Close Combat Mage - Chapter 355

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Chapter 355
Chapter 355 – Relay Station Regulations Pt . 2

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Although they could feel these glares of ill intent, none of these people made any moves, so Suo Jia’s party naturally couldn’t initiate an attack either . It didn’t matter how powerful Suo Jia’s party was, there was no way that a single group could go against thousands of people! Moreover, these thousands of people were only outside the relay station, who knew how many more adventurers there were throughout the entire area .

Suo Jia’s party didn’t dare waste any time, and they headed straight to the administration building to submit ten trust certificates in exchange for one ship ticket . This single ticket was enough for them to sit on the weekly ship to go to the second checkpoint of the Greater Trade Routes .

However…although owning the ticket granted one the qualifications to head towards the second checkpoint, it was not a guarantee that they’d be able to get onto the ship; that depended on their own abilities . Each ship could only transport one group of people at a time . With so many groups gathered here, how were they supposed to get to their destination?

After stuffing the ticket away, Suo Jia’s party left the administration building with frowns on their faces . As soon as they exited the building, an extremely robust fellow covered in scars came over to them and coldly called out, “Oi! Newbies…follow me!”

Suo Jia stared at the brawny guy in front of them while restraining the explosive Roger back, and calmly replied, “May I ask for your identity? Why do we have to follow you?”

Having most likely gotten used to such responses, the large guy indifferently responded, “You guys must’ve heard just now that only one ship goes out every week . But at the moment, there are over 500 groups stuck here . Thus…all the groups here have reached a consensus on some conditions; if you guys don’t come with me, I can guarantee that you’ll never be able to get to the second checkpoint!”

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Suo Jia nodded, quickly understanding the meaning of these words . Because the ship was only once a week, the selection of which group having the right to take the ship had become a focal point . If this wasn’t managed properly, they’d definitely end up massacring each other until the land was filled with rivers of blood . For this reason…the groups had all reached an agreement . Only parties that complied with certain conditions would have the right to take the weekly ship to the checkpoint .

Suo Jia nodded and agreed, “Alright . In that case, I will trouble you to please lead the way!”

The thick-bodied man didn’t say anything more . With a nod, he turned around and began to head towards a large building…

Following his lead, Suo Jia’s party entered the huge structure right across the administration building . At single glance, one could only see an extremely lazy and bored worker sitting inside a spacious room, looking as if he was half asleep .

Seeing Suo Jia’s party arrive, the worker finally gathered some energy to welcome them, gesturing at them to take a seat on the ring-shaped sofa nearby . He then got some people to bring over some tea and desserts .

With a smile, the worker said in clear voice, “I’ll cut the superfluous stuff, and just give a simple introduction of the agreement that 546 groups reached . ”

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The worker paused for a moment before continuing, “In order to avoid unnecessary injury, the 546 adventure groups made a pact . The first week of every month, there is a public martial arts competition gathering . From the semifinals, four powerful groups are selected to have the privilege of sitting on the four ships in that month to go to the second checkpoint!”

“Oh?” Suo Jia curiously asked, “This pact is indeed appropriate . Not only will it avoid injury, it also complies to everyone’s request to speak through their martial prowess . But is this competition a group competition or an individual competition?”

The worker smiled and replied, “Of course it’s an individual competition . If it were a group competition, there would definitely still be a great amount of casualties occurring . In addition, the pact also dictates that no killing can happen during the competition . As soon as someone is killed, the responsible group cannot participate in the competition, and similarly, not pass through the checkpoint, for another three years!”

Suo Jia nodded in understanding . “So that’s how it is . Then may I also ask, can the quota for being able to pass through be transferred to other groups?”

The worker replied, “Theoretically, it is allowed . However…the groups that have fulfilled the quota cannot participate in the competition within another half a year afterwards to curb groups from relying on large amounts of wealth and rare items . ”

Suo Jia felt reassured, “Alright, thanks for your introduction . Which four groups have the right to pass through this month?”

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“Hm…” The worker thought for a bit before replying, “It’s already the second week . The next ship leaves the day after tomorrow . The first group has already left, so the other remaining three that have yet to leave are…”

Suo Jia pulled out a small book and swiftly noted them down . The three groups that possessed the privilege to take the ship were Ice Moon, Berserk, and Rocket!

After Suo Jia finished recording this, he stood up and said to the worker, “I’m very thankful for your explanation . We still have some stuff to do, so we won’t bother you any longer . ”

The worker quickly picked up a form on the table and passed it to Suo Jia . “There is a list of all the matters you must take notice of on this form . You guys must be careful to not break any rules . Otherwise, you’ll have to suffer from 546 adventurer groups hunting you down!”

Suo Jia nodded and sincerely accepted the form . This was no joking matter, if they really ended up being chased by all those people, they’d be doomed . No matter how formidable a group was, they couldn’t possibly be an opponent of 546 other groups; that number was enough to wear them down to death . Moreover…all those that could enter the Greater Trade Routes were hegemons from various countries . No weaklings existed .

Under Suo Jia’s lead, the four people left the building . Seeing how extremely confident Suo Jia looked, Nicole asked curiously, “Boss, why aren’t you the slightest bit worried? Don’t tell me…we’re just going to end up being stuck here?”

“Hehe…” As soon as Nicole finished speaking, Roger laughed heartily, “Even if we don’t want to wait, we still have to . However, be rest assured, if I go out to the competition next month as our group’s representative, we’ll definitely win the right to take the boat!”

“Tch…” Xiang Yun tsked in disdain . “On what basis should you be participating in the competition . Don’t tell me…you think that you’re the strongest in our group?”

Roger’s entire face flushed red upon hearing Xiang Yun’s jeer, and he shut his mouth . Although he wanted to argue back, Xiang Yun’s level was indeed a bit higher than his . At the very least, he wasn’t able to catch up to Xiang Yun yet .

Suo Jia swept a glance over all three of them and said in a low voice, “No, we won’t wait . Time is so tight, we can’t waste it here . We must head out this month!”

Suo Jia turned around and continued, “Xiang Yun, you go find Ice Moon . Roger, go find Berserk, and Nicole, go find Rocket . Tell their group leaders that tonight, I, Suo Jia, will be treating them to a meal . If they don’t arrive, then they will be making an enemy out of me, and any enemy of mine will definitely die a miserable death!”

Xiang Yun, Roger, and Nicole simultaneously inhaled sharply, and stared at Suo Jia in disbelief . After a long while, Xiang Yun hesitantly asked, “Captain, are you serious?”

Suo Jia nodded profoundly, and firmly declared, “That’s right, I’m definitely serious . If they don’t show respect, don’t hesitate to show a special skill to intimidate them so that they know of our importance!”