Close Combat Mage - Chapter 387

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Chapter 387
Chapter 387 – Diamond Dragon’s Explosive Strength Pt . 2

Everyone present was stunned at this, and immediately began searching their surroundings . Magic was something that attacked friend and foe alike; as long as one was within the attack range, one would be viciously attacked! Thus, for their own sake, everyone had to find the mage and immediately attack him to break his magic no matter who it was . Otherwise, everybody would die!

They swiftly found their target . Suo Jia stood on top of the tall city wall, his body covered by a large grey cloak emitting a distinct aura . He raised his right hand, causing the azure trident to float high up in the air . Above each of the trident’s points were balls of blue energy; the light emitted from the two trident ends connected to form a ring, while the light emitted from the middle point had condensed together in the form of a thick beam of light that stretched upwards straight into the center of the black cloud mass!

As everyone noticed this, strong winds began to gather before the city wall, causing Suo Jia’s cloak to billow so furiously that it seemed as if he would be blown upwards at any moment!

Xiang Yun couldn’t help but chuckle wryly at Suo Jia’s god-like appearance atop the wall and the sight of the furious storm of Ice Arrows pouring down from the skies . He shook his head and murmured to himself, “That rascal has become even more ridiculously powerful after only half a year!”

At this exact moment, Roger, who had just sent an explosive kick at an enemy in front of him, looked up at the sky and shouted, “Damn, as expected of Boss, he’s definitely very powerful . But isn’t he attacking us as well?”

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Only Nicole thought differently . Suo Jia had always been the most mysterious to her, an omnipotent figure . Even if Suo Jia displayed even more power, she would not be surprised . In her eyes, he was always that formidable; there was nobody else mightier than him–even the homicidal maniac was no exception .

Upon noticing Suo Jia’s figure, everyone immediately abandoned Xiang Yun and started charging towards Suo Jia instead . If Suo Jia’s attack continued, he’d easily blast away everybody present . That was the true power of a mage!

Suo Jia couldn’t help but take pity on the crowd of people rushing towards him . When they neared the wall, he coldly commanded, “Diamond Dragon, it’s about time you do something; you’ve been resting for so long!”

At this, a small head poked out from behind Suo Jia’s cloak around the chest area . It gave a quick glance down at the people running towards them before its blue figure flew into the sky above!

After a year of cultivating, the Diamond Dragon had already processed two rank 10 Giant Icebear King monster cores . Although its strength hadn’t been able to go up in level, it had still made a decent amount of progress . At the very least, the Diamond Dragon at its current state was much harder to cut; its defense was absolute!

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The small Diamond Dragon stretched its limbs open in midair with its wings flapping up and down . At the same time, many layers of Glacial Armor began to cover its body .

“Roar!” With a heaven-shaking cry, the Diamond Dragon’s body grew to a height of nine meters . It landed heavily on the ground in front of Suo Jia with a bang, completely blocking off the paths of the incoming crowds!

As they neared, the Diamond Dragon opened its jaws and slowly began to lift its right foot . With a heavy stomp on the ground, the true Diamond Charge was instantly activated!

Suo Jia could also use Diamond Charge; his was based on the Frost Wyrm King’s innately produced Diamond Charge, so his dragon’s current level of attack couldn’t be compared to it . At the moment, it was probably more appropriate to call his Diamond Dragon’s attack ‘Frost Wyrm Charge’ .

The Diamond Dragon’s stomp immediately caused millions of ice shards to fly at the approaching enemy . Although these ice shards weren’t large–roughly the same size as a finger–they were great in number, allowing them to cover a wider range . In fact, they completely filled the air within ten feet of the Diamond Dragon, covering 180 degrees!

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If the Suo Jia’s Diamond Charge was said to be a heavy machine gun, the Diamond Dragon’s would be like a shotgun . Although the ice shards were small, this gave it the advantage in number and area . It also had a stronger impact force, immediately sending all the enemies standing before the Diamond Dragon flying backwards, as if they had been shot by an actual bullet . By the time they were able to plant their feet on the ground again, their bodies had already been covered in ice shards and frost, effectively freezing them .

The Diamond Dragon looked down at the enemy in disdain . It stretched out its right arm and a rush of blue light immediately formed . This light quickly condensed together and froze into a ball of ice!

This was precisely the Ice Sphere Technique! Just like a human, the Diamond Dragon was able to gain deeper understanding of ice magic as time passed, and the Ice Sphere Technique was the first spell it could learn!

However, if Suo Jia activated this spell, his Ice Sphere would only be around the size of a basketball . On the other hand, the 9 meter tall Diamond Dragon with its enormous talons that were even larger than a bed, could form Ice Spheres that spanned two meters in diameter! Relatively speaking, this size was proportional to the Diamond Dragon’s body size the same way a basketball would be to a human’s body size .

After roughly 3 seconds had passed, the Diamond Dragon successfully finished forming the Ice Sphere . It extended its wings, and then pulled its right arm back . With a forceful throw, the Ice Sphere whizzed forwards through the air at full force .

“Bang!” With a booming smash, the enormous Ice Sphere heavily slammed into the ground . Three enemies that hadn’t gotten the chance to dodge were instantly blasted to smithereens . Due to its momentum, the Ice Sphere began to rapidly roll forwards; with the large amount of strength the Diamond Dragon had hurled it with, the Ice Sphere easily carved a several meter wide path through!

“Mother of–!” Roger couldn’t help but curse at the sight . He immediately jumped up into the air . As he looked down at the berserk Ice Sphere, he shouted, “You bastard, look at who you’re aiming at before you smash them! Are you trying to kill me too?”

In response to Roger’s angry shout, the Diamond Dragon–which by now had a high level of intelligence–couldn’t help but scratch its head awkwardly, as if embarrassed .

When he saw this adorable action, Roger’s anger immediately faded . Besides, he knew that while this kind of attack was hard to dodge at close range, he had been further away . Only slow dumbasses wouldn’t be able to dodge at that distance .

Actually, Roger wasn’t the only one–everyone that had been some distance away had successfully jumped to evade the Ice Sphere . Although it was a powerful spell, it was still only a beginner’s battle skill . Moreover, the diamond Dragon had only just learned it, so its might was not as great as expected .

Although the enemy had gone quiet at the initial appearance of the extremely gigantic Diamond Dragon, they soon recovered their senses . Brandishing their weapons, the began to charge towards the Diamond Dragon this time . If they couldn’t intercept Suo Jia soon, the Ice Arrows filling the heavens would not have any mercy!