Conqueror of All - Chapter 129

Published at 3rd of October 2019 10:12:22 PM

Chapter 129

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Izan entered Voldemort's mansion while being followed by Sybill and Robin . Izan felt himself going through a couple of Protection Spells but he didn't feel threatened by them as they could at most stall him for a few seconds at best .

Their speed wasn't slow and it only took them half a minute before they arrived at a large door . Voldemort opened it and went inside without glancing back, he could hear them walking behind him .

Neither did Izan, Robin nor Sybill say anything as they entered the room . After they entered, they could see inside of the room . The room was quite simple looking, white walls, a few windows on the wall, a large table in the middle and chairs surrounding it .

Sybill gazed inside and saw a familiar face, it was Snape . Her expression stiffened slightly, but she kept her calm and followed behind Izan .
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"You mentioned that you wanted a talk with me, didn't you?" Voldemort asked Izan in a cold voice . Voldemort knew that he had low chances to win against Izan with his current powers, but this was his home, this was his Kingdom, he was at his strongest while staying here . His army of a million Dark Wizards could at least injure Izan to some degree, at least that was what Voldemort was thinking .

Izan didn't bother answering him at once, he leisurely went and sat down on a chair and leaned slightly backwards on it . Robin went and sat to Izan's right, she had a faint smile on her face as she focused on listening .

Sybill reacted when she saw what Robin did, she went and sat down to Izan's left side .

After seeing that both Robin and Sybill had sat down near him, Izan's smiling expression vanished and his facial expression turned sharp as he turned his gaze towards Voldemort . "You should be grateful that I need your knowledge, or else I would have already destroyed this 'kingdom' of yours . . . !" As Izan was speaking, he let out his Conqueror's Haki, his Conqueror's haki spread outwards like a volcano that erupted, it barely took half a second before the entire Dark Kingdom was under Izan's suppression .

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Most of the weaker Dark Wizards fell down and lost their consciousness . But none of the children or the elderly ones felt anything besides not being able to move their bodies .

And the ones that felt the strongest suppression from Izan, were Voldemort and Snape . They were both breathing heavily and they could feel their bones cracking up .

Voldemort had thought that he could deal with Izan in his Kingdom, but now he felt that his previous thoughts were all ridiculous, and he could never deal with someone as Izan with either numbers or more powerful Spells and Charms .

Robin didn't feel anything of seeing a scene like this, in her mind, there would only be a few lucky ones that can match against Izan while his strength and powers were not optimal for this world .

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But Sybill on the other hand couldn't help but be shocked, she did feel the tremors from the battle Izan fought against the Empress, but Sybill was now seeing Izan's Conqueror's Haki with her own two eyes and could sense her body being suppressed slightly be it .

"Wh-What do you want!?" Voldemort barely managed to cough up the words he wanted to speak, Voldemort was holding onto his wand and tried to use his Magical Force to push away the suppression, but he couldn't do so no matter what .

And as fast as it appeared, Izan's Conqueror's Haki vanished into the thin air as it never happened . Izan's sharp expression turned slightly calmer, but his eyes were still piercing towards Voldemort . "I was barely using ten percent of my Conqueror's Haki and you could barely stand with your own two legs . Laughable . " Izan mocked Voldemort before he continued speaking . "The reason I came here was because I want to know which side you are on . Are you on the Empress's side? Or are you on the dark eerie presence's side?"

Voldemort's face stiffened for a brief moment before he narrowed his eyes as his lips parted each other and his cold voice sounded out in the room . "The 'Empress' you say!? I will kill both her and Dumbledore when I have the chance!"

Just from hearing this sentence, both Izan and Robin knew that Voldemort was siding with the dark eerie presence that was around this world .

Izan leaned forward slightly as he raised his left eyebrow . "Then tell me everything you know about the 'Empress' and the 'dark eerie presence' . You do understand, right, that knowledge can be used as a sharp weapon too . " Izan's lips curved upwards into a grin .

Since Izan had awakened his Magical Force and sensed the Empress, he felt that something was amiss, something or someone was preparing for a war to claim their right of this world .

*Humph!* Voldemort gave a snort before he stared into Izan's eyes . "That 'Empress' is just a Witch that wanted to sacrifice everyone on this planet to boost her own strength and Magical Force . " And as Voldemort was speaking, a grin began appearing on his face . "And as expected of my Ancestor, he managed to lock that crazy witch up somewhere far away!"

"You mean Salazar Slytherin?!" Sybill couldn't help but to ask in a high voice, Salazar Slytherin was one of the four founders of Hogwarts and was a legendary Wizard alongside the other founders .

"Yes! Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff and Godric Gryffindor were the ones that worked together to lock that crazy witch up!" Voldemort revealed a secret that only for people knew of before now . And the four people were – the 'Empress', Albus Dumbledore, Voldemort and the 'dark eerie presence' . Only those four knew of this secret, that the four legendary Wizards and Witches managed to shackle down the craziest witch out there in the world .