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Cruel Romance - Chapter 5.3

Published at 18th of January 2016 09:31:52 AM

Chapter 5.3

Morning .

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Jin Xiu awoke with a headache, feeling giddy and nauseous . So this was what a hangover felt like?

What place is this, so foreign, there was even more attention to detail than at Lion Grove . Looking down, “Oh!” Jin Xiu could not help but let out a gasp of shock .

Yesterday…what happened yesterday? Whose clothes were these? In her panic, she remembered she got drunk and got on a familiar car, like a messed up dream, she dreamt of her parents and Ming Zhu, no matter how she called out, how she chased, she couldn’t seem to catch up with them, they got further and further away, and she was abandoned in a dark deserted wasteland . In the midst of that fear and sadness, someone took her into his warm arms…who was that? It felt so real in the dream, the certainty of it lingering on her fingertips, but, why did that person in her dream feel so familiar, just like…just like, Zuo Zhen?

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“Impossible!” Jin Xiu jumped up from the bed, she must have remembered wrongly, why would she indecently dream of Er Ye coming to hug her, if that man was Ying Shao, at least there would have been good reason for that . No, she must had made a mistake, it wasn’t Zuo Zhen, it was Ying Shao .

“Ms Rong?” She heard someone calling her, the door was pushed open, a plump and friendly looking lady stood at the door, shocked to her barefooted standing, her clothes in a mess, Jin Xiu’s face full of surprise, “You’re…awake?”

Jin Xiu jumped back onto the bed, covering herself up with the blanket, “Yes…you…please what is this place?”

“You were drunk yesterday, no need to be shy, I was the one who helped you change . ” The plump lady smiled as she walked in, “You were so drunk and tortured Er Ye the whole night . ”

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What? Jin Xiu turned red . It was Zuo Zhen who brought her back? Then was last night just a dream, or did something happen? Gosh, she swore, she would never drink again .

“I am the cleaning lady here, Auntie Wan, I’ve already washed and dried your clothes . ” As she spoke, she placed the clothes on Jin Xiu’s bed, smiling so widely her face was red, she continued, “After changing and washing up, coming down for breakfast, Er Ye is waiting in the dining hall . ”

Frazzled, Jin Xiu agreed . She was put into a state of unease with Auntie Wang’s meaningful smile and judging eyes . What did that smile mean?

Throwing the blanket aside, Jin Xiu leaned against the bed, looking for any possible clues . The good thing was that the bedspread was snow white, although crumpled but it was definitely clean . Jin Xiu let out a sigh of relief . Great, it was just a dream .

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She couldn’t help but burst into laughter, what was she so nervous about? To think that Er Ye would really do something to her?

Washing up in a hurry, she went down the stairs . The dining table was already filled with porridge and side dishes, ham dumplings, a feast for the eyes . Zuo Zhen was sitting on a nearby sofa reading the papers, wrapped in a thick purple sweater, his hair still dripping with water .

“Er Ye, sorry . ” Jin Xiu apologetically stood before him, “Auntie Wang told me that I caused trouble for you . ”

Zuo Zhen just let out a “Wu” sound, without even raising his head replied, “It’s fine now just hurry eat up, I’ll be heading to the docks in a bit, and will send you back to Lion Grove on the way there . ”

Jin Xiu was stunned, “Your voice sounds so nasal, caught a cold? If you’re not feeling well, there’s no need to send me, I can go back on my own……”

“I’m not that fragile . ” Zuo Zhen interrupted her, “Hurry go and eat . ”

It would be a surprise if he didn’t catch a cold, in November weather, taking four cold baths in a night, he almost died . He really had to hand it to Jin Xiu, in just a short time, she could cause him to be like this, if word got out, he probably wouldn’t be able to raise his head anymore . He definitely needed a woman tofind release today, if not he suspect with his desires unfulfilled, he would not have any appetite .

Really frustrating .

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