Cultivation Chat Group - Chapter 269

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Chapter 269

"This time you’re definitely dead!" The masked man panted slightly—even as a Second Stage True Master cultivator, continuously using your qi proved to be rather strenuous .

But at the moment when the third Song Shuhang was about to die… a ray of light flashed above the bed, and another new Song Shuhang appeared .

He appeared faster than the previous two ‘Song Shuhangs’ .

Was this akin to monster spawn rate + 1 in games?

The newly-appeared Song Shuhang had the same forced smile on his face, saying, "Hello, Senior True Monarch White . I’m right beside you!"

The masked man’s hand was unable to move .

He knew there was definitely a problem with this world, but he couldn’t understand what the problem was .

It wasn’t an illusion—whenever he was killing this man before his eyes, he could touch him . Also, the odor of fresh blood was also present . They were not fake!

But every time he killed this man, he would appear immediately right after . What was happening?

As he was in the midst of thinking, the fourth Song Shuhang who just appeared said once again, "Hello, Senior True Monarch White . "

The masked man furrowed his brows and replied once again, "Hello . "

But the fourth Song Shuhang before his eyes did not reply immediately .

As expected, about slightly more than half a minute later, Song Shuhang’s face was in shock as he said, "The brakes, quickly press the brake! . . . Senior, this is not what I meant! There is a cliff ahead!!"

The masked man sighed . This time, he resisted the thought of killing him with all his might and tried getting into the role to see if it would lead to any new changes . "Alright, alright, I’ll step on the brakes!"

The fourth Song Shuhang was staring blankly again .

After staring blankly for over twenty seconds, his face suddenly wore an absent-minded expression and he said, "Memories such as . . . Little White, when your hair reaches your waist, will you marry me?"

The masked man was speechless .

Marry your grandfather!

Fists, palms, fingers, and claws violently attacked .


"Aaaah~" resounded a painful cry .

The fourth Song Shuhang fell to the ground and died .


"It should be over now, right?" the masked man muttered .

Just as he was muttering, a light ray flashed once again right before his eyes—the spawn rate seemed to be even faster!

The fifth Song Shuhang appeared right in front of him, next to the bloodied corpse of the fourth one .

As expected, his first sentence was: "Hello, Senior True Monarch White . "

"Die, die, die, die, die!" the masked man bellowed .

I don’t care how many you got, but since it isn’t an illusion, I will kill every single one of you that appears before me!

I refuse to be misled! Don’t tell me you can create a thousand people?


Time passed by . . .

Next to the masked man was a pile of corpses strewn everywhere, at least about sixty corpses of ‘Song Shuhang’ in total .

"Huff, huff . . . this is so strange, still not finished?" The masked man wore an agonized smile on his face—he knew for a fact that he had fallen into an endless trap .

Because, when he killed the tenth Song Shuhang, he wanted to get up and leave this strange place—if he couldn’t deal with it, couldn’t he just run?

But it had been proven—even if he wanted to run, he couldn’t!

The bed was clearly slightly over ten steps away from the window, but no matter how hard he tried to use all his strength to execute different footwork to run, jump, or sprint, and no matter how clearly he felt as though he had run quite a distance already… yet when he turned back, it was still the same bed and the same gentle-looking man and the same pile of corpses strewn all over the ground .

And, the distance between his location and the window was always approximately ten steps! It was so close yet worlds apart, making him lose all hope .

Hence, he hardened his heart and continued to kill Song Shuhang .

Again, he didn’t believe that a thousand more people could be spawned within the trap for him to kill .

If a thousand more people could be created for him to kill, then how twisted would the mastermind behind the trap be to take a liking to such cruelty?

Stop thinking too much and just kill kill kill kill kill!

But he was running out of strength and became weaker and weaker . His killing speed became slower and slower .

Before his eyes, the Nth number of ‘Song Shuhang’ fell to the ground with a loud thud . Before he died, he still asked stubbornly, "Will you… marry me?"

The masked man was speechless .

He was about to collapse, really about to collapse .


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Time was like running water, it went by without turning back .

Song Shuhang No . N + 1 asked, "Will you… marry me?"

"Marry, marry, I already said I would marry you, is that still not ok?" The masked man cried . "Let me go, I beg of you to just let me go . Let me get out, I’m willing to do anything for you!"

However, before his eyes, Song Shuhang N + 1’s injuries were too deep; his head tilted and he died .

Thereafter, Song Shuhang No . N + 2 appeared .

It was the same front dialogue as before .

This time, the masked man didn’t strike . He stood blankly, waiting for Song Shuhang’s recording-like dialogue to end .

Lastly, Song Shuhang No . N + 2 asked, "Will you marry me?"

"Marry, marry! I’ll marry you! I’ll marry you!" the masked man impatiently and agitatedly shouted .

However, after Song Shuhang No . N + 2 finished his sentence, he ‘crashed’ and stood there blankly, not moving a single bit .

"F*ck you, son of a b*tch!" the masked man bellowed in anger and used his last bit of strength and killed off Song Shuhang No . N + 2 .

But it was of no use!

When one Song Shuhang got defeated, a thousand or even ten thousand Song Shuhangs would appear!

Song Shuhang No . N + 3 appeared within the ray of light .

Thereafter, he continued starting the same dialogue as earlier .

Ultimately it was still that question . "Would you marry me?"

The masked man’s face fell . He didn’t even have the mood to move his finger .

A moment later, he finally became clear-headed again .

"Calm down, calm down . Since it is a trap, there is definitely a chance to break out of it . Do not get manipulated by the other party . Take a rest first, and recover your true qi . As long as it’s a trap, the man behind the trap would eventually reveal himself, and that would be the perfect opportunity for me to strike!"

The masked man finally calmed down; he took out a precious medicine pill for recovering true qi and swallowed it at one go .

Thereafter, he sat on the ground and started to recover his strength and true qi .

Just you wait… the moment a hole appears in this trap, I will teach you a lesson!

I’ll make you wish you were dead rather than alive!

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I'll use most cruel means to torture you!


In this transparent space, god knows how many hours have passed .

Song Shuhang was so bored that he climbed onto the bed next to ‘Song Shuhang No . 2’, took out his cell phone and took a selfie with ‘himself’ .


The cell phone flash lit up!

But at this time, the ‘transparent world’ suddenly disappeared!

It was too sudden; Song Shuhang was completely caught off guard .

In the next moment, he had already gone back to reality .

At this moment, he found himself sitting next to Venerable White .

Venerable White had already woken up . He was sitting up straight, smiling .

And in front of the both of them… that masked man was sitting upright and cross-legged, in the midst of recovering his true qi .

The masked man also felt the changes happening in the outside world and abruptly opened his eyes .

It was the same room! It was the same bed! It was the same man with a kind face yet extremely cruel personality!

The only thing that was missing was that ground full of corpses . . .

And there was an additional man who looked like a celestial that came out of a painting!

But it didn’t matter, an opportunity had come!

"Hahahaha, that damned trap has disappeared, and your life is also over!" The masked man clenched his teeth and jumped in the air with his right hand clawing in the direction of Song Shuhang in a bid to create five beautiful holes in his head .

Song Shuhang did not panic, he maintained a smile on his face—his biggest pillar of support was already awake, what was there to be afraid of?

Next to him, Venerable White looked tranquil . He reached out his palm, aiming at the masked man, and said four words, "Earth Spell—Sand Transformation!"

Senior White’s main attribute seemed to be related to earth . Be it the sculpture shell that appeared on his body during secluded meditation, or the Ground Leveling Spell . . . not forgetting the technique he just used .

Senior White created a long range seal with his hand .

Then, an earth-type rune was produced out of thin air and engraved itself on the masked man’s body .

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"Rip…" The masked man felt weakness in his own body . It wasn’t just his body; even his spirit weakened at a really fast rate . He looked down and saw a frightening sight .  

His body was actually transforming into a handful of golden sand, just like the sand in an hourglass, trickling down…

‘No, what is happening? Is this a magic technique? An illusory technique?’ He was extremely frightened .

In the blink of an eye, the masked man’s body and every item on it, even his soul included, all transformed into glittering sand .

It was the first time Song Shuhang actually saw Senior White personally killing an enemy . This sight deeply shocked him—Senior White’s spell wasn’t flashy or anything, and yet, it was extremely formidable . A cultivator who was capable of using true qi was transformed into a handful of yellow sand just like that .

Next, Venerable White’s right hand lightly waved, and a cool breeze appeared out of nowhere and swirled up the handful of yellow sand, sending it outside the window somewhere far away, mixing it with the soil on the ground .

Outside the window, it was still very late into the night—that was also to say that the time when Venerable White was scheduled to end his secluded meditation had not arrived .

"Senior White, you came out of secluded meditation earlier than planned?" asked Song Shuhang as he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart .

"I could feel a strong and obvious killing intent next to me . Hence, I ended my secluded meditation earlier and woke up… but it’s ok, this time it was only a small secluded meditation . The things that I wanted to reflect on and understand have already been more or less completed . " Venerable White smiled warmly and said, "Next, after I experience a couple more interesting things, I can then continue meditating in seclusion . The next time, I should be able to meditate in seclusion for approximately 300 years straight .

The next secluded meditation will last 300 years? Song Shuhang was speechless .

"Shuhang, you cannot be lazy when it comes to practicing . A First Stage cultivator can live up to the maximum lifespan of ordinary human beings at most, which is about 120-plus years . The lifespan of Second Stage cultivators is about twice that of First Stage cultivators, which is maybe 220, and maybe up to 240-plus years . So, you have to become a Third Stage cultivator at the very least in order to live 300 to 400 years," Venerable White said slowly .

Song Shuhang slightly nodded .

"Even though there is still a very long time before my next secluded meditation… I hope that when I end my secluded meditation the next time and come out, I would still be able to see you . " Venerable White smiled .  

That is to say, Song Shuhang’s cultivation needed to reach at least the Third Stage Realm in order to live long enough to see Senior White the next time he came out of secluded meditation .

Is this considered as a blessing from Senior White? Song Shuhang thought to himself .

"I will do my best, Senior White," he said confidently . "Oh yeah, Senior, I have a strange rock for you to take a look!"

Next, he took out the strange rock from his pocket .

On top of it, Lady Onion’s leaf shrunk a little, as though she was rather intimidated by Venerable White .

"Is this… the enlightenment stone?" Senior White took the strange stone and said, "No wonder, I see you have already successfully opened your Nose Aperture; even your Ear Aperture is in a state where it’s brimming with qi and blood . Did you have any fortuitous encounter over the past two days?"

"Yeah, I did have a fortuitous encounter . " Song Shuhang giggled .

At the same time, he thought of something . Could it be that the masked man accidentally discovered enlightenment stone on my body and wanted to forcefully steal it?

He did not see the image of the masked man frantically slaughtering ‘him’ in the real illusion . The target of the masked man was definitely not as simple as just an enlightenment stone . . .