Cooking with Wild Game (LN)

Cooking with Wild Game (LN)
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Main protagonist is Tsurumi Asuta. 17 yrs old, 2nd year high schooler.

He was working as an apprentice cook at [Tsurumi-ya], managed by his father.

One day a fire broke out in [Tsurumi-ya], for the sake of his father’s cherished knife [Santoku Houchou – the japanese kind] he ran back inside to retrieve it and thus met his end. Before he knew it he awoke to an unknown environment. He was then attacked by a beast resembling a boar but a girl named ‘Ai Fa’ from the [People of Morihen] saved him. It was then that he realized he was really in different world…

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1 Month, 4 Days ago

How do you call the translator a dick for removing their personal translation due to the novel being licensed?  The translator gave time to anyone that was a regular visitor to the site enough time to wrap things up.  Just wait for the official translation and pay for it if you have such an issue with the translator taking down their translation.

1 Month, 6 Days ago

Is there any more of this? ????? Or was it dropped after volume 13 chapter 5?????

2 Months, 1 Week ago

Ok this a weirdly enjoyable manga, its really gripping and interesting story despite the topic being cooking and exploring a new world in a way alot of authors dont try. But certain things about it just bug me y’know like him just assuming he’s gonna teleport back home randomly, therefore he cant ever get married or the fact he calls himself a half-baked chef 356,821 times every chance he gets. Overall still really like it and i’m glad it got translated cant wait to see how the manga adaption handles some characters.

4 Months, 2 Days ago

Thanks for adding this to your site. since the dick translating it removed volumes 1-10 from his site.

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