Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

Volume 9: Chapter 42 – Nine Tailed Demon Fox

I frowned as I didn’t understand what she was doing . The most sensitive part in the human body was the brain . Even with my cultivation, I wouldn’t casually surge magic powers or battle spirit towards it . There must be a reason for her action, but it was extremely risky . A rictus of pain gradually formed on Xiao Rou’s face as white smoke was slowly released from her head, giving off a burned smell .

It couldn’t be that her head was burning up right? It shouldn’t happen; Xiao Rou’s cultivation was gentle in nature, so she shouldn’t have any offensive powers . Even when blending her powers with mine, it shouldn’t be possible for Xiao Rou’s head to be set alight .

Xiao Rou’s expression showed intensifying pain . Bean-sized sweat drops that were gold in color, flowed down her face, giving off a pungent smell . I quickly placed a small defensive barrier around my nose to filter the scent coming over .

The boundary around us slowly filled up with white smoke . The situation here had attracted everyone’s attention . Zhan Hu and the rest instinctively formed a protective circle with the boundary as its center while Mu Zi and Ke Lun Duo stayed at the outer perimeter, watching us .

Mu Zi asked, “What are they doing? Why is there so much smoke?”

No one had ill feelings towards Mu Zi due to my relationship with her . Zhan Hu replied, “Xiao Rou seems to be cultivating, and Zhang Gong is protecting her in the process . You can just rest at the side . Once they’re done with training, we will have our meal . ”

Ke Lun Duo looked at the boundary and exclaimed, “Zhang Gong treats that demon fox really well . He’s even using his divine power to protect her . That demon fox should be making a new breakthrough . ”

Once he said that, Xiao Rou, who was in the boundary, suddenly cried out mournfully . She spread her limbs as she floated up into the sky within the barrier . Her clothing had disintegrated completely and all the hairs on her body had instantly turned into ash .

Startled, I hastily shot my power into her body, which resulted to her being suspended in mid air, while sensing the circulation of powers in her body .

Xiao Rou abruptly opened her eyes and two cold light rays shot out like lightning . When I saw its sharpness, my heart shuddered . I knew that she had made a qualitative leap in strength .

Xiao Rou called out, “Master, I’ve succeeded!” Upon saying that, she dashed towards me, but stopped when she was a metre away from me . After looking at the golden fluid on her body, she frowned .

I smiled as I gently brandished Sukard’s staff, creating an enormous waterball that  slowly moved towards her . When it was in front of her, it suddenly turned into a whirlpool that covered her . With this method, I could help wash the dirt off her body and also test the standards her powers had reached .

Xiao Rou was initially shocked, but she quickly leaped into the whirlpool . Unexpectedly, she didn’t need to change back to her original form when faced with an advanced water spell . Under our astonishment, the dirt on her body gradually cleared, revealing a lustrous, pure white and delicate figure .

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Xiao Rou cheered out as she dashed towards me and wound around me like an octopus . My entire body stiffened from the intense stimulation . I immediately cast a protective barrier around my body and gently pushed her away . After I dispersed the boundary around me, I took out a large mage robe from the spatial pocket and covered Xiao Rou’s body with it .

The slightly pale Mu Zi gazed at me with eyes full of sadness .

Xiao Rou excitedly told me, “Master, I’ve finally evolved into a nine tailed demon fox . Take a look at this . ” Upon saying that, a light flashed, and she appeared in her original form . The fur on her body had turned into a beautiful silver colour with nine tails at her back . I knew that Xiao Rou wouldn’t be any weaker than the cyclops we had fought previously now that she had become an A-ranked demon beast .

I took out a shirt and a pair of pants from the spatial pocket . “Congratulations Xiao Rou, you’ve finally evolved!”

Xiao Rou changed back to her human form . However, the color of her long hair which reached to her butt had become a blend of silver and ash grey . She quickly put on the clothes that I had given her . With her sparkling and almost translucent skin, she wasn’t inferior to Hai Shui when it came to beauty . Her looks were only slightly inferior to Mu Zi’s .  

I looked at everyone’s stunned expressions and mischievously chided them, “You bunch of lechers, what are you doing? Never seen a beauty before?”

Jian Shan instantly moved over and sized Xiao Rou up before he said with a smile, “Xiao Rou, you really are too beautiful . Wanna be my girlfriend?”

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Xiao Rou’s face flushed before she replied, displeased, “Big Brother Jian Shan, what do you think you’re doing? I’m a demon beast, not a human . ”

Jian Shan scratched his head . “Aiya! I’ve forgotten about that . I’m really sorry . ” His words made everyone laugh .

“It isn’t impossible . There’s a possibility that Xiao Rou can become a human . Jian Shan, if you’re serious, I can try to help you . ” I said with a smile .

Jian Shan elatedly replied, “Really? That’s great! Will she look the same as she does now after transmuting into human?”

My mood dampened . “If you only like Xiao Rou’s looks, I won’t help you since I’m responsible for taking care of her . ”

Jian Shan replied apologetically, “How can I be that kind of person? I like Xiao Rou’s personality . ”

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Zhan Hu teasingly said, “You don’t mind that she’s a demon beast? Will your elders agree?”

Jian Shan gave an embarrassed smile, but didn’t say more .

Xiao Rou’s eyes suddenly reddened and she stood behind me with her head lowered . I knew that she must be upset; even a demon beast would want someone who would love her . Moreover, Xiao Rou was a demon beast with intelligence . I consoled her, saying, “Xiao Rou, I’ll definitely help you turn into a human and find your ideal partner . How’s that?”

Xiao Rou clung on my arm and said, crying, “Xiao Rou doesn’t want to be with anyone, nor does she want to turn into a human . Xiao Rou just wants to follow and serve Master for her entire life . ” I smiled but didn’t mind . I just patted her head to console her .

Dong Ri suddenly punched Jian Shan . “You’ve offended Xiao Rou .  Hmph! You won’t get any food today as punishment . ”

Jian Shan looked awkwardly at me and didn’t refute Dong Ri’s words since he knew that his previous action had hurt Xiao Rou . I remedied the situation by saying, “That should be enough . Everyone must be hungry . Let’s have our meal first . Big Brother Zhan Hu, how’s your cooking skills today?”

Zhan Hu arrogantly replied, “I’m an old-timer and top expert when it comes to cooking . I guarantee that whatever I cook will make you bite your tongue . Let’s go . ”

Big Brother’s cooking skill really was extraordinary . Even if he didn’t have any ready- made seasoning, the demon beast meat was well seasoned so it was still extremely delicious . It even managed to cheer up the melancholic Mu Zi . Xiao Rou was so engrossed in eating that she disregarded everything other than having her meal . Jian Shan had given her the best part of the demon beast from his share to make up for his mistake . She had a demon beast’s leg in her left hand and a piece of the demon’s chest meat in her right, eating cheerfully . Seeing that all these people with different ideals got together in eating the delicacies, I chuckled . ‘Who cares what tomorrow will be like? We must be proud to be joyous in life . Let’s eat!”