremely tempting to independent Godkings or Godkings from weaker places or organizations .

As a result, after Chanlong had gotten through the formation and revealed the Space Ring on the skeleton to everyone, all the Godkings gathered in the surroundings charged over with intense greed and desire .

If Chanlong were a late Godking, they would never try to take the Space Ring away even if they desired it . However, Chanlong was just an early Godking .

Not many Godkings remained on the seventh floor . Aside from Chanlong, there were only five Godkings who remained nearby .

Among the five of them, four charged towards the skeleton as quickly as they could . Only the middle-aged man who had referred to himself as a king did not move .

However, these people had all lost their minds from the appearance of an Infinite Prime’s legacy . They forgot that the various formations Chanlong had cast down still remained . The Godking at the very front immediately fell into a killing formation . The killing formation immediately began to operate after evolving twice already, sending a huge strand of sword Qi straight at him .


After becoming a Godking, all of Chanlong’s formations had become much more powerful, let alone a formation that had evolved over a period of time .

As a result, even though the Godking was quite powerful, he was unable to respond at all to the huge strand of sword Qi . He was cleaved his half, and even his soul failed to avoid that fate . It dispersed .

The fate of the Godking caused the other three people to come to a halt . They stared at the Godking who had been bisected as they became even more fearful of Chanlong’s formations .

Even early Godkings were unable to withstand a single strike once they fell in there; this was more than enough to demonstrate the power of the killing formation .

Chanlong was extremely confident in his formations . He did not pay attention to what was happening outside at all . Instead, he directed all his attention to the skeleton of the expert . First, he bowed deeply, and then he took the Space Ring .

When his hand touched the Space Ring, the skeleton disintegrated silently .

Although the vitality in the skeleton of a Primordial realm expert could remain for almost forever, this expert had been slain by the Samsaric Immortal Exalt, one of the five Grand Exalts of the Immortals’ World, through his powers of samsara . The powers had already eaten away at his skeleton, so it turned to dust after the slightest of contact .

Master Chanlong sighed secretly at this sight . Even in the entire Saints’ World, Primordial realm experts were powerful figures . They were respected .

However, the Primordial realm expert before him had actually been reduced to such a fate, where even his skeleton could not remain intact after his death . It was truly a matter worth sighing over .

Master Chanlong slowly picked up the Space Ring . Without even looking at the items inside, he stowed it away before emerging from his formation .

The other Godkings were stunned when they saw master Chanlong walk out of his formation . Originally, they believed he would use his formation against them, but they had never thought he would come out without any hesitation at all . Did he not know that he would directly face an encirclement of several Godkings without the formations?

The light in the eyes of the Godkings flickered . From how fearless Chanlong seemed, they hesitated . In the end, the three of them were still unable to resist the temptation of a Primordial realm expert’s legacy, so with a flash, they surrounded Chanlong in a triangular formation .

Just when the three of them were about to speak out, a sharp strand of sword Qi and the power from the Laws of Destruction appeared . Jian Chen and Kai Ya struck out together . A snow-white streak of light had condensed on Jian Chen’s right hand, making it seem like his entire right arm had become a sword . He stabbed it at one of the Godkings aggressively .

As for Kai Ya, she attacked a second Godking that surrounded Chanlong with hands full of power from the Laws of Destruction .

“Hmph, you dare to attack us as mere Overgods? Even if one of you is a supreme Overgod, you’re merely ants in my eyes . ”

Killing intent flickered through the eyes of the two Godkings . One of them wielded a spear, while the other one used two swords as they struck out with the laws of Godkings .

Immediately, their might erupted, and surging energy shook up the surroundings . At the moment the Godking had stabbed out with his spear, his spear turned into an extremely thin beam of light, immediately stabbing through space and arriving before Jian Chen .

The Godking with the spear had naturally witnessed Jian Chen knock away the Godking with the huge mace earlier when Yun Xin offended him . However, he still did not treat Jian Chen with much importance .

This was because the mace-wielding man was already injured, so his strength was weakened . Coupled with him underestimating his opponent, it made sense for an Overgod to knock him away .

As a result, Jian Chen was only a supreme Overgod from the Overgods’ Plaque in the Godking’s eyes .

As long as he did not rank in the top ten, there was no need for the Godking to take him too seriously .

As for the Overgods who did rank in the top ten, they all possessed special features that the Godking knew . The person before him was definitely not one of them .

However, when his spear collided with Jian Chen’s sword Qi, the Godking discovered to his shock that he failed to gain any advantage at all when he clashed with this Overgod despite his cultivation as a Godking .

“W- what is this power?” The Godking was secretly shocked . Jian Chen’s strength did not come from the Laws of the Sword . Even though Jian Chen’s laws were much more powerful than the laws the Godking had comprehended, this difference could be made up for by his superior cultivation . What truly mattered was the Chaotic Force that Jian Chen cultivated .

Jian Chen’s presence erupted as he radiated with surging sword Qi . The sword Qi on his right hand grew once again, from three meters long to six . Like a streak of light, it plunged into the Godking’s chest .

Spurt! The Godking immediately vomited blood . He was extremely shocked . Before Jian Chen could control the sword Qi to attack his soul, he immediately retreated rapidly, appearing hundreds of meters away in an instance .

At the same time, Kai Ya was locked in an intense battle against the Godking who wielded two swords . In terms of battle prowess, Kai Ya did not lose to Jian Chen at all . As a matter of fact, her usage of laws had already reached a great level of mastery, leaving Jian Chen in the dust . As a result, her battle ended in just a few moves as well . Kai Ya slammed the Godking in the back with her hand, knocking him away as he spurted blood .

“What terrifying Overgods!” In the distance, the only Godking who did not take part witnessed all of this personally . He immediately gasped .

In the blink of an eye, two of the three Godkings around Chanlong were already injured . The only one that remained was the black-clothed woman .

However, the black-clothed woman’s eyes widened at this moment . She watched everything unfold dramatically in disbelief as she was dumbstruck .