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Crazy Leveling System - Chapter 407

Published at 18th of October 2020 12:00:46 PM

Chapter 407: Chapter 407

Yi Tianyun’s voice wasn’t loud, but as he spoke, everyone couldn’t help but listen!

As everyone was surprised by his words, some of them began to wonder if there was some sort of magic inside the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure to recognize a traitor!

But in fact, this was all just Yi Tianyun’s nonsense, he said all this because he has already noticed the Netherworld Divine Palm and Netherworld Divine Art were listed on Prime Minister Long’s data when he looked at him using Appraisal Eye earlier .

There was no way he could master them both in such a short amount of time!

He must’ve been colluding with Netherworld Empire for a long time ago!

“And who are you again, brat?” Prime Minister Long asked coldly .

“My identity is not important to you, for you are just a lowlife spy from the Netherworld Empire! From the beginning, letting you stay inside the Heavenly Dragon Empire was a mistake!” Yi Tianyun said coldly .

Prime Minister Long showed some fear after hearing Yi Tianyun’s word, he knew that everyone on the Imperial City side would hold condemn him as they heard it .

Even if he was able to seize the Imperial City, he wouldn’t be able to keep it for long, as he knew that there would be resistance later .

“It’s not the truth! Ren Family has always treated me unfairly . I just had enough! They’re always selected by that stupid Secret Treasure, not because of their capabilities but because of their stupid bloodline!” Prime Minister Long said, trying to defuse the anger towards him .

So many eyes from each side brightened as they heard Prime Minister Long’s word, they knew that the Ren Family has always been in power, but was it something bad?

“You are the one who talks nonsense! I admit that my ability is still below you, but that is because I am still young! You’ve already experienced a lot of things and cultivated much longer than I did, but in the end, there’s not that much gap between us despite your years of cultivation, which meant I have better innate ability than you do! And just in case you may ask the minister who stands beside me, did Ren Family treat them unfairly?” Ren Long said furiously .

Hua Family Lord nodded his head as he didn’t remember ever being treated badly by the Ren Family, in fact, all he remembered was the good times when he served Ren Family, of course, there was punishment, but it was clearly in accordance with the law, there’d be no punishment for those who were innocent!

“As for the Great Emperor position, it is not for us to decide . It is all decided by the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure because no one in this country wants to be governed by someone who can’t control the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure, doesn’t it? The ancestor had already thought about this, so it is not out of our stubbornness! In fact, the former emperor, my father, had already said that your ambition was too big!” Ren Long said while looking at Prime Minister Long with pity .

“So, if I never did any of this, you will give the throne to me?” Prime Minister Long said with a sneer .

“Of course, I would never want to be a Great Emperor, knowing that the empire was better off in some else’s hand! I didn’t even want the Netherworld Empire Fisherman Point’s profit!” Ren Long said confidently .

Ren Long’s word shocked everyone; they didn’t expect the Great Emperor to willingly give up his position if a peaceful way was an option!

The general and minister serving Prime Minister Long were also surprised to hear Ren Long’s word!

Prime Minister Long complexion changed because of Ren Long’s word; he only wanted to steer public opinion against Ren Long, but now it was biting him back!

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“Brother Long, why bother talking with them! Just get this over with already!” Imperial Preceptor said coldly .

“Yeah, you are right! It seems that I have been here for too long, I must have become soft because of that! Let us end Ren Family once and for all!” Prime Minister Long said with a sneer .

But suddenly an extremely cold light shoot throughout the field towards Prime Minister Long and Imperial Preceptor’s rank, it was so fast that Prime Minister Long was reacting to it a little bit too late, but fortunately, Imperial Preceptor was quick on his feet!

He immediately waved his flag, and a great defensive array was instantly created .

The great defensive array exploded as it was hit by the cold light .

Everyone on their ranks was too late to respond, resulting in the death of several generals near Prime Minister Long .

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They were all frozen to death!

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