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Chapter 411

If I can’t be a human, I can be a ghost!

He didn’t want to be powerful at all . Even if he were, he couldn’t be proud of it .

I just want to be alone .

“I want to see where your bottom line is . ”

Ling Yan: “…”

Should he retaliate?

Ling Yan chose to forgive her . After all, villains were all idiots . They needed his care and concern . If not, he wouldn’t be here .

One day, I will stand up and be my own master . Don’t discriminate against a poor young man!

Ling Yan was beaten until he started doubting himself . When Ming Shu let him go, he immediately shrunk into the shadows and violated his character setting .

Ming Shu flicked her non-existent fringe and smiled as she took out a cellphone .

“What are you doing?” Little Red only dared to come over now . The fear in her was still lingering .  Master is indeed impressive . She even dared to hit that man .

“Report . ”

Little Red was puzzled . “Report what?”

Ming Shu smiled . “For promoting feudalism and superstition . ”

Little Red: “…”

Ling Yan: “…”

You are a ghost . You are a superstition yourself and yet, you are reporting them?

Who gave you the face to do it?

The people in Hell?

Ming Shu’s report was effective . The people at the bottom wouldn’t know that the people at the top were forming these special departments so when they heard about it, they came immediately .

The people at the top didn’t expect the police to come so soon . They couldn’t cover up and the fellow and some of his men ran away . However, some were caught too .

The scene in the room scared normal people . They stammered as they reported it to their authorities .

The authorities called Xie Hui and Xie Hui came obediently in slippers, shorts, and his mahogany sword .

The moment he arrived, he saw Ming Shu blatantly standing downstairs, watching the show .

His mouth twitched .  Why is she everywhere?

Are the civil servants from Hell all so free?

“Why are you here?” Xie Hui moved over . “Don’t tell me you were the one that called the police?”

Ming Shu admitted with a smile, “No need to thank me . Everyone and every ghost had the responsibility to maintain a peaceful society .

Xie Hui: “…” What the hell does she mean?

If you don’t create trouble, society will be peaceful .

Xie Hui glanced at her and saw the black ball of stuff not far away . He couldn’t see what it was, but its aura was familiar . It felt like the man from the other time .

“I will go up and have a look at it first . ” Xie Hui shivered and went upstairs with his mahogany sword .

In the room…

There was nothing else in the room . A Bagua Array was drawn on the floor in blood red . It was not drawn with normal paint . There were symbol papers on the walls drawn in similar paint . It didn’t look grand and serious at all . It just felt scary and eerie .

They mentioned that when they arrived, there was a young girl in the middle of the array .

The young girl had been sent to the hospital .

Xie Hui frowned and examined the room for a long time . The symbol papers on the wall were very messy . They looked as though they were drawn any which way . He seemed to recognize these symbols, but couldn’t be sure about it .

Xie Hui took out his cellphone and filmed a video . After that, he sent it in the Taoist master’s group chat .

The Taoist master’s group chat was always very lively . After Xie Hui sent the video, it became quiet and them a Taoist master replied .

“Little Xie, where did you go and get this stuff again? What the hell is this drawing? Even if the fake Taoist master in your city wants to fool people, they should learn to draw symbols better . Even ghosts don’t draw like this . Such a black sheep of a conman . ”

Xie Hui criticized silently: If I knew what this is, would I still have to ask you? If a conman learned the real thing, do they still need to be called a conman?

“Did something happen in Dong Hua City again?”

“Things kept happening in Dong Hua City recently . The last few days, I saw the Yin Qi around Dong Hua City increased exponentially but before I could investigate it, it disappeared . ”

“I saw it too . I even went closer to take a look but didn’t see anything amiss . Weird . ”

“Isn’t An Ge at Dong Hua City? With her around, there shouldn’t be any problem . ”

Xie Hui placed his phone back into his pocket after seeing the last sentence .

She was the one that caused all this .

Xie Hui ordered the others to not touch the room and ran down swiftly . He wanted to ask Ming Shu about this . After all, she’d lived for a long time… but there were only policemen downstairs . There was no ghost at all .

Flip the table!

Did you just leave like that!

Without any farewells!

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Ming Shu brought Su Rou home . Su Rou fed her something and she only woke up after sleeping for an entire night .


Daily scream .

Little Red hugged her head and rolled her eyes . Su Tong panted as she greeted her, “Sister Little Red, morning . ”

Little Red’s head nodded .

Su Tong: “…”

I can’t stare at it directly .

Sister An Ge is still better looking . Well, at least she wouldn’t take her head now as and when she wants to .

Ming Shu sat beside them peacefully and ate her breakfast . She didn’t bother with the human and ghost in the room .

“Why am I here?” Su Tong just realized that she was in her own room . “Last night, I seemed…”

She covered her head . It was a mess . She only remembered entering the KTV with Su Rou and then someone forced her to drink . Su Rou said that she was uncomfortable and helped her drink it… then everything started to blur .

“You almost died . ” Little Red rolled her eyes again . “Your dear big sister asked people to pretend to kidnap you . If it were not for Master, you might be dead now . ”

Su Tong was in a daze . Soon, her expression changed to disbelief . “How can it be?”

“Is your amulet still with you?” Ming Shu turned and asked .

Su Tong felt around . It was gone .

Last night, she touched it and it was still on her neck . Why had it disappeared?

Su Tong felt around her body and even stood on the bed to lift up her blanket . Nothing, nothing . It was gone .

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At this moment, she saw a ghost with only half its face left peeking into her room . Its eyes were filled with viciousness and greediness .

Su Tong’s face turned pale instantly . She sprinted over and pulled the curtains . Then she jumped onto her bed and hid behind Little Red . “There is a ghost…”

“There are two ghosts in your room . What are you scared of?” Little Red hugged her head and turned around . “Coward . ”

“You two are different from them,” Sister An Ge refuted weakly . She glanced at Little Red and corrected herself . “Sister An Ge is different from them . ”

Little Red looked at her with greediness in her eyes too, as though she wanted to eat her up . But with An Ge around, Little Red could only look at her and drool . Su Tong felt that she looked quite cute when she had that stifled look on her .

“Why did my amulet disappear? I remember that I had it on me . ” Su Tong calmed down and continued the conversation .

“Su Rou must have taken it . Your big sister has no good intentions toward you . Master asked you to guard against her but you didn’t listen . You deserve it . ”

“Big sister… treats me very well . ” Su Tong was puzzled . “How couldshe harm me?”

“You can’t judge a book by its cover . How do you know what she’s really thinking?” Little Red scorned .

Humans are sometimes more vicious than ghosts .

Su Tong: “…”

She looked at Ming Shu helplessly . However, Ming Shu was on the same page as Little Red . “Have some vigilance . If you die, who will make pig trotters for me… right, when are you going to make pig trotters for me?”

Su Tong: “…”

Su Rou got off her bed and opened the door . She looked into the living room . When she saw that there was no ghost there, she ran and knocked on the door beside her . No one answered her . Su Tong opened the door and peeked inside . Su Rou’s bed was very tidy .

Su Rou was not home . Mother Su was not home either .

Mother Su would normally be home at this hour .