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Published at 8th of November 2019 05:55:16 PM

Chapter 722

As the attendant looked at her in shock, Ling Lan slowly walked up the stairs . She saw a whole house of dolls and soft toys . Surprisingly, a few bulky men, from majors to lieutenant colonels, were standing in front of the shelves of the soft toys with a troubled look .

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The attendants that should be attending to them were nowhere in sight . They might have frightened them away or they might be busy with other customers .

Ling Lan was walking past them but when a cold-looking lieutenant colonel saw her, his eyes lit up as though he saw his life savior . He hurriedly called out, “Excuse me…”

Ling Lan stopped in her tracks . She looked at the person curiously . Why did he call her?

“Erm, sorry to disturb you . My daughter is around the same age as you . I want to buy something for her . What kind of dolls do girls your age…” The officer’s face turned gentle when he talked about his daughter . At that moment, he realized he wasn’t sure what gender the person in front of him was . He looked at Ling Lan’s epaulette and got a shock . “I’m sorry, major . ”

If this person is a major, he should be a man . The lieutenant colonel knew although there were many outstanding women in the military, their rise in rank would be much slower than a man would . The new generation was even more stringent towards women, so to be a major while being a young female was quite unlikely .

Ling Lan knew without her force of presence, such situations would definitely happen . However, she had a good impression of this lieutenant colonel . It might be because he reminded her of her father, Ling Xiao . Both of them pampered their daughter very much .

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Thinking about this, she nodded and said, “How old is your daughter?” She had read many novels and mangas in her past life . Even if she didn’t have a clear idea of what girls in this world like, it should be similar to her own experiences .

“She is 15 years old . ” The lieutenant colonel’s eyes turned gentle . He had not seen her for three years . Is she doing well?

15 years old… a young lady . She should like cute things like me . Ling Lan pointed to a cute soft toy . “This one . ”

The lieutenant colonel looked at the round ball which had a dumb-looking face on it . He couldn’t tell what this was . Would his daughter like it? However, since someone of a similar age chose it, it should be right . The lieutenant colonel thought for a moment and decided to listen to the young man . He took the soft toy .

The officers around them had been eavesdropping on their conversation . The moment the lieutenant colonel took the soft toy, they hurriedly grab the rest too .

These officers shopped together to buy gifts for their daughters . To maintain their fierce and stern image, they rejected the help of the attendants and wanted to do it themselves . However, they underestimated the complexity of a young girl’s mind . They looked at all the soft toys dejectedly . After thinking for a long time, they still didn’t know what to buy .

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Luckily, one of them was smart enough to grab a young man who was of a similar age . This young man helped them solved their problems .

After they paid for the soft toy, they suddenly remembered the minimum age to enter the military was 18 years old . If the young man was from the military academy, he should be at least 21 years old now… how could there be such a young major?

They turned back but the young man was nowhere in sight . It was as though he never here… the officers felt a chill down their spine . Did they see something they shouldn’t have?

After Ling Lan helped these officers, she walked towards the resting area which was located deeper in the shop .

Ling Lan liked those soft toys but she couldn’t buy them . To prevent herself from being tempted by the soft toys, she decisively waited in the resting area for Han Xuya and Luo Chao to finish shopping . That way, she would not feel the pain of not being able to buy what she wanted .

Ling Lan was smart and logical . She didn’t give herself any chance to make a mistake . She sat on the sofa and flipped through the internal information viewable only to a major on her communicator, trying to find some useful information .

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Suddenly, her pocket started bulging . A few white lines slowly weaved out of her pocket . Very soon, something white and round popped out of her pocket . It surveyed its surroundings before climbing out . It was Little White, the creature Ling Lan smuggled from the Planet Juhao .

It noticed its master was focused on her communicator and wasn’t paying attention to it . It was elating . It wanted to leave Ling Lan and shop somewhere else . However, just as it was about to escape, a slender hand grabbed it .

“Ouch!” It hurts! Little White looked at its master with tears in its eyes . Didn’t she know it hurts to pinch someone?

With its size and its expression, Little White could win over the hearts of 99 . 99% of young girls . Even Ling Lan felt her heart softening . But, the brutal training in the learning space made her firm . She raised her eyebrows and looked at Little White dangerously . “Painful? Hmph!”

How dare it used its spiritual power against her? No wonder she lost her concentration for a moment . Was Little White looking for death?

Little White knew it had angered its master . It lowered its head to show its master it knew its mistake . It also held Ling Lan’s finger with some of its tentacles and pulled it lightly . It seemed to be whining and asking her for forgiveness .

Ling Lan wanted to laugh . After leaving the Planet Juhao, Little White’s intelligence seemed to have increased . It didn’t know where Little White learned this cute action from . Every time she wanted to scold it, it would use this expression to get away…

Little Four heard his boss’s thoughts and hurriedly ran away .

“Little White, there is a limit to my patience . This is the last time . If you disobey me again, you will disappear permanently,” Ling Lan threatened in a calm tone .

She liked Little White’s cuteness but she knew what it really was . If she didn’t manage to subdue it, Little White could cause huge damage to the human world . Ling Lan couldn’t let that happen . Hence, she must watch over Little White carefully and prevent it from going out of her sight .

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