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Published at 25th of November 2018 11:01:16 AM

Chapter 43

The atmosphere in the hall changed . I perceived it immediately, but I have no idea why it suddenly got so chilly . The King continued talking .

「You must find raising those children difficult, no? Why don’t you look for foster parents and marry my daugh-」
「I will wreck the human King」
「Alright, let’s do it, Ilya!」

I panicked at the children’s sudden behavior and stepped in front of them . They are being impolite to His Majesty . I felt that the twins might do something if I left them alone .

「There, there, there! What’s up with you all of sudden!?」
「I mean, I don’t want to separate from Nii~chan」

「Onii~san, are you going to abandon us?」
「There’s no way I could do that, right?」

I shook my head seriously at their puppy eyes .
I am grateful to His Majesty for bringing up a marriage proposal, but I have no intentions of accepting it . I have decided to look after the Demon King’s children . There’s no way I could throw away these children just for my own happiness .
If I did that, I would probably get cursed by the Demon King’s soul, and I’m pretty sure I would get killed by his wife even before that .

「Your Majesty, I am very honored and grateful for your proposal, but this is something beyond me . Besides, I have decided to look after these children . It also wasn’t me who defeat the Demon King, but the illness . I am neither a Brave nor a Hero . Therefore, please let’s act as if this conversation didn’t happen」
「What a diligent man you are . Even though you could say that you have defeated the Demon King by yourself」

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「…… I never thought of it」

The King smiled wryly at the wryly smiling Yuuya .

「Well, fine . Being honest and diligent is a virtue . Treasure them . Those children are treasures . Take a good care of them」
「Yes . I will engrave it to my heart」

The King sent the honestly nodding Yuuya a favorable gaze . Yuuya simple reply made him more and more to his liking .

「Minister, reward him . The Demon King aside, he subjugated the Four Heavenly Generals . He did whittle the forces of the Demon King, so he is without a doubt, a Hero . Yuuya, was it? We ought to investigate the Demon King castle once more . There will be many things to ask of you . We have said it before, but if you are looking for a place to stay, standby in the royal castle for a while . Of course, together with the children and companion」

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What a good offer . It’s so good I am worried to be asked for living expenses later .
The problem is Pochi .
He is a monster no matter how you look at him . Even if you try, he looks like a huge animal . We couldn’t bring him to the capital, so he’s waiting outside the gate, hidden in a thicket .

「…… Your Majesty . Umm, I am very grateful for your offer, but…… actually, we have more companions . Bringing them to the royal castle might prove a tad difficutl」
「Mu? If you still have more companions, just bring them in . It would be a different talk if you had an army of companions though」
「No, that……」

How do I explain? We treat him like a mount rather than a companion though .

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「Ah~ Pochi, huh!」
「Pochi, indeed . Onii~san, you do not have to mind him . Just let Pochi sleep out」

His Majesty and the people around had puzzled expressions .
Explaining properly seems to be the way to go .
Thinking that I can still cut him up if he causes trouble, I spoke up .

「It’s a monster that tagged along after I left the Demon King castle――」

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