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Chapter 594: 594

“So it’s him . ” The commander said, “When did he leave the Mecha World?”

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“He has not left yet,” the person replied .

Everyone felt enlightened . Lin Five was excited . Was the person that defeated them Sky God, Qi Yaoyang? He was the most powerful mecha operator after the 13 god-class mecha masters . Lin Five didn’t feel shameful to lose to Qi Yaoyang . Qi Yaoyang was known as the invincible bug of the battlefield .

The commander thought about it . He felt that only Qi Yaoyang had the ability to defeat the newbies on his team . Although Qi Yaoyang specialized in close-combat and not long-range attacks, it didn’t matter much at his level . Qi Yaoyang was probably good at both but one of it was just stronger than the other .

“He showed you mercy . ” The commander saw the embarrassed expression on Lin Five’s face and instantly understood what had happened . Seemed like they owed a favor to Qi Yaoyang .

“This will be the end of this matter . ” Since they had found the leader of their opponent’s team, there was nothing else they could do . The commander felt that he should have a nice discussion with Ling Xiao and Qi Yaoyang later .

“Commander, who is the newbie?” Zhua One saw that their commander leaving so he instantly shouted out his question . He was curious about the identity of this newbie .

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The other captains turned their heads when they heard him . They were curious too .

The commander sneered . “How would I know? However, you all can just keep a lookout for the battle team that just got formed today . ” The newbie must have a huge background . After all, he was able to get Ling Xiao and Qi Yaoyang to protect him . It was not difficult to find a person with that huge of a background in the military .

The commander was saying the truth . Ling Xiao only told him that he needed his help to assess a newbie . He would not interfere with their decision on whether the newbie passed the mission or not . It was up to them . The commander wondered why Ling Xiao was so relaxed at that time but now, he knew that that general had planned everything ahead . Such a sly fox .

The commander felt frustrated . He went through many sufferings after he met Ling Xiao . He remembered that he was able to enter the Flying Dragon Special Forces because Ling Xiao rejected their offer . However, Ling Xiao pretended that he did it for him and asked him for many favors . What a despicable fellow!

Ling Lan left the battle arena after the decision to end the game in a draw was made . The moment she entered the atrium, she saw Senior Colonel Mi and her teammates staring at her with anticipation . They asked her nervously, “What is the result?”

Ling Lan shrugged . “It is a draw . ”

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“Mutual destruction?” Senior Colonel Mi asked again .

“Why do I need to do that?” Ling Lan raised her eyebrows .

“If you don’t defeat your opponent, how can you pass? The people from the Flying Dragon Special Forces always look down on outsiders…” Senior Colonel Mi suddenly paused . “Did you pass?”

“Yes . I pass!” Ling Lan asked him to check the notification on the optical supercomputer . When Lin Five passed her, Ling Lan immediately received a notification .

“She passed . ” Domineering Blade and the other members of Ling Lan’s team realized that they received the notification too . However, they were too focused on waiting for Ling Lan just now so they didn’t see the notification .

“That is good . That is good . ” Senior Colonel Mi was elated when he knew Ling Lan passed . He instantly told General Ling Xiao the good news . He knew that General Ling Xiao was waiting for the results of the mission too .

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Beep, beep! Ling Xiao received Senior Colonel Mi’s message . He felt complicated . He was happy, worried, and proud . He pondered for a moment before sending an order to Senior Colonel Mi . Then, he called someone . “Big Brother Yaoyang, sorry to keep you waiting . ”

“No problem . I just watched an arena combat competition . Young people these days have bold thoughts . ” Qi Yaoyang’s laughter came from the other end of the call . “I have not entered the combat hall for more than ten years . I managed to get many inspirations today after watching this match . ”

“I am glad that I didn’t waste your time . I just wanted to tell you that Ling Lan passed his second virtual world mission . ”

“Not bad . Did he get recognized by the Flying Dragon Special Forces or did he defeat them?” Qi Yaoyang asked curiously .

“It was a draw . ” Ling Xiao smiled happily . Even his eyes were smiling .

“Draw! The Flying Dragon Special Forces must have felt humiliated . I think that Cang Lang would come and look for you soon . ” Qi Yaoyang wanted to laugh at Ling Xiao’s plight . Cang Lang was not an easy person to deal with . He was also happy that Cang Lang got humiliated .

“Yes, he will come and find us soon . ” Ling Xiao purposely emphasized the word ‘us’ .

Qi Yaoyang felt his heart dropped . “Ling Xiao, did you scheme against me?”

“Why will I? For the sake of your son, you should think before you speak . You can log out of the virtual world now . It is not good for a Lieutenant General to stay in the virtual world for too long . ” Ling Xiao continued smiling . Before Qi Yaoyang could reply to him, he hung up .

Qi Yaoyang was certain that Ling Xiao framed him for something . He just didn’t know what it was . What did he mean by for the sake of his son? Was he threatening him?

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