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Published at 25th of September 2018 11:45:30 AM

Chapter 25

The first night since Aura joined us .

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A storm has come .
Before me, two women in daunting poses faced each other .

「…… What and why has this happened?」

Iric and Ilya nodded to my mutter .

「Nii~chan, you are amazing just as I thought~」
「Onii~san, please stay the way you are . At least until I grow up」

I don’t understand the meaning behind the twins’ words .
I looked in front while tilting my head to the side . Pochi was「laying down」between the two glaring women . He was done in by Sivilla’s magical power .
On the contrary, Aura wasn’t faltering . I wonder if a succubus’ magical power doesn’t work on women?

「Ufufu, who might you be, this middle-aged woman?」
「Oh my, where did you, this lass, spring from?」

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Scary .

「…… Ah~ umm」

When I tried to interject between the two, Ilya pulled on my clothes .

「N? What’s wrong, Ilya?」
「Onii~san, I have suddenly gotten thirsty!」
「Ah! I feel the same!! Yeah, my throat is gradually getting drier!!」
「Eh? Ahh, then water from the canteen-」

When I picked up the canteen, it was awfully light . Haven’t I filled it just this evening and anyone has yet to drink from it?
Opening the cap, it was empty .

「Huh? Even though I have filled it full」
「How weird . But, I am thirsty! That being the case, let’s go to the river, Onii~san!」

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「So strangee!! But, I want to drink!! That’s why, let’s go, Nii~chan!!」

The twins forcefully pulled on me . I’m worried about Aura and Sivilla, but I can’t ignore the children .

「Pochi~ could you stop those two? I’m taking these two to get water~」
「Are you intending to kill me, you bastard-!!」

Pochi’s shriek was drowned out by the wind . It was probably Iric .
…… When we returned, the three participants were stained with soil for some reason .

「?? What happened, everyone?」

At my words,

「No, nothing at all ohohohoho」

Sivilla laughed with a cramp,

「It’s nothing, you don’t have to mind us, Yuuya-san . As expected…… they might be children but they are of the Demon King’s blood in the end……」

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Aura muttered something,


And Pochi had fainted .

「? Oh well . You should go bathe yourselves . There’s a river nearby . Ahh, Aura, how about you take Ilya and bathe together?」

Aura gazed at Ilya for a little while, and while Ilya returned her gaze, the pipsqueak let out a hmph .

「It cannot be helped . I will let you walk with me, Oneesan」
「Ufufufufu, indeed . It might be a good time to talk about girl things……」

I didn’t understand well, but a shiver ran up my spine .
…… I don’t feel any hostility coming from a monster . Why a shiver?

「Ohoho, then, I will wash you, my de-」

Sivilla who attempted to say something suddenly disappeared by riding upon the wind .

「? Did Sivilla-san try to say something just now?」
「No . Not really~」

Since Iric told me that, I guess it was just my imagination .

「Then, I will prepare the meal . Aura, I will leave Ilya in your care」
「Yeah . Shall we go then, Ilya-chan? Let’s have a looong talk, okay?」
「I would not like to catch a cold, so I shall return quickly」
「Ilya, do your best~」
「Iric too, please do your best . You do not have to show mercy if Obaasan returns」

Puzzled over the twins’ exchange, I took out a pot from the baggage . The number of people on the journey increased, so preparing meals will become more troublesome . Well, the children and Aura will surely help out .