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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Yan Family’s Pampered Daughter Gets Drunk in 3 Cups

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When she finished, Yan Xuan bowed and saluted . Perhaps she did not hear the applause, because her two little claws reached up into the air and gave a few claps .

Hah, how come this time’s Yang festival’s competition had this little people?

It is said that the Yan family’s daughter had a nickname, “Three cups drunk”…… With the first cup, she starts blabbering nonsense, for the second cup, she starts to believe she’s in a dream…… after the cups, she would be completely drunk, falling asleep .

Li You thought, seeing her about to pour the third cup of wine, “let me drink this cup . ”

If she drank the third cup, wouldn’t it be less fun for him?

“Ah!!! Stealing my wine, what a bad person . ” Yan Xuan hugged an empty bottle of wine, not letting go . She mumbled under her breath, sounding like a broken record, as if she was cursing at someone .

“Yes, I am a bad person . ”

“Give me the wine to drink, I am a good person . ”

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“Give you the wine to drink, then it’s equivalent to you selling your body to me . ” He patiently reasoned .

Yan Xuan stuck her hand into her mouth and started sucking it, her eye fully alert . “…… Don’t you cheat me, I’m extremely sober…… Can you make delicious treats and desserts?”

“……” Li You couldn’t help but laugh, nodding his head, “I can . ”

“Oh…… Then I’ll go with you . ” Yan Xuan let go of the empty wine bottle she was cradling, smiling proudly, “my dad said I’ll eat until someone becomes bankrupt, are you scared?”

“It looks like you were raised pretty well . ” Li You’s gaze swept her up and down, evaluating .

Plain clothes, her hair secured with only two hair ties . Compared with those beautifully dressed young ladies, this one seemed a lot easier to raise .

Yep, raising her like a little pet wasn’t bad…… it was actually quite interesting .

Yan Xuan was oblivious to his thoughts, and instead immersed in her fantasies about having an amazing future life .

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When she got home she would definitely brag to her dad, there was someone who wasn’t afraid of going bankrupt and willing to raise her……

He watched her “performance” for a little longer, but when he saw her start to get tired, the Li You who hardly showed any kindness let her drink the third cup of wine .

After, a certain somebody lived up to their nickname by crawling onto the table……

Li You gently lifted her arm, tucking it under her head, trying to help her sleep more comfortably .

Only until noon the next day did Yan Xuan wake up . Butler Tang opened the door to come in, and, seeing her awake, his cool face became a little gloomy .

“Butler Tang?” Yan Xuan immediately noticed something odd about him .

“Young lady, your courage keeps getting bigger and bigger,” he grunted coldly, reaching out and handing her a hazelnut, “brave enough to drink until you’re dead drunk, you’ve really got some guts . ”

Thank goodness that nothing happened, otherwise the consequences would’ve been disastrous .

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“Hehe . ” Yan Xuan looked at her untouched clothes, feeling extremely relieved, “the person drinking with me was a good person . ”

“That may be true……” If not, how would she be able to come back in such an unharmed manner?

“Oh right, who brought me back?” Li You? Was he that kindhearted?

“I was originally going to go look for you, I thought you had been injured or something, seeing a small stone with a strip of paper tied onto it on the ground……” Tang Beichen looked at Yan Xuan, suddenly becoming silent .

“Mm, keep talking . ” Yan Xuan sipped the tea that was sitting on the table, calmly asking him .

“On the strip of paper was written, ‘you wanted me to go outside to look…… after I went outside, I saw the little lady with closed eyes looking delirious…… she was hugging a little puppy, lying on the ground, sleeping soundly—also, she was kissing it…… the amount of people crowding around and watching wasn’t the lowest either . ”

Yan Xuan spit out the mouthful of tea she had .

She didn’t need to think, surely it was Li You! Tang Beichen on the other hand, scared of almost nothing, continued . “You were the one who didn’t keep watch over the little lady, the crowd was also quite mournful, especially that little puppy, as if……” as if she had been raped . The last few words stuck in his throat, Tang Beichen closed his mouth, while the young lady’s expression darkened .

That day, it was if a cloud had covered the area . Everything had a gloomy aura to it……

Almost like the news of her not coming back after drinking had spread……

The granny living next door told her that she had fallen under bad influences . The matter had gotten to her father’s ears, and the outcome wasn’t the most pleasant as she had been yelled at throughout a whole meal .

Yan Xuan sighed towards the sky, her obedient little girl’s reputation…… all gone…… it was all destroyed by that Li You, destroyed so much to the point that it didn’t exist anymore .

But, the matchmakers that visited her house lessened a lot, that, she was overjoyed about . Her father wouldn’t have to bring those third rate portraits for her to choose from, it truly was something good coming out of something bad . Even though she was exaggerating a little, if you compared Li You and butler Tang, these guys, who were like breezing jade trees, have now become total plebs in an instant .

Her brain suddenly flashed to Li You, how he looked like when he was thinking, the charming smile on his face when he drank wine while watching her being drunk, and teasing her with a glint in his phoenix eyes, his lazy character, so seductive……

Damn it! Why am I thinking about him! Yan Xuan threw her hand up to smack her head . Thinking of anyone was not good, but thinking of the enemy…… She really must be under a spell .

“Ayaa!” It was truly unlucky if someone got water stuck in between their teeth while drinking . Someone bumped into her, and she took two steps back, feeling incredibly pained . Yan Xuan couldn’t help but look up, “don’t irritate me” written all over her face .