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Chapter 24

Looking at Pochi, the Sage egg, Aura opened her mouth wide . She must be startled that I am not traveling only with the Demon King’s twins, but the very thing itself, a monster, too . Probably .

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Pochi bared his teeth in coercion towards the unknown girl .

「Who is this woman? Is this your girl, Hero? If not, is she my food?」
「Listen here, if you raise your hands on her, her brother won’t keep quiet」
「Fu, it’s just a human anyway」
「He’s a Sage」
「………… I, it’s just a human anyway」

His voice was trembling, so he’s aware of the Sage’s incredibleness . An existence that has answers to anything, that is the Sage .
The Sage I have met is a super siscon (Aura’s older brother), so I can’t feel that he’s such incredible existence .

「Err, I don’t understand the reason quite well, but she will be going with us」

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「No, I also don’t know . Somehow, it seems that she’s uneasy about my child-rearing ability」

She thinks that an unmarried man with no experience can’t raise children on his own .
That certainly might be the case, but even though she is still a minor with no experiences of raising children too, I have been pushed aside .
It’s certain that I wanted a woman’s help . Iric who is also a boy aside, I thought there would be a limit to where I could took care of the girl, Ilya .

「Pochi, it is fine to eat that woman」
「You may eat her!」

The twins apparently don’t like Aura . They started instigating Pochi, so I forced my way through .

「Hey there, you mustn’t . Aura is worried about you guys, so that’s why she’s coming along with us, you know?」
「If I had to say~ then she’s worried about you, Nii~chan」

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「We are just an excuse . Her goal might be something entirely different」

The twins still can’t stomach Aura .

「Ufufu, you children are sharp at observation . As expected of the Demon King’s children . But, I will be tagging along」

Aura turned towards the twins with a smile .

「To begin with? Ilya-chan, Yuuya-san is a man, you know? There’s no way he’s able to care for a girl like yourself, no? A wife aside, he hasn’t even had a girlfriend before, so he doesn’t understand a woman’s heart a siiiingle bit!! He’s an unreasonable person, you know?」

For some reason, Aura looked at me with clenched fists, then Iric and Ilya followed and looked at me as well .
Then, the twins exchanged glances and nodded at each other, returning Aura her gaze .

「Neechan, you’ve had it hard」
「I sympathize with you, only a little though」

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Their gazes seemed to be conveying pity .

「But, I will be the one to find Nii~chan a bride, so you can’t」
「I will become Onii~san’s bride, so you can not」

Aura glared at me because of the (supposedly) charming smiles of the twins .

「Perhaps and possibly, you weren’t thinking of raising Ilya-chan to become your bride, have you!?」
「What did you say—!?」

Pochi was boiling too . I shook my hands in panic .

「There’s no way that’s the case, right!?」
「Princess!! I don’t know what this pervert might do!! Let’s escape by ourselves first」

Leaving Pochi who got buried in the ground aside as usual, Aura stood in front of Ilya as if to protect her in panic . At this rate, I will be thoroughly misunderstood as a pervert with lolicon hobby!

「I don’t have such hobby!!」
「Onii~san, you have said that you will marry me」
「Yuuya-san is a lolicoooon—–!!」
「I, I don’t!! I haven’t said that, I haven’t said thaaat—!!」

Yuuya’s shriek resounded through the sky .