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Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Battlefield


Soon enough, we met up with Tanya again .


We had to endure quite the rant from her .


Well, nothing that we didn’t expect .


Anyways, I’ll continue this later…and so on . After she finally agreed to delay her scolding, we set out again .


This was because according to Tanya, Dawson should be with Dida as well .


As we expected, Dawson had dived into the whole situation .


If that were it then it wouldn’t be such an issue . But he seemed to have seen a man emerge from the sewer, conclude that it was suspicious, and snuck in…as a result, he charged right into the stronghold of whoever was in charge of this whole thing, which was also where Dida was being held captive .


Perhaps his actions were actually quite similar to what we had anticipated .


If we could figure out where Dida was being imprisoned, there would be no more proof that we were cooperating with whoever was behind all of this . It would be quite the lucky break . Plus, it would be useful in showing that we were innocent .


Dawson wanted to rescue Dida, but was attacked from behind and unceremoniously defeated .


Right now the two of them were snoozing together quite peacefully…that was the situation .


He really did go the extra mile, I thought . Because Dawson had taken the extra effort to go in through that side, the underground door had been locked permanently .


Now we couldn’t carry out a rescue mission from there . The only option was moving in and attacking upfront .


I was set up in a hotel nearby . In the end because of how uneasy I was, I came with the others .


By the way, the only one who didn’t come to the east on this trip was Ryle . He was in charge of watching over the guards .


It seemed that he caught someone who was related to the plot quickly enough .


The relevant evidence was all handed over to Tanya to deal with . This was what they were doing when I was infiltrating the main office .


After we’d finished all our preparations, Ryle was the one who carried out the punishment in public…which was basically just a breakdown of what the rules were, what the guard should be, and so on, a lecture to all the others .


With a final encouraging ending, he then ordered the guard to come here…more or less just to buy time .


From now on the members of the Boltique family were going to start acting out, and it would be troublesome if we bumped into that .


They were in charge of cleaning up after everything ended as well .


All that aside, we finally arrived at our destination .


It was a place near the sea, thick with the scent of salt .


There were many storage buildings, and our destination was also a warehouse .


We were there right when the Boltique family was having their own facedown, members standing against each other . In the middle was Glaus and Emilio .


“Please excuse me . ”


Saying this, Dean ran in the opposite direction .


For a moment, I watched him fade into the darkness…but soon enough my consciousness came back to the two in the middle .


“…Emilio, you really have balls . ”


“Shut up! Glaus, you’ve always been soft! I can do things bigger and better . ”


“Hah…when you climbed to the top with such despicable methods, I could see right through you . But don’t worry about it . If any of you have ever spat on our faces and disrespected us, we’ll deal with you all equally . Let’s go!”


His wild cry set off a series of full-bodied shouts all throughout the building .


Following that, the sound of men charging each other rang out .


It was completely different from what Dean or Ryle or Dida had showed me .


Crude . That was a good word to describe the violence here .


“How is it going, Dean?” asked Tanya .


“The underground passage goes to a door above ground, and the back door has been blocked off by the Boltiques . They won’t be able to escape . ”


“They’ve prepared to do what has to be done…In that case, I’m heading out . ”


Tanya entered the fray .


She slipped between people without any issue .


Finally, she reached the room deep within .


There were more foes than friends there, but she continued on . For Tanya it was business as usual .


Before long, Dida walked out of the room alone .


From a distance, it was easy to see that his face was swollen .


If I were closer, then I’d probably be able to see even more wounds .


In his current state, he didn’t hesitate, charging right into the brawl .


“Y-you! What are you doing?”


Although I knew he wouldn’t be able to hear my voice, I still couldn’t help but shout at him .


Disregarding my concerns, Dida charged out .


He was like the eye of a tornado . The men around him flew across the room, one after another .


His strength really lived up to its reputation . That was all I could think to myself in the moment of awe .


Caught between the Boltique family and Dida, the amount of men dwindled .


And then, when he reached the center of the room…


Dida found a sword .


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