Conqueror of All - Chapter 69

Published at 3rd of October 2019 10:13:19 PM

Chapter 69

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Hello, iMiH here . I do want to say - Merry Christmas and I hope that everyone has a nice holiday today .

What I do also want to tell is that I will be writing these special chapters (Halloween and Christmas) into actual plot . As I did thought of something rather interesting, therefore special chapters from now on will have some actual plot in it that will be revealed in the future .

Thanks for reading my novel/fanfic, and I do once again hope that all of you are enjoying yourselves today with either family, friends or enjoying being alone .



Izan was only able to see darkness as he slowly woke up from sleep . He couldn't help but to shake his head as he couldn't remember how he had slept or where he laid down to sleep .

As Izan was trying to wake himself up, he could hear an ancient voice inside of his head as it even made the air tremble .

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"Welcome back once again, Izan . I have taken liberty to invite you and the others to my humble abode once again, this time to celebrate Christmas!" iMiH's voice sounded out throughout everywhere .

There were many people waking up, some shook their head, others tried finding where the voice came from and the rest were just shocked by how they had been moved without them noticing it .

"Clap clap, let there be light…!" Two claps sounded out as the lights went on . Everyone was in a hall near a very long table with chairs on the side .

Izan was finally able to see where he was, in a very large hall with pirates, marines and even people in the World Government . Izan glanced around himself and saw Jiutian, Nojiko, Robin, Hancock and Perona near him . Yet as Izan saw them, his eyes widened in shock .

They were all wearing fluffy clothes with prints of snowmen, snow and other stuff on it . Izan glanced down at his clothes and saw him also wearing it . His face darkened slightly, yet he could somehow understand that he wouldn't be able to take it off .

"Now, sit down . It is almost time for dinner!" iMiH came out from nowhere, his entire being was shrouded in a mist of darkness .

Kaido was the first one to sit down near the table, he glanced at a flask of sake and grabbed it, chugging the liquid all at once . Akainu shook his head and sat down at the opposite side of Kaido and nodded towards Kaido .

While the two of them were starting to drink sake together, Shanks sat down where Im sat . The two of them glanced at each other for a brief moment before they turned their gaze at the others .

The Navy Admirals sat together, some drinking wine and others sake .

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Izan did also sit down with his wives near him . Jiutian, Izan and Hancock drank sake whereas Nojiko, Robin and Perona drank wine .

When finally everyone sat down, another clapping noise sounded out . "Let us feast before we open up our presents!" iMiH clapped as platters of foods appeared out of nowhere .

"Great…!" Izan nodded before he hurriedly took a piece of meat and took a large bite of it . The taste was heavenly as the meat melted in his mouth .

It didn't take long before everyone relaxed, they ate together, spoke together and no one seemed to care where they were or who they were with .

Kaido and the Admirals drank and chatted loudly, Garp, Dragon, Big Mom and Shanks were happily speaking together about the past . Izan and his wives were together, not wanting to be with others, yet Im glanced at Izan every couple of seconds .

Izan sighed in the end as he stared at Im before he raised his cup of sake and tipped it slightly towards Im, greeting him politely .

Im had a smile on his face, yet it couldn't be seen as he was cloaked in a red robe which managed to hide most of his features .

Everyone seemed to forget who they were and just happily enjoyed the time they spent together .

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"Let's go to the tree and see what gifts we have for this year . " iMiH spoke yet once again, this time it seemed that he had a smile on his face as he enjoyed the sight of everyone being able to be together without any problems .

What iMiH didn't know was that he was way too powerful and his thoughts of wanting others to be able to be together made them actually do so . His thoughts could even make Jiutian surrender, but iMiH didn't care of that at all . The only thing iMiH wanted to do was to have fun with everyone else without it having to be troublesome .

The table filled with food vanished as a humongous tree appeared out of nowhere . The tree seemed to be five hundred meters tall and it had many lightbulbs in different colours shining brightly . Under the tree were hundreds of gifts wrapped with names on top of it .

"I am first!" Kaido roared out as he happily ran to the tree and even used his Observation Haki to find the gifts with his name on them .

Everyone used Observation Haki to locate their own gifts . Everyone had over ten gifts each, and it differed much in their sizes . Some where small as a fist and some where huge as a large boulder .

Izan smiled in joy as he opened up his first gift, it was a robe . The robe was coloured blood-red and it had a lot of detailed silver linings on it . The robe alone seemed to be made for royalty and only for emperors ruling entire continents and worlds .

Jiutian opened up her first gift and saw that it was a ring containing space elements . She used her powers and saw what was inside of it, as Jiutian saw what was inside, she couldn't help but to smile gently . The ring contained a lot of pictures and videos of Jiutian's and Izan's journey throughout the One Piece world .

Kizaru opened a gift and saw that it was a book about lightning elements, a smile crept up on his face as he read throughout the whole book in a couple of seconds . Yet as he finished it, he saw hundreds gifts unwrapping themselves and they were all books about different things . Kizaru couldn't help but to laugh out in a silly manner as he stared reading everything .

As everyone saw their gifts and enjoyed it for an hour, they were transported to a warm and cosy place . They were leaning on a cough with a hot cup of cocoa in their hand .

Slurping noises sounded out as they drank it while relaxing together .

Kaido sat down with Akainu and the two of them drank very slowly the hot cocoa . Neither one of them said anything, yet they both seemed to enjoy the quiet and lovely atmosphere .

iMiH saw all of this unfold, he smiled like a child that had gotten his favourite present by his parents . What iMiH wanted for Christmas was a lovely time with everyone else . iMiH was mostly by himself, all alone… Yet it was at these moments that iMiH truly felt alive, at these holidays, events and so on that he could watch everyone enjoy themselves together .

It didn't matter if they were enemies or friends before, a holiday meant that everyone should be having fun and relax together without any sorts of problems .

iMiH sighed before he spoke in a joyful tone . "This time I have to say that we must say goodbye a bit earlier . It was fun seeing all of you here and I quite enjoyed celebrating Christmas with all of you . " iMiH clapped once again which made everyone but one vanish .

The last person was Izan . He seemed to be in his right mind again, he stared at iMiH for a moment before he bowed down . "I might not be the smartest person around, but I do think I know the reason for why I am able to enjoy my life . It should be thanks to you, isn't that right, ****?" Izan seemed to have regain much more of his memories as he was near iMiH .

iMiH smiled once again . "It is only a little gift that I wanted to give you . You do after all deserve it…" iMiH vanished slowly, yet there was also a hint of sadness in his voice .

Izan sighed too as he knew that he wouldn't be allowed to remember this or any of their meetings after being played out . Yet Izan was happy in a way too as he knew that **** was safe and sound even after everything . "This is not a goodbye, just a farewell . It might not be by my own choice yet, but we will meet again . And when I am strong enough, I will come and visit you, **** and we can finally speak together about important matters . " Izan smiled gently as he gazed towards where iMiH was before he also slowly vanished from his spot .

The moment Izan left, iMiH returned and laughed foolishly . "Haha, I will wait for that time to arrive . "