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Published at 6th of June 2019 04:55:07 AM

Chapter 550

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In the cockpit of his mecha, Xie Yi's eyes suddenly moved and he came back to life .

"We're back again . Your world is very uncomfortable," Xie Yi complained .

"Ling Lan is very powerful! Of course he's powerful . He's my boss . He's not my boss yet… wait!" Xie Yi rubbed at his eyebrows as he talked to himself, and then he worriedly continued, "We need to discuss how we'll be communicating from now on . It's okay right now since there's only the two of us here, but it would be quite strange if we talked like this in front of someone else . "

"What shall we do then? Do you want me to disappear?"

"Of course not . My boss doesn't want you to disappear either . Can we not talk and use our consciousness to communicate instead?" Xie Yi replied .

"We can try . Using my consciousness? I always did that in the sealed world . "

"It's good that you don't have a problem, but I do . Let me try to use my consciousness to talk . My consciousness, consciousness . " Xie Yi started hypnotizing himself .

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"Pfft…" Xie Yi laughed .

"I said to use the consciousness to talk . Why are you laughing out loud? I know you're laughing at me . " Xie Yi got angry .

"I get it . I'll laugh at you in my consciousness . " Xie Yi rolled his eyes . The next second, the cockpit fell into silence .

"I'm extremely curious as to whether Luo Lang and his alter egos are also as lively when they talk to each other . "

"Hey, why aren't you speaking?"

"Hey, why are you so quiet . Don't tell me you disappeared . This isn't funny at all . " Xie Yi got anxious .

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"You were the one who asked me to stop talking . "

"I asked you to stop talking verbally, not to stop talking through your mind . Is it fun to scare me like this?" Xie Yi was furious . The dark alter ego was not fun at all . He admired Luo Lang . He admired that face that he could subdue all his alter egos while he himself could only be played around by his other personality . Xie Yi started to respect Luo Lang even more . He decided to learn from Luo Lang and not let the dark alter ego bullied him anymore .

Luo Lang? He had to go and understand this person whom Xie Yi respected so much… the other Xie Yi thought secretly . Doesn't the other Xie Yi know that he would know what he is thinking? Erm, it should be the same the other way round as well…

The two different Xie Yi were confused . They had just merged and so Xie Yi was not able to grasp the switching of the two personalities yet . Hence, this would always happen . This was one of the hidden treasures of Ling Lan's battle team in the future and something that every new member wanted to see . Lin Zhong-qing made this into a reward which could be redeemed with battle points . Because of this, Xie Yi became a legend in the battle clan .

"Beep, beep . Lingtian No . 8 has lost and is out of the battle . " All the participants in the competition received this announcement . Leiting didn't have any reaction, but the members of Lingtian were astounded .

Lingtian No . 8 was the mecha controlled by their boss—Ling Lan .

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Tang Yu also realized this and was shocked; he couldn't believe what had happened . In actual fact, they hadn't even witnessed the scene of Lingtian No . 8 fighting . Did Ling Lan accidentally log out of Mecha World? Was he forced to log out due to his login pod short-circuiting?

The members of Lingtian understood what had happened quickly . Did someone win against their boss? That was impossible . Everyone rejected this speculation .

Ling Lan opened her login pod in her villa . Her face was pale . She wanted to get up, but blood gushed up her throat and she spat it out . The login pod was stained with her blood .

"Boss, are you okay?" Little Four shouted in concern through her mindscape .

Ling Lan quickly started practicing her Qi exercises and slowly recuperated . Her massive headache got better, too . After a long time, Ling Lan opened her eyes and gave a forced smile . "I was still too rash . "

Her energy was not enough for her to execute the top-tier technique of the Divine Command sect—Invasion of Dreams . She had forced herself too much and got hurt; her spirit was heavily injured . She was kicked out of the competition by the mainframe due to no longer being able to operate her mecha .

Invasion of Dreams was a dangerous technique, to both the user and target . If someone forcefully executed this technique, they would be heavily injured and might injure their brain—it could even render that person brain-dead . It was similar to what spectres were capable of, but was more powerful as it could be used in the real world .

Invasion of Dreams required the user to use their spiritual power to enter another's spiritual world and read their memories . A powerful person could change a person's memory . They could even destroy a person's spiritual world . The victim would either injure the brain or turned brain-dead . This was similar to the abilities of the spectres in the virtual world .

The Divine Command sect was able to survive because they only passed this technique to one disciple in each generation . This disciple would be taught personally to prevent the secret from being leaked . If they didn't do this, the different countries would definitely kill them as they would not allow this formidable technique to exist . Even if there were survivors, they would become the secret weapons of a nation .

Of course, this formidable technique could not be executed so easily . According to the requirements set by the Divine Command sect, it was necessary to reach the peak realm, which was half step to God-Realm, in order to execute this technique . Otherwise, the user would be seriously injured .

Ling Lan would not endanger herself . However, she had carried out research with Little Four and realized that in the virtual world where everyone was using their spiritual power, she would be able to execute Invasion of Dreams with Little Four's help and enter the spiritual world of others .

This conclusion allowed Ling Lan to make a plan . Ling Lan knew that she needed to enter Xie Yi's spiritual world in order to solve his problem—to meet the other Xie Yi . She was unable to do this in reality, but she could do so in the virtual world .

However, the dark alter ego was very scared of Ling Lan and didn't give her any chances to invade his spiritual world . Ling Lan had no choice but to find other ways to catch him off his guard . In the end, Ling Lan chose to do it during the challenge .

The results proved that her plan was a success . The dark alter ego appeared and she managed to enter his spiritual world successfully .

However, she had still underestimated the recoil of this technique . She had forced herself to stay till the end, but by the time Xie Yi merged with his dark alter ego, she could not support herself anymore and ended her conversation with him .

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