Chrysalis - Chapter 211

Published at 26th of March 2019 11:12:20 AM

Chapter 211: 211

Chapter 211: Farewell surface

[How long will you be gone for?] Enid asks worriedly .


[As long as it takes to remove the threat] I reply .


This is why I don't like coming up here to the human camp . No sooner did I appear than people started gathering and pointing . Then the priest came at a run, his face flushed with excitement and began exhorting the people to pay their respects to me . In a flash I had people raising their hands or kneeling nearby as I nervously waited for Enid to show up .


I'm thankful the crowd maintained a respectful distance from me . It seems their fear of Dungeon monsters isn't completely gone .


[Do you have any idea what is actually causing these monsters to attack the surface?] she asks .


[I'm not sure . I have a few suspicions, but I don't exactly know what we are up against . The colony, and by extensions you humans, are not safe while the Expanse below us continues to send out these monsters . They need to be removed]


Enid frowns as she ponders my words . Why am I even here? I could have just spoken to the Queen and then disappeared underground, nobody here in the camp would have been the wiser . It isn't as if they see me very often, I'm almost always underground already .


I guess Enid herself has been helpful and respectful . I don't really have any reason to keep her in the dark . Since this expedition has a direct impact on their own safety, I suppose it doesn't hurt to tell them .


Just… . Give me a little space people!


[The people here seem remarkably well disposed towards ant monsters . Is that safe?] I'm forced to ask as a child attempts to sneak forward and touch me only to be snatched back by an adult .


Enid looks at me oddly for a moment before replying .


[You and your colony have kept these people safe on several occasions . The only reason we have been able to settle here and start making a life for ourselves again is that you and your colony are here, taming the land and protecting us . Of course, we are grateful . With Beyn here that gratitude is only getting more ingrained]


Damn priest…


I'll need to have words with him at some point, but for now, I'm worried he may just take it as some sort of divine visitation . The guy is just odd . I bit his arm off, how did he end up such a fervent supporter?!


Enid hesitates before speaking again . [There are a lot of valuable resources that can be extracted from an Expanse . I was a merchant before, and I know the value of many things that can be found in the Dungeon . If you see something that looks special, bring it to me, and I can tell you about it] .


Hmmmm .


[I'll think about it] .


Other than Biomass and monster cores, what else does the colony require? On the off chance that something useful can be found down there, I might keep this in mind . Still, in my mind, it's far more likely to be helpful to the humans than it is to us .


After a few more words I bid Enid goodbye and carefully back myself up and leave . The people reluctantly part to let me through, the priests' voice raising to an even higher crescendo before I manage to disappear out of sight . Somehow, not being able to hear exactly what he's saying makes it feel worse .


Safely back the nest I feel much more comfortable . My people! It doesn't take long to explain the situation to Mother . As always she expresses concern for my safety but encourages me to do what is best for the family .




This ant doesn't let his family down . No chance .


Farewells handled, Tiny gathers the still slumbering Vibrant unexpectedly gently in one massive paw and Crinis hops onto my back . Time to depart!


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I'm feeling exciting for the upcoming challenge but at the same time a little nervous . We are throwing ourselves into the great unknown in order to protect the colony from harm . Something about it just makes my ant heart sing . Going to have to watch out for this feeling in case it motivates me to do something stupid . I get up to enough of that on my own .


At any rate, there isn't anyone else in the colony who could handle this level of danger, so it has to me and the crew .


In order to ensure we don't miss any waves we take the long way down, sweeping the tunnels clean and using the creatures we find to get a little extra xp in the bank before we get to the Expanse . If we can level up even one skill by one point it might be help by more than we expect . To this end I use my new bite attack, Ripping Bite, exclusively . This ends up is some… . Messy combats . Crinis seems to approve but I personally aren't as much of a fan . At least the skill is accruing experience .


In this way it takes us a number of hours to reach the Expanse, deep below the surface . When we approach Vibrant finally begins to show signs of stirring from her slumber . Her body has undergone a number of changes during the journey, including a rather dramatic increase in size (at last!) .


I can't wait to take a look at her status and she what she decided to choose!


As we post up outside the Marsh Expanse I decide to put Crinis on guard duty whilst the rest of us open up the shortcut, clear out a small section of tunnel and nestle down for a short break .


We need our wits about us for this next test . If Vibrant is going to be fighting alongside us I want to make sure she's got the right stuff after evolving .


It doesn't take long for her to wake up and regain her normal energy .


"Hi senior! How long did I sleep?"


"Well I'd say it was… . "


"Wow! Where are we? Did we move somewhere?"


"Uhh . . Yes . Tiny carried you . We came down …"

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"Thanks Tiny! I wasn't heavy was I?" she rushes over to Tiny, tapping him vigorously with her antennae .


The big ape just looks down at her for a moment before reaching out with one big finger to poke her on top of her head .


"Hey! Hee-hee! You're the best Tiny!"


. . .


"Just come over here for a moment would you?!" I grate out .


Full of beans, she bounces over to me and stops, still managing to wiggle from one foot to the other as she awaits my instructions . No matter how far she evolves I don't think her high energy level is ever going to change .


"I want to take a look at your core and see what your stats are like . Is that ok?" I ask .




Alright then .


Bringing my antennae forward it's time for core surgery once more!


After a bit of fiddling about I put together her status:


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Name: Vibrant

Level: 1 (core)


Might: 52

Toughness: 38

Cunning: 25

Will: 22


HP: 76/76

MP: 110/110


Skills: Advanced Digging Level 3; Advanced Acid Shot Level 6; Grip Level 4; Crushing Bite Level 5; Advanced Dash Level 2; Exo-Skeleton defence level 3; Stamina level 2; Piercing Bite Level 4; Leap Level 2;


Mutations: Enhanced Reflective Exoskeleton +10; Savage Mandibles +5; Accelerated Legs + 5; Focused Eyes +5; Foresight Antennae +5; Burning Acid Gland +5; Widened Command Aura (formica) +5; Frequent Explosive Energy Gland +5; Pheromone Language Gland +5; Slow release Regeneration Gland +5; Inner Carapace Plating; Speed Aura Gland;


Species: Major Soldier (Formica)

Skill points: 6

Biomass: 5


What the heck is this? Her physical stats are already higher than mine?!


And by so much?!


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