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Crashing Into You - Chapter 6

Published at 3rd of April 2019 12:17:26 AM

Chapter 6

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Yan Mor Tee had been waken up by the rays of sunlight coming from the glass window . Curtain's up and he cannot have his eyes completely opened as the bright rays from the morning sun was directly hitting his line of sight . Plus he felt a pretty bad alcohol hangover that he wanted to throw up .

He forced himself to widely open his eyes and looked at his sorrounding . He definitely woke up in another's bedroom . He has risen from the bed and carefully surveyed the room . He gradually smiled when he realized that he woke up in Song Dei Si's bedroom . He'd been to this room once when he was still studying in Ho University . Song Dei Si was cramming with her thesis submission and he helped her finished her work back then .

His gaze went to the bedside table and his eyes was glued when he saw an old picture of him and Song Dei Si taken at the school ground of Yan High School . He was piggybacking Song Dei Si in the picture . Song Dei Si was trying to get off from his back as she pulled his hair up while he was laughing at her . The picture was captured by his best male friend since gradeschool, Young Master Tan Ji Nan . He gave them both a copy and he didn't expect that Song Dei Si will keep it until to this very moment . "I have kept mine too" he murmured . This picture was taken during the most happiest days of his life .

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"Yan Mor Tee!" A familiar female voice called his name . He turned his back and looked at her while she was standing at the bedroom door and caught her staring at the photo display at the bedside table . She immediately make a big strides on the way to the bedside table and tried to hide the photo display .

"What's the use of hiding it? I have seen it already . Why do you still keep our photo and displayed it at your bed side table where you can always see it?" He asked teasingly .

"I wasn't the one who put this picture display here" she said in a cold voice trying to hide her embarrasing moment . "Dad saw it in my old photo album, take it off and put it here just the other day" she said stammeringly .

The playful look on Yan Mor Tee's face has been plastered and teasingly said "I'll confirm that with Uncle Mingsheng when I sees him"

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Song Dei Si's face turned into a red crimson . "Don't you have any hangover?" She said as she tried to sway Yan Mor Tee's attention away from the photo display

"I've had but it soon gone the moment I saw our cute picture together" he smiled toyingly and gave her a deep gaze .

She blushed . "Did you wake up at the wrong side of the bed?" She started to raise her voice because this guy has quickly getting on her nerves .

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"What's for breakfast?" He asked . "I'm hungry so feed me well . "

She raised her right eyebrow . "Yes, Young Master Yan, I have prepared your favorite breakfast . You have to compensate me for taking care of you last night so I am taking a half day leave on Monday morning"

"Where will you go? What are you going to do?" He demandingly asked .

"I have to attend to some personal matters" she answered .

"Okay if you cannot finish your errands you can extend your off until the afternoon . "

"Thank you CEO Yan!"

"You're welcome" He gave her a sweet smile that she have not seen from him for a long time .

She put the photo display back to the bedside table before she leaves the room . Yan Mor Tee took a glance of it and his smile was still plastered on his face as he followed Song Dei Si out of the room .

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