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Chapter 315
Chapter 315: A Nature-Defying Existence!

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Although Li Lanfeng had not joined the rabbit's team for long, observant as he was, he had already gotten a pretty good understanding of the personalities and positions of the members in the team . In terms of mecha combat, [Lingtian Combat] only submitted to the rabbit, and in truth, he was indeed the second seat in regards to combat within the rabbit's team . Despite being extremely covetous of this position, Li Lanfeng also knew that he could only continue to covet it for the time being . His capabilities might not be any weaker than the other's, but he just did not hold the same weight 1 as the other . From their conversation, he could tell that these people had grown up beside the rabbit; as a latecomer, he did not have the right to grasp for this position .

Li Lanfeng really wanted to stand by his rabbit, but he was not impatient . He would not impulsively offend the team members of the rabbit . He would slowly gather the team members' acknowledgement bit by bit and climb his way up to finally stand matter-of-factly by his rabbit's side . He would become the rabbit's undoubted best partner .

Ever since Li Lanfeng had become old enough to think sensibly, he had only wanted to change his fate, but now he had finally found a new goal in life .

"Boss, what should we do with these people?" Qi Long and the others looked at the remaining few enemies who were not dead yet but had already lost all will to fight, and then turned their heads to ask Ling Lan . Against these sorts of defenceless enemies, Qi Long found it somewhat difficult to take action .

Ling Lan did not answer verbally, simply gesturing with a hand to have them killed without any hesitation, appearing unbelievably cold-blooded and ruthless . They were currently doing a covert mission, so they could not let any news of their real capabilities get out . No one could be certain whether the enemies had activated any recording functions — only by destroying the others' mecha and killing them all to let them resurrect at the save point could they eliminate this possibility .

In Mecha World, other than the actual death itself being fake (those who are killed by spectre abilities though would truly die without any chance of revival), everything else would be realistic . In other words, if a mecha was destroyed and the operator died, any recordings they made of this battle would be gone . Even if these people went back to rant on the official website, no one would be able to tell which team it was which had killed them . Next time they met, the other would not be able to identify them either, because they were all basically just using standard mecha at the moment . . .

Qi Long and the others saw Ling Lan's hand gesture and understood what Ling Lan meant . Without saying anything more, everyone neatly destroyed their opponents' cockpits and began smashing up the mecha . Of course, this type of destruction could not directly destroy all evidence . Still, Qi Long and the others were not afraid . Once this reclamation event ended, even if anyone came here again, it would take at least three months . And three months' time would be enough for these mecha to run out of power . At that time, even if this fight had been recorded and someone really managed to get their hands on the wrecked remains of these mecha, they would not be able to restore the mecha and get the recordings intact .

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After all this was done, Ling Lan was about to tell them to continue moving when Luo Lang idly glanced at the item he had received at the start of the fight and shouted out involuntarily .

Everyone halted to look back in surprise at Luo Lang . Although Luo Lang looked sweet and gentle, his heart was extremely strong — he would never cry out over any small thing . For something to make Luo Lang lose control like this, it must be a great deal .

"Boss, take a look at this . " Luo Lang ignored everyone else's gazes, instantly handing over that precious power source in his bag to Ling Lan . Of course, he did not dare to toss it, instead being extremely careful as he passed it over .

Ling Lan accepted it, took a look, and was instantly stunned speechless .

X192 high-glazed nuclear power source: a power source exclusive to planet X192 . Overall capacity 10 thermie 2 . Able to sustain activation of mecha below imperial level, and has the ability to self-recharge . Recharge factor: On planet X192, 10 calories per second . In star space, 8 calories per second . On other planets, between 2 to 5 calories 3 .

This was an absolutely nature-defying awesome item! In awe, Ling Lan changed the privacy settings of the power source in her hands to share its details with the group . As expected, all her team members could not help but exclaim in shock as well — right then, everyone finally understood why Luo Lang had lost his composure like that . Because when everyone saw the item, they too could not help but find their hearts pounding in excitement .

It should be known that what a mecha feared most was running out of power . Once their mecha ran out of power, even the strongest operator would be a turtle in a jar waiting to be killed . And not only could this power source before them store such a large reserve of power, it could even automatically replenish itself over time . Even though the recharge rate was only several calories worth compared to its full ocean-like capacity and could pretty much be ignored . . . for context, it should be known that the most commonly used beam saber among Federation mecha only used 1 calorie per second . . . Once one equipped this precious power source, one would pretty much have an inexhaustible mecha . Everyone knew what this meant .

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Among all the mecha in the Federation, only god-class IN mecha possessed infinite mobility fittings — this was also why IN mecha had become the strongest god-class mecha which drove all mecha operators wild .

Therefore, Ling Lan believed that once this item made its debut in the world, it would definitely stir up a storm of carnage and blood!

Ling Lan sighed softly and pushed down the frenzied cries of Little Four in the mindspace, then asked lightly, "This thing, what do you all want to do with it?"

"Boss can just decide what we'll do . " Qi Long was the first to answer . He was indeed very covetous of the item, but he knew it was not fated for him . Using it on an advanced mecha would just be a horrible waste of this precious power source — even he could not bear to see this pearl fall into dust .

Han Jijyun sighed deeply as well and said in a restrained tone, "I think keeping it will be worth more than offering it up for contribution . I believe Boss can definitely become an imperial operator . " Han Jijyun had full confidence in Ling Lan and believed that it was just a matter of time . If they gave it up here now, if they wanted to use this type of heaven-defying instrument suitable for imperial mecha in future, they would probably never have the luck to see one again .

Hearing these words, Li Lanfeng's gaze brightened and he stated firmly, "I agree with what Abacus says, Rabb —— First-String can definitely become an imperial operator . " In his excitement, he almost called out his forbidden address for Ling Lan . Luckily, he had caught himself in time .

Even as Li Lanfeng was secretly rejoicing having escaped a round of beating by the rabbit, his heart was truly filled with confidence in Ling Lan .

The conviction in Li Lanfeng's tone caused everyone around to glance at him . In particular, those who had grown up alongside Ling Lan, Qi Long and gang, found their impression of Li Lanfeng rising exponentially .

It could not be helped; they were just like mindless fanatics when it came to Ling Lan . Meeting another mindless fan who idolised their boss just like them, it was exceedingly easy for them to mentally accept the other as someone on their side . . . It had to be said that these words of Li Lanfeng perfectly scratched the right spot for the group; this helped him set down a sturdy foundation for him to successfully become one of the team in future .

Only Li Shiyu could not help but purse his lips . What virtues and abilities did this despicable and shameless Boss Lan have to inspire such adoration from these followers?! That even a strange mecha operator in Mecha World was so trusting of him? Li Shiyu felt his three outlooks of this world begin to distort . . . till now, Li Shiyu still had not forgiven Ling Lan for her black-bellied actions in the past .

Of course, even if Li Shiyu was somewhat dissatisfied with Ling Lan, he too agreed with Han Jijyun's and [Self-Defined Destiny]'s suggestion . He too believed that keeping the power source was the smartest option .

[No Mecha Unrepaired] was an obsessed mecha modifier to begin with . Seeing such a valuable power source, his heart was already pounding violently out of his control . If there came a day when he could personally modify an imperial mecha, his entire life would have been all worth it . Right then, [No Mecha Unrepaired] did not know yet that his wish would actually come true in the near future . . .

Everyone thought that this heaven-defying power source should remain with them . Seeing that everyone was in accord, Ling Lan turned her head to say to Lin Zhong-qing, "Parcel, how much longer can those energy blocks of yours sustain us for?"

"Easily 10 days," replied Lin Zhong-qing assertively after checking on the stores within his bag . In reality, if there was not the concern that a large battle could occur to drain their power, their stores could last them for up to a month without any problems . However, Lin Zhong-qing liked to be conservative in his estimations, unwilling to cut the timing too close . If by any chance anything happened later, he did not want them to be trapped in a dead end .

"Besides, our yield this time is pretty decent . At worst, we can still trade them for up to another 10 days' worth of power supplies," added Lin Zhong-qing .

With this answer, Ling Lan knew there was no longer any need to worry . She tucked the power source into her own mecha's bag and said, "In that case, I will temporarily take care of this precious power source . If anyone needs it in future, you can ask me for it . "

"Okay!" Qi Long was the first to yell out exuberantly . Perhaps when he advanced to ace mecha 4 in the future, he could maybe ask Boss to lend him the power source just for the heck of it . This power source would definitely allow an ace mecha to be in an unlimited mobility state; that would allow him to get an indirect taste of the ultimate advantage of a god-class IN mecha .

Just like that, under everybody's collective decision, this precious power source was retained . Ling Lan's group of nine no longer tarried, swiftly moving towards the assembly point the military vessel's control centre had notified them of .

By the time Ling Lan and the others arrived at the assembly point, they found that there were already quite a number of mecha which had already returned . Of course, their conditions were not as good as Ling Lan's team — many of the mecha had not gained anything noteworthy . Expending so much effort for little to no gain, quite a few mecha were already grumbling at the redemption area that this was a wasted trip on their part .

This sudden interruption to their reclamation process had indeed cut short their time so they were unable to venture further in their search for resources . Mind you, every previous reclamation event had always lasted for at least a month . At some truly wild and deserted planets which were extraordinarily massive, the event could even be extended for up to three months . Thus, the mecha operators' complaints did have some merit .

At the redemption point, Ling Lan's team brought out all of the common material resources and minerals they had found over these last few days — perhaps the military would give them some compensation for them . They had initially thought they might only get about 10 days' worth or maybe half a month's worth of power supplies in return, but the military actually gave them a month's worth of power supplies outright . It looked like the military actually felt rather guilty about cutting short the reclamation event as well, and so had applied some measures to compensate the teams that had participated in the reclamation event .

At 12 noon on the 10th day of their arrival on planet X192, all of the military vessels departed punctually, prepared to leave the gravitational pull of planet X192 to return to outer space .

The mecha hold Ling Lan was in, which had been filled to the brim at the start, was now at least one-third less populated on this return trip . A significant number of mecha operators had not been able to adapt to planet X192's environment and had ended up resting forever on planet X192 as scrap heaps due to errors in their control methods . Of course, many more had been done in by other humans . . . quite a number of mecha had encountered the same thing Ling Lan's team had when trying to return, becoming someone else's prey . Of course, there were also those who managed to transform from prey to hunter, but this would all depend on the individual's skills .