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Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – The Heavenly Studitorium's Scholar

Tang Beichen walked forwards a few steps, about to say something, but Yan Xuan stopped him, signaling him to not poke into it more .

"Young lady, nothing's wrong, right?" Gently as jade, the spring air calmed Yan Xuan's anger by a little .

Yan Xuan's mood at this moment wasn't the best, her whole body like a porcupine's ready t attack anyone . "What?" Her little hands were screaming pain as if going to bite someone .

The person in front of them had wrapped their heads with a cloth, an elegant and simple gown that was showing poverty, the delicate and fair face showing obvious guilt . The looks weren't at all outstanding, but the combination looked very harmonious, making people feel relaxed when they look at it as if clear water had been poured into one's soul .

A book like odor suddenly hit her nose, Yan Xuan couldn't help but flip over to her most refined manners for this person .

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"Little student, the Heavenly Studitorium's scholar, hurry back to the studitorium for an exam . I apologize, there is little time . " He apologized as Yan Xuan fell and got up, embarrassed .

"No worries……" She waved her hand, not questioning anything, hiding her injured hand from before behind her back, smiling .

"I guess I'll see you some other time, young lady . Again, my apologies . " When the person finished talking, he walked away hurriedly .

Yan Xuan exhaled . Tang Beichen grabbed the hand behind her back, frowning, "Little miss, your hand……"

A little blood dripped from it, some skin apparently being rubbed off . It was a shocking sight . Yan Xuan looked the other way . The pork butcher did not bring the meat hooks back home with him, and those have now gored the girl’s hand .

"It's not a big deal, it's not a big deal, when I had martial arts classes, some people got way more injured than this . " She put on a smiling face, pulling butler Tang's hand away, biting her lip so hard that she bled .
(T/N: I think this part is supposed to be a pun (She put on a smiling face//她强装笑颜) because 颜 is the 'Yan' in 'Yan Xiaoxuan' (it means face or colour))

After they got home, Yan Xuan didn't dare tell her father, just getting butler Tang to find some medicine, spreading it on, dulling the pain .

"Young lady, sometimes I really don't understand you……" while spreading on the medicine, butler Tang seemed somewhat unsatisfied .

Yan Xuan tilted her head away so butler Tang couldn't see her face, inhaling deeply, her face twitching, forcing a smile . "Butler Tang, I truly am not hurt . Those people who study martial arts have faced a lot worse than this shallow injury . Also, it was my fault for not looking at the road when I was walking and causing me to bump into someone . "

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Also, is she really was able to investigate more about that scholar, it would do nothing more than only satisfy her own curiosity . The person was taking a test, was she obstructing him? Had she destroyed his future?

Tang Beichen guessed the young lady's thoughts, and he only sighed .

This dumb girl……


Tang Beichen was ill, and it appeared that the illness wasn't very light .

Yan Xuan made fun of him, "butler Tang, isn't your body normally as tough as a bull's? How could you fall ill?"

He unhappily did nothing other than glance at the little girl coldly, lying on the couch and looking as if his whole body was falling apart, "it's not even your fault, little miss, it's just that the whole day I've been following you around through the wind and rain, do you think I am made of steel!?"

"Really, then how come I'm fine?" She had never fallen ill . Actually, what did having a cold even feel like??
(T/N: Lucky… . . Whenever I get a cold I get a terrible headache…)

"The more you eat, the stronger you become . "

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(T/N: Really? I just get fat… . . Ok I'll shut up now)

Yan Xuan crouched, drawing circles with her finger, "it's not my fault that I eat a lot, if butler Tang is jealous, then can't he just keep stuffing food in his stomach? Why do you have to blame me?" When she finished, she felt like crying .

Tang Beichen felt bad, wanting to push himself up off the couch to comfort her, but he was unsteady and fell over .

Yan Xuan laughed evilly, her sad and pitiful expression nowhere to be found . It was very obvious, he had been tricked by that little girl again…… Tang Beichen was so mad that his tooth started itching, turning over and not looking at her .
(T/N: Tooth starts itching? Ok then……)

It looked really painful, actually…… Yan Xuan had never gotten sick, so she didn't know how painful it was, but, looking at how butler Tang was rapidly paling, she started to really feel guilty .

It was really unfortunate, having a father who would only go outside to see the Emporer and got a butler to handle all his affairs for him . "Butler Tang, I'll go to the Hall of Youth to get doctor Sun to come here . " Yan Xuan formulated a plan, grabbing her little bag to rush outside .

"Wait, wait…… Little miss!" Yan Xuan was originally angry, hearing him hastily call her to stop .

This little girl, if there's no one by her side then who knows what kind of trouble she'll get into…… also, doctor Sun's character was very strange, he simply must have the patient themselves visit him personally .

He was about to chase her outside when his head suddenly burst with pain, and darkness enveloped him .

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