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Published at 8th of November 2019 05:55:21 PM

Chapter 709

Lin Zhong-qing was very busy . He was so busy he wished that he could fly instead of walking . A housewife can’t cook a meal without rice . How was he supposed to handle so many people at once all by himself?

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Lin Zhong-qing gritted his teeth . After this mission ends, he must ask his boss to get more men from the chief of staff . The moment Lin Zhong-qing saw logisticians from the other mecha clans, he would attempt to lure them over to 250 Mecha Clan .

Besides him, He Chaoyang and the other three were also extremely tired . They hated themselves for being too naive to be fooled by their boss into entering the logistics department . At this moment, they were no longer as excited as they were when they got all the advanced pieces of equipment from the chief of staff .

“Zhong-qing, can I take a break tomorrow?” Yuan Youyun said weakly as he laid there with a helpless look on his face . How is he going to survive tomorrow?

“Once you finish your job tomorrow, you can rest for as many days as you want,” Lin Zhong-qing heartlessly rejected his request . He lacked manpower so he would never let such a good subordinate off so easily .

“Sob . I’m going to die soon . ” Yuan Youyun laid on the table weakly . He was in charge of the JMCs but with most of the logisticians taken away by other departments . Where could he find enough JMCs to direct the numerous visitors coming into their base?

Yuan Youyun looked at the name list of the logisticians given to him . There were only 80 logisticians available . How were they able to welcome 1000 mecha operators all by themselves? He looked at He Chaoyang . Then, he turned his head decisively . He Chaoyang couldn’t even solve his own problem . They were good friends but at times like this, they should take care of own problems first .

As for Luo Shaoyun and Li Jinghong, the former was in charge of taking care of the mechas while the latter was in charge of the logistics of the living areas in the base . These two required large amounts of manpower too so they were unable to help Yuan Youyun . They were also lacking people . They couldn’t help even if they wanted to .

Li Jinghong saw how helpless Yuan Youyun looked . He knew that with the current 4 JMCs available to him, they would definitely be unable to handle such a huge number of people . Hence, he reminded him, “Youyun, you can ask Sister Luo Chao for help . Maybe the medical department can give you some people . ”

The logisticians of 250 Mecha Clan were all-rounded logisticians . They could move between all the departments .

Fine, for the sake of his comrade, he betrayed Young Master Shiyu! Li Jinghong felt embarrassed by himself . He apologized to Li Shiyu in his heart . Although they were both from the Li family, he had to consider his job first .

Yuan Youyun was inspired by what Li Jinghong said . He hugged Li Jinghong and cried, “Li Jinghong, you are indeed my good friend . ” Before Li Jinghong could reply, he was pushed away . Li Jinghong almost fell on the ground .

Yuan Youyun rushed out of the logistics department . Before he left, he said, “I’ll go look for Little Sister Luo Chao now . ”

Li Jinghong looked hurt as he pointed to the door, trembling from head to toe . He shouted sadly, “Yuan Youyun, I will not let you go so easily . ” How dare you kick me away once you used me .

Luo Shaoyun and He Chaoyang laughed when they saw this . Lin Zhong-qing couldn’t help but smile too . With these four lively and capable helpers beside him, Lin Zhong-qing’s personality started changing too…

Yuan Youyun charged to the medical department . The moment he stepped in, he cried and shouted, “Little Sister Luo Chao, help!”

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This shout shocked everyone in the atrium .

“Who is he?” The regiment commander of Courage God frowned . Didn’t he know that he should keep quiet in the medical department? He might disturb the rest of the patients and affect their recovery .

“I don’t know . I’ve never seen him before . ” Yuan Youyun rarely came out so the people from Courage God were not familiar with him . However, they saw the medics bowing to him so they knew he must be an officer .

When Yuan Youyun shouted the second time, the door of one emergency room slammed open . Someone shouted loudly, “Yuan Youyun, shut up . ” The lean and valiant-looking lady appeared at the door with her hands on her waist . She glared at Yuan Youyun angrily .

Didn’t he see the poster covering almost the entire wall? Didn’t he see the words ‘remain silent’?

Yuan Youyun looked at the lady and scoffed . He waved his hands . “Han Xuya, I’m not looking for you . I’m looking for Little Sister Luo Chao . ”

“Yuan Youyun!” Han Xuya was already angered by Yuan Youyun’s actions so when she heard Yuan Youyun dismissing her, she exploded .

Han Xuya disappeared from the door and reappeared beside Yuan Youyun in a blink of an eye . She kicked Yuan Youyun .

Yuan Youyun raised his hand and blocked the attack . Yuan Youyun looked at her in astonishment . “Han Xuya, are you trying to kill me?” If he didn’t intercept her attack just now, with the force she exerted in her kick, he would have been badly injured .

“Since you dared to raise your voice in my territory, you must be prepared to die . ” Han Xuya gritted her teeth . She raised her leg and continued kicking Yuan Youyun .

The medics in the atrium calmly walked to the side, leaving an empty area for the two of them to fight . They made sure that they would not destroy the seats at the side .

The people from Courage God were dumbfounded . Do the people from 250 Mecha Clan fight whenever they want to? Even a quiet medical department can become a venue for a fight .

As the two people were fighting, another gentle-looking lady appeared at the door of the emergency room . The people from Courage God felt a chill on their neck when they saw this lady . They still remembered their comrade who was still lying on his bed after being attacked by her syringe .

“Youyun? Xuya? What are you two doing?” Luo Chao said helplessly .

These two people had been like this ever since their military academy days . Whenever they were free, they would fight . Yuan Youyun never gave in to Han Xuya just because she was a lady . Well, maybe Yuan Youyun never took her as a lady .

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The two people stopped what they were doing when they heard Luo Chao’s voice . Han Xuya sulked and glared at Yuan Youyun before blowing off imaginary steam off her fists . Luo Chao looked like a gentle and easy-going person but when she gets angry, she was very scary .

Yuan Youyun ignored Han Xuya’s glare and looked at Luo Chao as though she was his life savior . The next second, he rushed over . “Sister Luo Chao, help . ”

He was here to seek help from Luo Chao . If he didn’t guide the mecha operators from the other mecha clans properly, embarrassing 250 Mecha Clan, his boss would surely punish him severely .

Before Yuan Youyun could hug Luo Chao, he heard snort . He saw Li Shiyu crossing his hands in front of his chest while he leaned against the door frame .

“Erm…” Yuan Youyun stopped immediately . He could almost feel the heat from his military boots as they scraped the floor . It almost burnt his toes but it was worth it . He managed to stop before touching her .

“Haha, Brother Shiyu is here too . ” Yuan Youyun touched the back of his head . Sob, he is just here to seek help from Little Sister Luo Chao . Why is the devil of the medical department here too?

Yuan Youyun remembered the last time he hugged Little Sister Luo Chao . Li Shiyu injected him with an agent that made him itch all over . He could still vividly remember that feeling . It was not because Li Shiyu liked Luo Chao . Li Shiyu just felt that a man should respect a lady and not touched them whatsoever without their consent . Especially in the military where 99 . 99% of the army consisted of men, they should take note of this and keep their distance . If by any chance a man couldn’t control himself, he might hurt the lady .

Yuan Youyun was afraid of Li Shiyu not because of his frightening agent but because his Boss also agreed with Li Shiyu’s viewpoint . If any men in 250 Mecha Clan dared to do anything untowardly to a lady, his boss would punish them even more harshly .

Yuan Youyun glanced around him carefully . There was no sign of his boss . He patted his chest . He was so anxious to seek help, he forgot about the rule of 250 Mecha Clan just now . He almost went to meet the God of Death .

If Li Shiyu saw him, he would at most be physically tortured . If his boss saw him… Yuan Youyun felt a chill down his spine . He still remembered that mecha operator who teased Luo Chao and Han Xuya and ended up in the healing pod, and was still there till this day .

“Boss is not here . Why are you looking for Luo Chao?” Li Shiyu knew what Yuan Youyun was afraid of so he exposed him .

“There are mecha clans from the 7th division coming to our base, right? Little Sister Luo Chao, can you have some medics temporarily be JMCs?” Yuan Youyun put his palms together and looked at Luo Chao hopefully . He hoped Luo Chao was able to help him .

This time, however, Luo Chao looked hesitant . “But Boss asked Xuya and I to be in charge of the reception at the meeting room . ”

A collaboration needed more than just a sentence . The 7th division ordered their mecha clans to come over so they could have a discussion and come up with an action plan . Since 250 Mecha Clan had a temporary base, they had to provide the venue for the meeting . The meeting would be attended by people of higher ranks so they needed qualified people to attend to them . Thus, the only two ladies of 250 Mecha Clan were chosen for this job .

“Ah!” Yuan Youyun was in despair . Even Luo Chao has a mission . Who else could he look for? He didn’t dare to snatch his Boss’s ladies… erm, there seemed to be something wrong with this sentence .

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Luo Chao couldn’t bear to see him like this . “Will we be able to get to the meeting room in time if we help out as JMCs?” They had to guide the people into the base anyway before they could start the meeting . As long as they were able to reach the meeting room before these people, everything would be fine .

To ensure the operations of the entire base, ran smoothly, even officers like Luo Chao had to step in as logisticians . This showed how undermanned 250 Mecha Clan was .

Yuan Youyun’s eyes lit up but dimmed again . “No, you have to prepare for the meeting . If there are too many people coming into our base, you would not be able to rush back in time . ” He didn’t want Luo Chao and Han Xuya to be scolded by their Boss because of him .

“What is so difficult about that? There will only be a lot more traffic at the start . We can help until right before the meeting starts . Then, we will get someone to substitute for us for the later part . ” Han Xuya walked over .

Yuan Youyun was enlightened by what Han Xuya said . He nodded . He said gratefully, “Thank you, Han Xuya . It is settled then . You will come over in the morning . ”

“Yes, I know . Do you think I’m stupid? Hurry up and leave, We are very busy . ” Han Xuya glared at him and swept him away like a pile of rubbish . Yuan Youyun had achieved his goal, so he didn’t bother about Han Xuya’s attitude . He left with a smiling face .

The people Courage God saw Yuan Youyun leaving . Their eyes lit up when they saw the three highest ranked officers of the medical department .

Li Shiyu reacted the fastest . “I’m busy . You two will settle everything from here . ” He closed the door of the emergency room with a bang .

Luo Chao and Han Xuya reacted slower so they got surrounded by people from Courage God .

“Second lieutenant Luo, may I know…”

“Second lieutenant Han, may I know…”

Luo Chao and Han Xuya’s face darkened . They were upset with their reaction speed . Li Shiyu was able to get himself out of this situation but they weren’t able to . As they answered the questions given by the soldiers, they promised to themselves that they would train their physical skills and reaction speed whenever they had the time so that they would not become the sacrificial lamb for Li Shiyu .

The next day, Luo Chao and Han Xuya arrived at the atrium of the medical department bright and early in the morning . They had a medic beside them . This time, they chose three medics to go together with them . After all, Yuan Youyun would never be able to handle the huge amount of mecha operators with his current manpower, Luo Chao and Han Xuya could only help him for a while . Hence, they decided to bring some helpers along .

“Why isn’t Zhou Yu and Chen Yi’an here?” Luo Chao frowned . Did something happen to them? These two people always performed well . Zhou Yu might make some mistakes but Chen Yi’an was an extremely responsible and stubborn person . If was a deadline, he would meet it .

At that moment, Chen Yi’an carried Zhou Yu over on his back .

“What happened to Zhou Yu?” Luo Chao hurried over and asked in concern .

“I’m not sure . Yesterday evening, he kept vomiting and was running a fever . He ate some medicine but it didn’t seem to be working so I carried him here to find Doctor Li,” Chen Yi’an replied worriedly .

Luo Chao wanted to say something but her communicator suddenly vibrated . She picked it up . Yuan Youyun’s voice could be heard . “Sister Luo Chao, help! Help!” The mecha operators guarding the outer perimeter of the base just informed him that the other mecha clans would soon reach the territory of 250 Mecha Clan . Yuan Youyun needed Luo Chao and Han Xuya’s help immediately .

Luo Chao didn’t dare to waste anymore time . She brought Han Xuya and the other medic over . She asked Chen Yi’an to settle Zhou Yu down and hurry over as soon as possible . If he saw any free logisticians along the way, he should bring the logistician to the JMC area .

Chen Yi’an nodded . After bring Zhou Yu inside, he rushed out of the medical department . He remembered what Han Xuya said and went to look for any free logisticians . However, during this time, most of the logisticians were busy .

After walking around for a moment, Chen Yi’an walked into a small garden . He wanted to leave but he suddenly saw a seated figure in the garden . His eyes lit up .

There was a young man meditating in this little garden . He seemed to be asleep or was listening to something . From his relaxed posture, he must be very free .

Chen Yi’an was elated . He could finally answer to Second lieutenant Han .

Ling Lan felt a gust of wind in front of her . It was harmless so she opened her eyes calmly . She saw a logistician running towards her with a silly smile on his face . Is he looking for her?

Ling Lan raised her eyebrows . The people who usually looked for her were from Lingtian and the team leaders . Even the members of the teams would not look for her personally . Who ordered this logistician to look for her? Did something happen to Lin Zhong-qing?

Lin Zhong-qing was a careful person . He would not let anyone unfamiliar get near her… Ling Lan couldn’t guess why this logistician was looking for her .

“I finally found you . Hurry up and follow me . ” The logistician wanted to grab her hand . Ling Lan tilted her body and evaded his hand .

“Who are you? Why are you looking for me?” Ling Lan frowned . Who is this idiot? Does he know who she is?

Ling Lan forgot she had retracted the cold aura around her while she was meditating because this was her living space . Hence, to Chen Yi’an, she was just a young-looking recruit (although she was indeed a recruit) . Also, Chen Yi’an was a simple person . He would never think that this beautiful and youthful young man was their terrifying regiment commander .

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