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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 310

Published at 30th of August 2016 10:09:22 AM

Chapter 310

Chapter 310: Gathering of the Five Experts (One)

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By the time Jian Chen had arrived, information of the cave had already propagated throughout the area . By now, Jian Chen could confirm that while there was no confirmation of a Heaven Tier Battle Skill inside the cave, the very existence of the cave was real .

Jian Chen didn’t bother to step right in front of this crowd and immediately led his group past them and into the forest . Hearing the news from everyone else, Jian Chen had learned that the location of the immortal’s cave was in the depths of the forest .

Because there had already been countless of people here, the forests had the obvious distinction of what directions people had traveled in . Jian Chen began to follow the popular path for another four hours before finally coming to a man-made spot of flattened ground .

There were plenty of men gathered here–around three hundred men were formed in groups and several tents were scattered about . From the outside, one could see several men lying about within the tents to rest . All over the area, there were plenty of people sitting on the tree branches eating and drinking while others were resting .

There were several Earth Saint Masters– a quick count estimated there to be below forty . There were several bandaged Great Saint Masters and only a few of them still had a Space Belt .

The people in this area all seemed as if they had reached a peaceful agreement to not fight with each other or grab at their tokens . It was rather peaceful here with no one causing a disturbance .

“Let’s go see what’s up front . ” Jian Chen spoke to the people by his side as they moved forward .

Jian Chen’s group had attracted the attention of many people as everyone stared at their brightly dressed group . However, not a single person came to accost them .

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That was because the experts of the crowd could detect that this group had three Earth Saint Masters and thus saw no need to get into some sort of conflict . No one in this crowd wanted to offend a group with three Earth Saint Masters for no reason .

Jian Chen and the group of five continued on when all of a sudden, they heard the animalistic sounds of a magical beast . Straight after the sound, an insanely strong amount of energy rippled through the air and caused the entire earth to tremble . The countless trees up ahead of Jian Chen could be seen slightly uprooting from the ground thanks to the energy before flying straight into the air . Ahead of them, several shadows of gargantuan beasts could be seen flying at full speed toward them with a heavy presence that made it difficult to breathe .

Jian Chen’s expression turned dark as he held out his hand to the people behind him, “Get back, now!”

Without hesitation, the group flew backward in an attempt to return to the forest where the flat clearing was .

Just as Jian Chen and his group ran back to the clearing, a group of tattered men followed behind Jian Chen from the direction of the magical beasts . There was a total of twelve men . Among the group, there was a twenty eight year old youth that was similar to Ming Dong in age . This youth wore blue robes and carried a two meter long fire like sword that towered over his head . There were another four, thirty year old men with rather handsome appearances . The rest were all forty years old around with determined looks on their faces . Within this group, there were some people with blood dripping down their lips and had pale faces due to their injuries .

This group of people had attracted the attention of everyone there . As three hundred pairs of eyes landed on this group, everyone began to chatter among themselves .

“It seems this group lost again . Ai, the guardians to the cave are too strong…”

“Hmph, just how could the guardian magical beasts to the immortal cave be that easy to deal with? Without the five experts along with every single Earth Saint Masters combined together to deal with these magical beasts, then we would only just be wasting our energy . ”

“Just hold on, the magical beasts here are too strong, I can only guess that they are already at the Class 6 level . Only the combined power of the five experts would be enough to fight these magical beasts . ”

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“How unfortunate, the five experts are all Earth Saint Masters . If we had a Heaven Saint Master, then entering the cave would have been easy . ”

…… . .

Seeing the youth with a longsword on his back, the girl’s eyes gained a dangerous gleam as she spoke, “That’s a Ruler Armament!”

Jian Chen grew surprised as his eyes zoomed in on the fire sword on the youth’s back before gradually turning serious . He was well familiar with a Ruler Armament now and knew that they originated from the remnants of a Saint Ruler’s Saint Weapon . The remaining amount of energy within the weapons was enough to make a Heaven Saint Master shudder . However, a Ruler’s Armament wasn’t something anyone could use to their full extent . An Earth Saint Master was only able to use one or two parts of the Ruler Armament, but despite that, the power was still terrifying .

As if remembering this fact, Jian Chen thought back to the fire sword as it gave off a bright red light that was strong enough to cause the Seal of Treasure Mountain from Shi Xiangran to be sent flying back . That one battle between Shi Xiangran and this person had attracted the eyes of many people, but Jian Chen had never found out the conclusion to that fight .

“Could it be that this youth was the one that fought against Shi Xiangran?” Jian Chen thought .

The other dozen men walked back into their tents to rest, slowly disappearing from everyone’s sight .

“The magical beasts up front are too strong, we’ll have to wait for a moment longer and wait for more people to come before we can try again . ” Jian Chen said .

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Afterward, the six people all grabbed a tent from their Space Belts and began to set it up in a small circle closeby .

“Hey hey, you there! Who gave you and your group permission to set up camp here? Hurry up and tear them down, hurry up and take them down!” A thirty year old man came into view and stared angrily at Jian Chen and the other five . This man was rather skinny and wore a white robe . There was an arrogant look on his face which also had a single three claw scratch on it .

Everyone turned to look at the noise as many of them began to smile at the misfortune of the group .

“This group surely doesn’t know the rules of this place . Could it be that they didn’t see how many people were afraid of setting up tents here? They were right to not do so, if everyone were to be able to set up their tents, then there wouldn’t be any spot to have a tent at all . ” A man muttered as he drank from his wine gourd on a tree branch .

“They must be newcomers to this place and don’t know the rules . Ai, just why aren’t they a bit smart? Did they not see how many people there are here but only a few tents? This isn’t a place that just anyone could have a tent . ” Another man spoke up from his tree branch .

The white robed man immediately walked up to where Jian Chen’s group was . The moment he saw that Jian Chen had no intention on tearing down their tents, his face distorted in anger as he shouted, “Did you not hear me? I said to tear your tents down, now!” The man then kicked apart Qin Jue’s tent before stomping toward Jian Chen’s tent . With a kick, he attempted to tear down Jian Chen’s tent .

A flash of killing intent appeared in Jian Chen’s eyes . In an instant, the Light Wind Sword appeared in his hand as a silver white light followed it . In an instant, the sword had slashed through the man’s leg .

“Ah!” The man let loose a howling sound in misery . The leg he had let loose to tear down Jian Chen’s tent had instantly been cut off, causing blood to leak from the stump .

Reabsorbing the sword, Jian Chen kicked the man’s chest, causing him to fly ten meters away into the air before falling to the ground and tumbling several steps violently .

The fortitude of the man was evidently very weak as he began to scream out in pain continuously in a suffering manner .

Those who had been watching with interest at first all stared at the twenty year old youth with disbelief now . At this sight, the power displayed had been far more than what they had imagined .

A purple robed man with a resolute expression immediately came into the tent ground, he was one of the dozen men that had came back from the forest . When he saw the amputated leg of the man who was screaming on the ground, an unknown flash of light appeared in his eyes as he stared around the campgrounds, “What happened here?” The purple robed man’s voice was especially calm, making it seem as if he was only inquiring about the matter .

At this moment, several of the tents opened up simultaneously . The men that appeared from the tents were all from the party that had ventured into the forest and were brought to the scene due to the screaming man .

“Jie Kaxi, who’s the one that hurt you?” A horrified voice could be heard as a scarred middle aged man came running forth like an arrow to the man with a furious face .

“Big brother, it was him! He cut off my leg, my leg! Ah, my leg! Brother, you must help me kill him!” The man pointed at Jian Chen with a furious look . The unbearable pain had already caused his face to distort .

The scarred man looked at Jian Chen before standing up slowly . A three meter long red spear appeared in his hands before quickly running toward Jian Chen without a single word . The spear danced with a fiery red glow as it flew toward Jian Chen .

Jian Chen gained a cold look in his eyes as the Light Wind Sword smashed against the spear . The collision caused a large shockwave of energy to fly out, crushing the surrounding ten meters of vegetation into the ground .

The people watching all retreated back several steps in order to allow the two people to settle their dispute .


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