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Published at 28th of December 2017 07:39:12 AM

Chapter 18

-Chapter 18, COTW-

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“Fourth brother, the way you control things are too lenient . ” Li You lightly laughed, but he didn’t give off a trace of frivolousness, or the feeling of a couple caught in the act, just as calm as before .

“Scram!” Li Si’s natural domineering attitude of a prince erupted, making Yanxuan feel uncomfortable . Yanxuan forced a smile . Why was he…putting on airs?

Li Si continued . “She is my woman . ”

Yanxuan felt the world spinning, and supported her forehead with her hand . The only thing she was scared of was getting caught in the middle of a whirlpool she could not get out from .

This time, why was Li Si pretending to be a prince in the palace?

Li You withdrew his hand at Yanxuan’s side, a fleeting gleam in his eyes . Like a hunter watching his prey fall into his pitfall trap, he smiled .

Both sides faced off, one smiling and one glaring, one warm and one cold; both sharing the same limelight .

Li Si pursed his lips, clenching both his fists, blue veins popping out… This younger brother was the most unreasonable, not even putting the imperial power in his eyes…just this alone would be enough to make others tremble in fear .

This type of aura, Li Si had only felt from his father before…

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Li You laughed, both eyes unreadable, making other people unable to read his thoughts .

He turned his body, snapping the folding fan in his hand closed and drawled . “Fine, I’m…going drinking . ”*

*(Did not understand the sentence so had to ask other staff . It still looks wrong but I guess it works . )

His tall, refined figure gradually moved further away . The icy atmosphere however, did not break because of this .

Li Si sighed, turning his gaze to look at Yanxuan, like he was waiting for her to say something . However, she only laughed, not saying anything .

This type of laugh, was actually a lot like Li You…

Li Si asked, “Why didn’t you push him away?” Why let him see that sort of scene?

Initially, he wanted to find her on the streets, but instead…he saw this .

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Yanxuan saw no reason to explain herself to him . Her eyelashes fluttered, “You stood there and watched us for very long?”

“Yes . I thought you would…push him away . ” He saw everything, but endured the pain in his heart, silently watching everything .

He waited for her to push him away, but in the end, it was actually himself that had to step out to stop everything .

Yanxuan laughed coldly . “Li Si, do you like me?”

“After everything I’ve did, you should’ve known long ago . ” It was only that she kept avoiding his advances .

She sighed, her expression cold and detached, “You like me, but just to see me push Li You away of my own will, you saw me get assaulted . Do you think I should still be grateful to you for stepping out?”

Seeing the woman he liked be intimate with others, all to verify her own feelings .

What a joke .

Li Si watched her expression, feeling her rejection . “Yanxuan…”

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“What do you want?” What did he still want to say? Was there anything to say?

“Actually, I’m not an imperial bodyguard nor Li Si…I am Li Cheng, the crown prince . ”

(What a surprise)

Crown prince, it was such a big title, many woman yearned for it even in their dreams .

Tears shimmered in Yanxuan’s eyes, and she raised her head, preventing the tears from flowing down her face .

“Then…your highness the crown prince…do you wish for me to submit to you unconditionally?”

Bringing this status out in the open, what did he have in mind?

“You…why aren’t you surprised?” Li Si was slightly flustered and inquired her .

“I already knew long time ago… I thought me and you would maintain our friendship status, but now you tell me, do you want me to respect you more?”

“No, Yanxuan, it’s not like this…”

Yanxuan wasn’t stupid, she knew his genuine intention, it was to let her know his status and then latch up to him . Was she viewed just this much in his heart?

“Your highness the crown prince, I tell you, Yanxuan had always known the guy known as Li Si, the person who wouldn’t put on airs just to get intimate with a person… Furthermore, Yanxuan and your highness the crown prince has no relationship at all, she doesn’t recognise any Li Cheng…” Yanxuan smiled beautifully, her pupils which were as dark as obsidian sparkling brilliantly .

“I am a very greedy person, if you ask me, if my dad and crown prince fell into a sea at the same time, who I would save would be my dad… Similarly, if Li Si and Li Cheng fell into the sea, I would definitely save Li Si and not the revered your highness the crown prince . Now I ask you, do you want to continue being my friend Li Si…or the fearful your highness the crown prince?”

Yanxuan did not even give him the chance to open his mouth, only minding herself . Her sonorous voice was as powerful as ocean spray slapping on a wall, “This one still has some matters to attend to, I’ll take my leave first, your highness the crown prince . ”

Li Si and Li Cheng…weren’t they the same? He looked at her leaving figure from behind . For the first time in his life, he was bewildered .

Perhaps, he himself really was wrong, seeing her as a woman who would curry favour to raise her own status, and using his own status to pressurise her…

His leg was like nailed with nails, as if he was shackled with heavy fetters . He stood there for a long time pondering, unmoving .

So this was what heartbreak felt like…

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