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Chapter 86

Cold King, the Doctor Fei Is Running Away Chapter 86

"Grandmother's injury, I, Feng Xingying will ask the doctor to treat it . I will not bother you . " Feng Xingying replied coldly .

   "Ha ha ha . " The girl in the pink dress around Li yeqing, who was called Gu Dandan, couldn't help but laugh out loud .

   "I can detoxify it with a few doctors in your Jia country . You don't naively think that your grandmother is really ill .

   She is as fragile as a vase and a straw bag . I saw it myself .

   Hey, except for a face, there is really no strength . Brother, let's go . When she finds out that the old lady can not be saved, she will strip herself bare and climb into your bed willingly begging for you to take her . "

   Gu Dandan said it extremely explicitly, but Feng Xingying did not respond, but looked at them coldly .

   The dog that barks but not bite .

   Just a few stray dogs in front of you, just kill them later .

   When Gu Dandan said it, she went into the arm of Le Ye Qing, and then tried to drag away Le Ye Qing .

   With such a man, Gu Dandan is also helpless . When she was in Tianyu, she was still the daughter of the great general and countless young heroes wanted to court her .

   But none had a status as great as Le Ye Qing? Gu Dandan confessed her undying life  and love to him . But now is stuck helping him pick up girls?


   Le Ye Qing does not go!

   So beautiful, he can't move his legs at all .

   If he doesn't get the beauty, he doesn't want to do anything .

   Sure enough, his younger sister was loyal enough to help him find the beautiful woman who was all he could think and dream of .

   This beautiful woman is different from those who used to be in his bed . She is not only beautiful, but more importantly, the kind of pride that comes out of her bones was really attractive . Le Ye Qing can’t help but want to press her under his body immediately and make her beg for mercy . Ruining her pride and smashing all her arrogance .

   This kind of feeling, saying that those ordinary folks do not understand, is a understatement . Only a master at his level can understand the taste .

   For Le Ye qing, this beauty is like a precious herb .

   It's like alchemy!

   He tamed different beauty into different medicinal solutions, and he felt the most fulfilled .

   This beast beauty is a rare wood and fire double attribute master, and has a talent in alchemy, and she is also so so beautiful .

   although his personality is a bit embarrassing .  In Shendan Valley, in private, who knows how many sisters have been harmed .

   Because of his talent, the protectors of the valley, turn a blind eye, and he is able to humiliate and take any woman he wanted .

   After all, he is the heir to the owner of the valley . No one is perfect, this is a small problem, not a big deal!

   A few days ago, this man was fascinated by the younger sister of the Shendan Valley, Princess Nangong Yulian . Because he couldn't get his hands on her, he was particularly upset, and that kind of taste made him not want to think about it .

   Therefore, he never wanted to experience it again .

   in the same year he wanted to hook up with Gu Dandan . He didn’t get it in Shendan Valley . So he followed her home and helped her out . The beauty immediately fell into his arms and listened to every word he said .

   Le Ye Qing is a master and has his own means to get what he wants .

   As for the two around him, they willingly followed him after their first time and honestly, he does not mind the company . It really made the lonely journey hunting for more beauties to tame far more interesting and warm .

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