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Published at 3rd of November 2017 11:07:01 AM

Chapter 6

Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King 6

We are sleeping outdoors .

It can’t be helped that we can’t move very fast since I am traveling with children . Hero Yuya smiled wryly at the Maou’s children whom were joyous at the prospect of camping for the first-time .

“Nii-chan, how do we camp?” (TN: Well you load up COD, go multiplayer, choose an assault rifle and hide around a corner . )

“It is nothing extraordinary, we leave the fire going, because it is cold we wrap ourselves in a blanket and watch out for any monsters . ” (TN: Well I guess you can do that to . )

“Is that so?”

What on earth were you expecting, pillow fights? It is impossible because we have no pillows .

“It won’t be boring, you just go to sleep like usual, but in the meantime if you are bored you can gather fire wood . ”

As soon as I had said that the twins started to have fun gathering wood . What kind of life did they lead in the Maou’s castle? Though it is uncertain whether the Maou can revive, but if he does I am going to hit him .

“Onii-chan can we keep close to you?”

When evening came and Ellya and Eric both told me .

“What’s wrong?”

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“… I am scared, I am afraid of monsters . ”

They say with a troubled look .

“I am scared . ”

Eric moved his head out from under the blanket .

“Nii-chan is it fine if we move closer to you?”

Even a child of the Maou is still a child .

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“Fine . Both of you can come over here . ”

Yuya called the cute twins over and wrapped them in the blanket . The Maou’s children cling to Yuya’s body while watching the surroundings . I guess the darkness is scary .

“It’s okay, I will protect you . ”

“… Nii-chan, this is a hero, right?”

“Onii-san is a hero . ”

“Yes, so I will protect you . ”

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“Eheheh, Thank you . ”

“Thank you, Onii-san . ”

… In the middle of the night a shadow approached the sleep three . Yuya noticed the presence and woke up . He gently separated himself from the twins and put his hand on his sword, but because the presence disappeared he didn’t end up drawing it .


I was going to investigate, but since the twins were stirring restlessly trying to grasp my cloths, I smiled wryly and gave up .

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