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Cruel Romance - Chapter 6.6

Published at 18th of January 2016 09:33:57 AM

Chapter 6.6

Really felt a tad embarrassed typing this chapter out, which was why it took so long . :p Zuo Zhen’s desire for Jin Xiu really makes me feel warm and fuzzy though!

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Zuo Zhen neither moved, nor opened his eyes, he felt a warmth near his face, as though someone was staring at him closely .

After that, a soft cloak covered him .

Was he asleep? Jin Xiy lightly hovered over Zuo Zhen, both hands holding on to the sides, holding her breath as she looked at him . In the darkness, it was so quiet, faint light came in through the windows from outside, lighting up Zuo Zhen exhausted but handsome features .

Jin Xiu felt as though she could heart her heart beating .

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The closer she got, the more she understood him . Recalling the first time she met Zuo Zhen at Yin Residence, he was so cold and distant as though he was separated by mountains and rivers, who know that now they would be so close . So close that she could touch his dark thick eyebrows, high and sharp nose… Jin Xiu suddenly blushed in the darkness . She must be crazy, to so shameless peep at this man!

Jin Xiu stood up and turned to leave . If she did not hurry off, she worried that her hands which deserved to be chopped off, would start touching Zuo Zhen’s face .

But she suddenly felt a tug on her right hand, pulling her back without warning . “Stared for such a long time, you want to leave without paying?” Zuo Zhen seemed to smile before her eyes .

He, he he, wasn’t sleeping? He knew she was here peeping at him? Jin Xiu really wished she would burn and turn into smoke, even the roots of her hair stood up .

She . Was . So . Embarrassed .

“Come over . ” Zuo Zhen pulled the frightened and embarrassed Jin Xiu to his side, “How did you know I was here?”

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Jin Xiu stumbled over her reply, “I, I heard Tang Hai, say this morning that you were at the harbour, when I was outside just now I saw Liu Ge… . he brought me here . ”

So it was Ma Zi Liu that brought her here, Zuo Zhen could not help but smile, amongst those who were always by his side, Jin Xiu was most familiar with upright Shi Hao and detailed Ma Zi Liu . He had never said much but besides Jin Xiu who had an intelligent face and stupid intestines, those who followed him into and out of Bai Le Men, who could not tell that he broke his rules and lost control for her?

Whether Jin Xiu was stupid or naive, did she truly think that he would be as generous as to send a woman clothes and jewellery and simply fight for her . To have the leisure to take a drunk woman home and take care of her?

For the sake of Jin Xiu, in front of Shi Hao and Ma Zi Liu his dignity was on the floor, yet she could be so stupid to ask for his help to get on Ying Dong’s good side! He no longer wanted to play out this joke .

Zuo Zhen got up and the mink cloak slipped off . Jin Xiu hurriedly bent down to pick it up but Zuo Zhen held on to her tightly, she could not move .

“Er, the…coat…fell . ” Jin Xiu stared at the ground not daring to look up at him, there was a foreign emotion in the air, so thick that she could barely breathe, completely distraught .

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“Jin Xiu . ” Zuo Zhen said hoarsely, “Why is it you?”

“En?” Jin Xiu was confused by his question, why did it mean, why was it her?”She raised her eyes looking straight at Zuo Zhen, partly contradicting, partly repressed, partly filled with sour tenderness… everything seemed to stop in that moment, Jin Xiu felt a tug and was pulled into a warm and strong hug .

Separated by a rough coat, Jin Xiu could clearly hear his heartbeat as though it was right against her ears . He hugged her so tightly, as though he was going pull her into his chest . Strangely the scent of tobacco on him was so familiar, making her feel at ease, forgetting the shock, giving up on struggling–how could it be, such a hug could make her willingly sink in!

In a daze, Jin Xiu felt a hand cupping the back of her head, a strange softness against her forehead eyes and face…to her lips . He was kissing her! Her mind turned to mush, limbs into cotton, besides trembling she only felt weak . She was completely passive, completely helpless, feeling weightless, she could only feel lips and tongue gently entwining .

A wave of numbness rose from her back, as though from her waist to the back of her head . That was a hand that was a calloused hand from holding guns and knives, although rough but it had an unknown magic that could cherish her smooth silky skin, she could not help but shivered .

“Please don’t… . ” Jin Xiu murmured weakly and giddily, what was this, she could not catch her breath and there was loud ringing in her ears .

“The fire has been lit, whether you want to or not, it’s too late . ” Zuo Zhen voice wavered too . He was not a stranger to this, in fact it could be considered a familiar road but for the first time he realized that in moments like these, he would also tremble, intoxicated and thirsty, wanting to explore yet wanting to linger . He never imagined that hugging her, kissing her, touching her would feel so bizarre and beautiful . She was soft in his arms, as though she had always been part of him, every inch of her, perfectly fitting .

Slowly, Jin Xiu felt dizzy, opening her eyes only to realize she was lightly pressed against the cloak lying on the ground, partially clothed, skirt lifted above her legs!

Zuo Zhen held up the sides of her head, his breathing so rough and heavy, his gaze frenzied, his shoulders naked and muscles tightly wound .

“Er Ye… . ” Jin Xiu could not help but take in breath of cold air . ”Zuo Zhen . ” He seemed to seal with a kiss, “Call me Zuo Zhen . ”In that moment, Jin Xiu’s consciousness crumbled, she forgot what time, place this was, she forgot Bai Le Men, forgot Xiang Ying Dong, forgot all the grudges and rivalry… in that time and place, there was only flaming fire on ice, causing her to drown and burning her into ashes!

Droplet of perspiration flew in the air, light panting and deep breathing, that dark and cold house had transformed into a charming room . Unbeknownst to all, at that moment there was a pair of cold and vengeful eyes flashing past the corner of the wall .

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