Cthulhu Gonfalon - Chapter 282

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Chapter 282: 282

While the Sun God and the God of Light engaged in a fierce battle where Cloud City used to be, the God of Knights led an army of holy spirits, oracles, and believers . They fought ferociously with the army of the Orc Gods .

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There was not much of a difference between the two parties . The Orc Gods’ army was large, but in battles with legendary experts, numbers were not the biggest problem .

Legendary experts were not suitable to fight in big armies .

Legendary experts were overpowering and needed a big area they could fight in to fully unleash their abilities . They were not able to fight in battle arrays like army soldiers . But they were suitable for one-on-one fighting, or against entire enemy army troops, sweeping over them like tornadoes . A single one of them could act as the core of an army, leading them into battle .

Now, with their rankings lowered to an ordinary soldier’s and their battle areas minimized, they couldn’t unleash their powers . Even when they could, their powers overlapped and caused conflict . At least 50% of their time and energy was spent on resolving conflicts between comrades .

The issue was very obvious in the Orc Gods’ army . The Orc Gods’ oracles had very different jobs and powers . Even though they wanted to coordinate and cooperate with each other it was very difficult to do so . No matter how careful they were to avoid each other, the conflict of power kept getting in the way . Explosions happened everywhere within the battle arrays . It annoyed the higher-order oracles in charge .

On God of Knights’ side, the situation was much better . The army under Him was almost totally made up of knights . Although they also had overlapping powers, they were consistent .

Because they were mostly knights, their battle styles were not too different from each other . They coordinated well and formed complete battle arrays .

So, though the Orc Gods’ oracle army was larger and stronger on average than the God of Knights’, the knights definitely had some advantage . They excelled in terms of skill, power, and cooperation .

Both parties had their advantages, which resulted in a balance of power .

The Orc oracles made for a messy army, sweeping over their enemies like tidal waves . The knights who were covered in white light were whisked away and formed small teams in cone shapes . They were like sharp blades tearing through the tide .

Soon, both sides of the battle clashed together with no technique at all . Hundreds of legendary experts were torn to pieces, turning into uncountable dots of light .

After a short moment, they reappeared in each of their camps again . Oracles were inextinguishable . As long as there was enough divine power, they could revive themselves as many times as they liked .

While the oracles killed each other, the God of Knights and the clones of the Orc Gods engaged in fierce battle as well .

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The God of Knights didn’t seem old at all . His movements were slow, but every trick was practiced . There was no burden, no redundancy in his actions . Although he was fighting alone against many, he was not losing .

The old horse under him also seemed rejuvenated to its youth . It neighed as it flew and ran fast as the wind .

Although there were many Orc Gods, they could not chase the horse . Instead, it broke through them, and the God of Knights seized the opportunity to swing his sword and kill a few of the clones .

When the clones were killed, the bodies felt the pain and suffered trauma as well . Orc Gods whose clones were killed whispered in their pain .

Those with weaker divine power became pale and could not fight for some time .

But the Orc Gods had power in numbers, especially with Lefon and the others . They were experts with high standards . Even if they used clones to go against his real body, the God of Knights still had a difficult time killing them .

After a few rounds of attacking and killing, he could only fight back those Orc Gods with medium or low standards . With Lefon as their leader, the main Gods were barely hurt .

“You really are old now!” Lefon said . He finally smiled . “Today you are going to die here!”

He made a command and all the Orc Gods’ oracles immediately gave up plans of rearranging battle arrays . Instead, they gathered and charged .

The remaining Orc God experts divided their figures into multiples and spread out .

This was not an illusion . Every figure was a battling clone . Even though it consumed large amounts of divine power and energy to maintain so many clones at the same time, they were sure the God of Knights was so old and weak he wouldn’t put up much of a fight . The Orc Gods who held a grudge over him did not care what the cost was . They needed to kill this 10,000-year-long arch nemesis, right then and there!

The God of Knights smiled with no fear at all . He pulled the reins with his left hand, and the old horse neighed excitedly . They charged towards the Orc Gods .

This neigh was like an order . The oracles and believers yelled angrily as they launched their fiercest charged attack yet .

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And then—there was no more .

When the battle was at its most intense and cruel, the divine power that the God of Knights had left could not hold out . It took a couple minutes for his holy kingdom to completely crumble . The kingdom became countless light spots . Although the oracles that died could still revive themselves inside these light spots, watching them was like watching the speed of a flowing river . This situation could not be maintained any much longer .

The God of Knights Himself was also in very bad shape . Even though his sword skills were brilliant and his martial arts skills were superb, He was facing Orc God experts and clones that did not care about anything except landing blows on him . None cared if they were hurt or killed as long as they could attack relentlessly . He took hits one after another and finally was quite heavily injured .

Thee God of Knights saw the situation had reached a breaking point and smiled .

“It is time,” He said .

“What do you mean?” Lefon asked cautiously .

The God of Knights did not answer . He raised his sword .

The last clergy in his body fell away and became eight rays of light . They whistled off and were put into the bodies of the eight highest-order believers .

They embodied the eight virtues of a knight: humility, honor, sacrifice, heroism, compassion, faith, honesty, and justice .

The God of Knights dismantled his final clergy, made it into eight clergies of virtue, and granted them to eight of his most outstanding believers . He helped them break through the separation between human and God . They immediately stepped into the higher realm, becoming Gods corresponding to the eight virtues .

Under the leadership of the eight Gods of Virtue, the battle powers of the oracles and believers of the God of Knights increased . Suddenly they counter-attacked and broke through the camp of Orc God oracles .

All of a sudden, the Orc army spirits dropped immensely . They started trembling . Quite a few of Orcs even started running away .

Then, the God of Knights stopped the Orc God clones .

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He was having a hard time maintaining the lowest form of deity . But somehow his power increased and he changed wonderfully .

One of Lefon’s clones swung around a short spear . He bumped into the Knight’s Sword and flew out . He went off like a gourd, rolling on the floor .

Although he was not very injured, his strength surprised the Orc Gods .

Lefon was not that big, but he was shockingly strong . The fact that he could hit the clone at all—just how strong was the God of Knights now?!

“I couldn’t have anticipated this… What is this trick of yours?” Lefon said . He sighed deeply as he led the clones of the Orc Gods and rearranged them into a combative battle array . The battle array they had arranged was not circling in on him, but instead bumping into each other face-to-face .

Based on his experience, if they did not figure themselves out, the God of Knights could fight his way out of the circle again and again with his strength .

The God of Knights laughed, but his laughter was gradually changing . It became like a young man’s laughter, filled with vitality .

“I have only just unleashed the final bind,” he said . “This is a theory that I have researched, but have not tested yet . I am just doing an experiment . ”

Lefon watched him carefully, not understanding what exactly this “experiment” was about .

It was very clear that the God of Knights was only getting stronger and stronger .

This could not go on!

Although the God of Knights lost all clergies and his deity had almost disappeared, He was getting stronger and stronger . This phenomenon was very peculiar indeed, but the will to win overtook any curiosity . So Lefon led the clones of the Orc Gods and charged over bravely .

All types of weapons were swung out, but they were all repelled in a moment . More than ten battling clones were flown out, and a few even disintegrated midair .

If it were not because the Sun God presented signs of great divine power, all would have turned their focuses there .

The God of Knights hit more than ten clones . He laughed loudly, pulled the reins, and commanded the warhorse to charge .

He felt himself fill with energy . No matter who the opponent was he knew he could fight ferociously for 300 rounds . But the reins pulled nothing .

He looked down and was shocked to see that the warhorse that had accompanied him for so many years was turning into a shadow . Even though he still rode on its back, it was as if he were floating in the air . The reins that were still in his hands had also become untouchable .

“This… what is going on?” he mumbled to himself . His voice was full of confusion .

Lefon had already turned to stand up . He knew deep in his heart that this was the most crucial moment . He did not care about confidence . A few of the clones charged over from different directions without hesitation and swung the short spears out fiercely .

But they stabbed at nothing .

The figure of the God of Knights was also becoming a shadow . Although he was still standing there, the short spears only stabbed the air . They almost stabbed each other .

Lefon watched the God of Knights with amazement as he locked on to the pair of green eyes through the helmet .

In those eyes, He could see confusion, shock, and finally, calm .

“…I see!” the God of Knights sighed deeply and smiled .

Then, he disappeared without a trace .

At that moment, the last gift from the Sun God, a ray of light that almost nobody noticed, fell onto Lefon’s body .