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Chapter 412: 412

Su Tong called Su Rou . Su Rou didn’t answer . She called Mother Su . Mother Su picked up after a while and said to her in a tired tone, “Baby, you’ve woken up?”

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“Mother, where are you? Where is big sister?”

“We will come back in a while . Make some food yourself . ”


Su Tong looked at the phone . Her heart was filled with curiosity .

She saw the ghost again . It had floated to the outskirts of the living room . Suddenly, it crossed the glass and charged toward her with a sinister face .


Su Tong shouted and ran back into her room .

Ming Shu raised her hand and the ghost turned to ashes . Little Red shivered in fear . Su Tong shook in fear too .

Adults are scary .

Little ghosts are even scarier .

The human and the ghost looked at each other and continued shivering .

Mother Su and Su Rou came back . Mother Su’s expression didn’t seem good and Su Rou’s face was pale . She looked really delicate and made people want to protect her .

“Mother, big sister…”

Su Rou suddenly looked at her . Her eyes were like the ghost in the morning, filled with deep hatred, just like a poisonous snake .

Su Tong stopped in her tracks . Her heart started beating really fast .

Su Rou quickly looked down again and resumed her delicate appearance . The scene just now seemed like her imagination .

“You saw that?” Ming Shu leaned against her .

Su Rou’s face turned white . She didn’t believe that her sister would harm her, but the look that Su Tong gave her just now was definitely not her imagination, right?

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“Mother…” Su Rou called softly .

Mother Su had a serious expression on her face . “Su Rou, I hope that you will not take your sister out anymore . Luckily this time your sister came back early, if not… forget it . Go back to your room and rest . ”

Mother Su waved her hand irritatedly when she finished her sentence .

Su Rou bit her lip and walked slowly toward her room .

She couldn’t understand why the ghost helped Su Tong . If it was not for the ghost, this would never happen to her . She must find a chance and kill that ghost .

Su Rou didn’t know if the ghost was still around and didn’t dare to show off too much .

“Tong Tong, have you eaten breakfast?”

Su Rou glanced at Su Rou, who had entered her room . “Yes . ”

“That’s good . Tong Tong, don’t go to those places again,” Mother Su reminded Su Tong . Su Tong still didn’t know what had happened .

Mother Su wasn’t planning to tell her either . She faltered and then chased her away .

Su Tong didn’t dare to ask the composed and food-is-her-priority Ming Shu . She could only grab onto Little Red .

Little Red was very bored . She took on a concubine’s aura and told her vividly what happened last night .

“Now you know how evil your sister is,” Little Red hummed . “Luckily, Master found out her plan and saved you from danger . ”

Su Tong was confused . She sat on the bed and grabbed her hair in disbelief . “Why… why does big sister want to hurt me?”

Since they were young, Su Rou had been really good to her . She couldn’t think of a reason why Su Rou would harm her . They were twins .

“Maybe she is jealous of your cooking skills . ” Ming Shu licked her lollipop .

Su Tong: “…”

Can we have a serious conversation?

Su Rou locked herself in her room for a few days . At first, Mother Su still knocked on her door and sent her food . But when Su Rou refused to come out, Mother Su couldn’t do anything .

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Ming Shu pestered Su Tong and said that she wanted to eat pig trotters . Su Tong was in a bad mood, but Little Red said that Ming Shu saved her . Hence, she took the chance when Su Rou and Mother Su were not at home to make pig trotters for Ming Shu .

“Make more pig trotters for me next time and I will protect you . ” Ming Shu patted Su Tong’s shoulder as though she were a boss .

Su Tong: “…”

Night fell . There were ghosts floating everywhere . Shen Xianyue’s constant calls interrupted Ming Shu’s good appetite .

She didn’t want to answer her, but she remembered how Shen Xianyue got so much food for her and thus, went to find her with her snacks .

She was still at the villa .

Shen Xianyue stood at the door with a pale face . Under the front light, she looked even worse .


“What are you doing in the middle of the night?” You interrupted my date with my snacks .

Shen Xianyue brought her inside . “My brother provoked something and I can’t handle it . ”

“You can’t handle it?” There were strong and weak spirit guides, but Shen Xianyue was considered someone quite strong, right?

She can’t handle it?

Why do I feel a bit scared!

Better hug my snacks .

Shen Xianyue nodded .

Ming Shu followed her up the stairs . Shen Ying was in his room . A half-year-old child was lying on his bed . Shen Ying lay on the bed too with a pale face . He seemed to be having a nightmare .

“The more I attack it, the more uncomfortable my brother gets,” Shen Xianyue said . “This is like the Guman Thong from Thailand . Master, I don’t know how to handle it . ”

Mainland ghosts and imported ghosts were different .

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Shen Xianyue felt helpless .

She didn’t know how Shen Ying provoked it, but she couldn’t let anything happen to her brother .

“Shen Xianyue, do you remember your duty?” Ming Shu turned and asked her .

Shen Xianyue bit her lip and showed a bit of her fragile side . However, her tone was certain . “I know, Master, I will finish my duty . ”

“Is he very important to you?”

Something collapsed in Shen Xianyue’s eyes . She nodded her head slowly . “Very important . ”

Ming Shu nodded . “Go and prepare some snacks . ”

Shen Xianyue bowed and left the room .

Ming Shu stayed inside for a long time . When she came out, she was holding a limp child in her hands . She didn’t care who Shen Ying provoked . She just left the villa with the snacks Shen Xianyue prepared for her .

The moment she left the villa, she met ninja Ling Yan .

His gaze fell on the little child . He gave a cold smile . “Don’t you find this thing dirty?”

Ming Shu smiled . “I don’t even find you dirty, why would I find it dirty?”

Ling Yan: “…”

What the hell does she mean?

Is she saying that I’m dirty?

F**k, which part of my body is dirty!

You can touch me if you don’t believe me .

Come on!

Every time I see her, I get so angry .

So angry that I can’t control myself .

Calm down, a genius can’t get angry .

“This thing has a master . What are you planning to do with it?” Ling Yan pulled a long face .  Who will help her if she creates trouble for herself!?

“Give it to you . You’re welcome . ” Ming Shu smiled gently and stuffed the little child into Ling Yan’s arms .

Ling Yan wanted to throw it away in disdain .

However, he felt that it would create more trouble if he ran away so he caught it .  F**k, why am I helping her!

“Where are you going?”

“Where else can I go in the middle of the night? Home of course . ” After settling this weird matter, Ming Shu hefted her snacks and floated toward Su Tong’s house .

Ling Yan followed her . “Why do you stay at that house?”

“What does that have to do with you?” It’s because Su Tong makes nice food! Will I tell you that? Idiot!

Ming Shu floated very fast and managed to throw Ling Yan off .

Ling Yan held onto the little ghost . His expression kept changing and the Yin Qi around him was unstable .

After some time, he turned around and went to the Shen family house . He followed the aura and found the owner of the little ghost . After that, he helped her solve her problem .

F**k, why am I clearing the mess she made?

So angry!

The person that bred the little ghosts was tortured fervently by Ling Yan .  Of all the things you can breed, you breed a little ghost . Of all the people you can provoke, you provoke someone that idiot knew!

The next day, Shen Ying heard that his enemy in business suddenly fell sick . When he received the huge business proposal, he was still in a daze .