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Published at 16th of August 2017 12:30:34 PM

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – You Are Mine

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Without butler Tang by her side, Yan Xuan wasn’t even a little afraid, however, she was a little lonely, not able to hear his chattering . It felt really strange .

Butler Tang must be cured quickly…… otherwise, her life would be extremely dull .

Also, if butler Tang became sick for his whole life, she wouldn’t be able to eat any more sweets .

Wearing pink shoes, her small feet bounded forwards absentmindedly, her whole body falling forwards, about to give the earth a passionate kiss……

Aaaaaa!!! I’m going to fall! Her face wouldn’t be smashed into a pancake, would it?

Just as she was worried about having to walk around the neighborhood with a pancake face, her arm had a sharp pain as something hauled her back up .

She didn’t have enough time to be pleasantly surprised before she became clear headed as her back hit an ice cold wall . Immediately after, her waist was grabbed and the back of her head was cushioned by a person .

??What situation was this!? Robber!!

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Her face felt warm, mild and numbing, making her quiver .

It wasn’t a robbery…… It was a kidnapping!!

She recalled butler Tang teaching her self defence and the martial arts that the shifu (master) taught her . Yan Xuan found a suitable angle, preparing to kick his family jewels .

The person seemed to notice her scheme, eyes flashing, not even trying to dodge, merely making a low shout at her ear .

“Little lady……”

It was a poisoning sound, who else could this be!

Li You!!?

She hadn’t even finished being shocked, Li You’s soft lips had moved away from the side of her face and moved onto her little mouth .
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How come after she knew that it was Li You…… hm, how come this was even better than eating a swallow’s nest……
(T/N: Edible nests taste really good!!!)

After this thought bubbled up, Yan Xuan felt like strangling herself, feeling ashamed .

“You are mine……”

There was a “gong” sound, and it felt as if some heart strings were cut off……
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Yan Xuan foolishly did not know what to do, her brain spinning around that one sentence that Li You said and his eyes that were shining like stars .

They were so serene as if trying to suck up every last bit of her reasoning .

He gently licked his burning lips, the tip of his tongue sticking out a little, nose filled with his peppermint smell . Slowly, his nimble tongue went through her pink lips, attempting to open her very last, tightly sealed checkpoint .

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“Be obedient, open your mouth……” He discontentedly frowned, his patience wearing down, his voice charming as if to penetrate a person’s heart, making people’s resolve fall fast and follow his desires .

Yan Xuan sluggishly, as if a demon had possessed her, slowly, bit by bit, opened her mouth, allowing him to successfully invade .

Until her own tongue touched with his, she suddenly snapped awake . However, he didn’t allow her a chance to resist, ferociously searching for her small tongue, drawing out all her happiness .

Her hand on his shoulder, trying to find a way to push him away, but at that moment, the pupils of her eyes shrunk .

The scent of blood…… her left hand feeling something wet, Yan Xuan concentrated all her strength in her arm to push him away .

He…… Was injured??

——Little Yan, in my life, I haven’t asked for much from anyone, but today, I just want to beg you…… If the fifth highness extends his hand to you, please don’t push it away .

Again, aunt Ling’s voice, suddenly entering every bit of her brain . If she pushed him away now, it would be painful……

She tightened her grip on his shoulder as he finally helplessly let go, powerlessly collapsing on her .

Unable to move her hand…… she could do nothing other than let him rest against her . Maybe…… he had his reasons . He wasn’t the type of person who did things randomly, she should trust him .

Li You detected all her movements, and it was a bit unexpected, she hadn’t pushed him away .

His deep phoenix eyes stared at her tightly closed ones, his black pupils having some unidentifiable emotion in them…… he lowered his gaze, covering up any emotions .

After he closed his eyes, it seemed his perception level was higher, her body’s distinctive smell…… it smelt really nice .

“Fifth, cease this!” A voice shattered the serene atmosphere, pulling back Yan Xuan’s train of thought .

Li Si…… Why was he here? Yan Xuan calmly watched that gloomy face, feeling that Li You had regained some strength and now stood on his own .

His body seemed to turn stiff and cold……

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