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Chapter 55

Chapter 55 – Gifted

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“Huh?” Before the tutor’s eyes was a messy, hardly recognizable classroom . It was obvious a fight took place not long ago . He noticed that he was the focus of the whole class’ eyes . He slightly frowned letting the class know he was unpleased .


“The Tutor is going to lose it!”


‘Oh god, Xiao Qi is going to make it sound way worse than it really was . Ye Wei is in deep trouble!’ The students thought while looking at their tutor’s ashened face, but they were all too timid to speak up .


“Ha! Nobody can help you this time Ye Wei!” Xiao Qi was glad to see the tutor’s angry face, thinking Ye Wei’s punishment would be exceptionally heavy .


Seeing that the tutor was going as ask who was responsible for the mess, Xiao Qi adjusted his shirt and rehearsed the allegations in his head . He was ready to report Ye Wei’s crimes in detail, that may not be completely accurate .


Xiao Qi was impatiently waiting but the tutor did not ask anything about the mess . The class tutor’s eyes stayed on the broken tables and chairs for merely a second before he shifted his attention to Ye Wei .


The chubby tutor respectfully looked at Ye Wei and approvingly nodded .


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He did not like the state of the room and he did not know Ye Wei was responsible for it . But he knew he was looking at Master Yi’s legacy apprentice and could not wait to show respect .


The reason why he was late to the class meeting was that he was held up in another meeting, a meeting with the administrators of South Star Academy . There he learned that Ye Wei had been recruited by the renowned Runemaster, Master Yi .


“Tutor!” Xiao Qi was tired of waiting for the tutor to ask the question, so he enthusiastically stood up while coldly staring at Ye Wei .


“Not only did Ye Wei defiantly skipped school for three days in a row, but he attacked me from my blind spot with a sucker punch in this very room! He broke the school rules! Please serve justice!”


“The whole class is my alibi!” With his twisted sense of right and wrong, Xiao Qi presented his claims . His stomach was still hurting, but his mind felt eased . He was sure the tutor would avenge him swiftly and forcefully .


The tutor of junior three was known to be bad tempered . In the past, even when Xiao Qi and the martial boys broke a less serious school rule, this man would still punish them as if they committed serious offences . He did this to make an example of them and to make sure they didn’t do it again .


“Skipping school? And he attacked you?” The tutor confusingly looked at Xiao Qi, his eyebrows curled up as he frowned . Then he madly replied to Xiao Qi with a few questions, “Xiao Qi, you are the strongest student in this class, the one and only five star Student! And Ye Wei? Who doesn’t know that he is a one star Student? He attacked you?”


“You have let me down!”


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“You insult me with your lies! Don’t you have better things to spend your time on, other than lying?”


The tutor’s scolding echoed in the classroom and it startled Xiao Qi and the rest of the class . They were very confused why the tutor would take Ye Wei’s side before further investigation . They all knew that Ye Wei skipped school for three days . This favoritism was very much uncalled for .


Xiao Qi couldn’t believe the strict class tutor favored Ye Wei, he paused his pursuit .


“But even if he couldn’t or didn’t attack me, he still skipped school for three whole days! If you don’t believe me, you can ask the substitute teacher!” Xiao Qi grinded his teeth after he spoke as he was not comfortable being the victim of unfair treatment .


The day was getting weirder and weirder for everyone, they just didn’t understand why everyone seemed to be favouring Ye Wei!


Xiao Qi’s mind was full of resentment and unwillingness . He couldn’t let this go without making Ye Wei suffer! ‘The evidence is right here! The proof of Ye Wei’s offence was the classroom, itself! Even if the tutor favoured Ye Wei, there is no escape for this class skipping rascal . ’


“The act of skipping school for three days is not always against the rules now, is it? The tutor calmly stared at Xiao Qi as his face darkened .


He was annoyed by Xiao Qi . ‘Ye Wei is Master Yi’s one and only legacy apprentice, and even people as high up as the principle and the vice principal have to pay Master Yi respect!’

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‘Xiao Qi you little brat, why would I look for trouble on your behalf?’


As the tutor’s mind wandered, the class was still completely lost while trying to understand the situation . It was a written rule that students at South Star Academy are not allowed to skip school but Ye Wei skipped three days . Ye Wei had been bullied in the past, but that should not exclude him from being the subject of the school’s discipline policies!


Xiao Qi looked irritated and the rest of the class looked puzzled . Everyone that is, but the three martial family boys, they were secretly chuckling as they could guess why the tutor was behaving this way . ‘Haha, why would a junior class tutor dare punish Master Yi’s apprentice? No tutors are in the position to do so!’


“South Star Academy has strict rules against class skipping, but that only applies to students in junior, intermediate, and senior class!”


“The school board has made a decision to reassign Ye Wei to the class of the gifted!” The tutor briefly gave Xiao Qi a cold look, then turned to Ye Wei and said with a friendly tone, “Let’s all congratulate Ye Wei”




“Ye Wei? Class of the gifted?”


The announcement bombarded Xiao Qi’s mind like thunder . He felt dizzy and struggled to breathe normally . ‘Ye Wei? Did I hear correctly? Since when is he qualified to be in that class?! He is a talentless one star Student!’

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“A student in the class of the gifted can show up to lectures whenever they please, and this is one of the privileges Ye Wei has earned!” The tutor added .


The martial family boys were the first in the class to stand up, and they winked and bowed at Ye Wei, “Brother Ye, congratulations!”


“Gifted as you are it was only the matter of time before you got reassigned!”


“Ye Wei! Don’t forget about us although you won’t be among us!”


The rest of the class started cheering, “Congrats Ye Wei, you are our pride!” Ye Wei’s classmates were a bit confused as nobody knew the details yet, but the tutor’s words were enough . There was no reason to doubt what he said regarding Ye Wei being reassigned .


Nobody even cared about the pale and spaced out Xiao Qi at this point .


“Ye…Ye Wei! You really made it into the gifted class?!” Cao Ning’s eyes were widened as he disbelievingly staring at Ye Wei like an owl .


“Erm… Yea I guess so . ” Ye Wei scratched his head and nodded . He realized now that the academy might have learned that he had become Master Yi’s legacy apprentice .

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