Custom Made Demon King - Chapter 216

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Chapter 216: Chapter 216 - Already Calculated

Chapter 216 Already Calculated

Before coming, Roy had been thinking about what the sealed Samael looked like, but when he really arrived, he found that… he could not see him at all!

The sealed place that Julia said was simply flat ground . If not for the rich magic power aura lingering here, it would not have been a problem to say that this was an uninhabited area .

Roy looked at this scene in astonishment . He did not understand what was going on . Why was there nothing here?

However, when Roy and Julia stepped into this area, Samael’s clearer voice came to their ears, which could not deceive anyone .

“Your Majesty Samael!” Julia was a little excited as she knelt on one knee on the ground . “I’ve finally found you!”

“Julia, you’re very good!” Samael’s voice was full of gratification . “You’re probably the only one left among my immediate personal guards!”

“I’m very sorry, Your Majesty . When you fought the Destroyer, I failed to stay behind loyally…” Julia lowered her head in shame .

“In that situation, it would have been useless for you to stay . The other fallen angels have all died in the hands of the Destroyer!” Samael said . “So, it might have been a good thing for you to leave!”

At this point, Samael changed the topic and asked Roy, “Child, who are you?”

Given Samael’s demon king status and age, he could call most of the demons in the Abyss children, so Roy did not have any thoughts about this form of address . He knelt on one knee like Julia and said concisely, “My name is Osiris, Julia’s partner, Your Majesty Samael!”

“Is that so?” Samael was a little surprised, but he did not say anything else . He only continued to say to Julia, “Although the Destroyer has sealed most of my power, he was incapable of killing me . I’m currently sealed in an alternate space, so I can’t appear to meet you . Julia, there’s something I want you to do now!”

“Please give your instructions, Your Majesty Samael!” Julia said without hesitation .

“I want you to build an altar on this sealed place so that I can temporarily leave the alternate space and appear in the main world!” Samael said . “There’s a Demon God Pillar buried underground in this area . It’s the medium that the Destroyer is using to seal me . Find it and build an altar with it as the main body . This way, as long as I have enough blood and magic power, I can temporarily escape!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Julia agreed . She turned around and looked at Roy . After seeing Roy nod at her, she began to search for the buried Demon God Pillar .

Sealing was a specialized subject of magic Araniya had mentioned seals in Roy’s memories, but because the spider demons were not good at these kinds of sealing abilities, it was not mentioned in detail . The most important thing in sealing was the medium, which was the carrier of the seal .

The Demon God Pillar mentioned by Samael was the carrier that the Destroyer was using to seal him . Of course, a small pillar could not make Samael stay in it, so in essence, the Demon God Pillar was only a key to open the alternate space, and Samael’s main body was now in this alternate space .

It had not been long since Samael was sealed, and even Samael was temporarily unable to leave the alternate space and appear in the main world, so he needed external force to help him . This external force was naturally Roy and Julia .

Thinking of this, Roy could not help but sigh . He remembered that when the Horseman War returned to the human world a hundred years later, there was actually a building where Samael was sealed . Moreover, Samael could also appear . But he absolutely did not expect that the ones who built the building here were him and Julia… This feeling of space-time confusion was really wonderful . Therefore, he did not hesitate and said, “Your Majesty Samael, let me build the altar!”

“Very good, Osiris!” Samael’s voice was full of praise . “You followed Julia here, so you must have something to request . Don’t worry . Do this well, and I’ll reward you . Since Julia is your partner, I’ll restore her freedom and let her follow you!”

As expected of a demon king, he was simply an experienced person… oh, no, an experienced demon! Before he had even said anything, Samael more or less guessed his purpose in coming . This was good as long as he achieved his goal . As for whether or not Samael was forced by the situation, Roy did not know .

He did as he said . Roy looked around and found many materials . With a thought, his powerful Psychokinesis surged out .

Not far away, dozens of huge rocks weighing dozens of tons slowly floated under Roy’s Psychokinesis and moved closer to him . After the fusion, Roy’s Psychokinesis had improved immensely again . Just like now, he could easily lift more than a hundred tons of objects at once! Under his command, these huge rocks were drawn over, and Roy summoned Frostmourne and waved it at the rocks .

The sharp blade quickly cut these rocks into neat squares . Roy waved his sword again and cut them into the equal-sized tiles before laying them on the ground with Psychokinesis .

Roy could not help but have a strange feeling when he was doing this . He felt as though he had become Cell, and he was currently setting up the arena for the World Martial Arts Tournament…

“Very powerful spiritual power, Osiris . You seem to be stepping into the threshold of demon lord?” Samael’s voice was full of praise . He appeared to be able to see the scene of the main world through the alternate space .

“Yes, Your Majesty Samael!” Roy nodded as he worked . “Of course, my strength might not be worth mentioning to you…” “Haha, interesting kid . Are you, what is it the humans say, kissing my ass?” Samael was in a good mood . He even laughed because of Roy’s words . “Since when did such a fellow like you appear among the Abyss demons?”

Roy did not say anything else . He shrugged and continued working .

He laid the floor tiles on the ground and formed an orderly circle . In the center, he left a circular hole, according to Samael’s instructions . This hole would be where the Demon God Pillar went . Then with this hole as the center of the circle, he engraved continuous grooves on the surrounding tiles . These groves were runes formed by demon characters, and all the lines finally connected to the Demon God Pillar at the center of the circle . At that time, as long as the altar was completed, he would pour a large amount of blood containing magic power into these grooves, and the blood would eventually flow along the grooves to the Demon God Pillar and then temporarily remove the seal .

Yes, it was only temporary . The seal set by the demon king-level Destroyer could only be completely removed by demon king-level power, so Samael did not expect Roy and Julia to help him completely escape . He only needed to temporarily lift the seal through this altar when necessary so that he could emerge from the alternate space to let off some steam .

When he really wanted to escape, Samael naturally planned to do it himself…

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After laying down the altar, Roy made four demon statues in the four directions of this circular sealed place . These four demon statues were a mechanism with vessels for containing blood inside . As long as he pushed the four demon statues forward, blood would flow out of their mouths and into the rune grooves .

After finishing arranging it, Julia returned . She carried a huge pillar back . This was the Demon God Pillar, but what surprised Roy was that the pillar was not smooth but seemed to be inlaid with scales .

He looked closer and realized that they were not real scales but engraved scales…

“Put the Demon God Pillar in!” Samael ordered before Roy could take a closer look . “After putting down this Demon God Pillar, you have to find a way to help me find something!”

“What is it?” Roy asked . “Blood! Dragon blood!” Samael said . “The Destroyer is in the form of a dragon . This Demon God Pillar inherited his magic power, so it produced dragon scale-like patterns . Therefore, when the seal is first opened, it needs dragon blood to irrigate it . But there aren’t many dragons left in this world . You can return to the Black Stone Throne and find Lilith . She has some dragon blood!”

Hearing this, Roy immediately felt helpless!

Now, he finally confirmed it thoroughly . F*ck, this is simply a scheme by a bunch of demon king big shots!

Samael wanted Roy and Julia to find Lilith to get the dragon blood . But because he was sealed here and the range of his senses was not large, he did not know that Roy and Julia had actually just come from Lilith and had already obtained a bottle of black dragon blood from her!

Roy had been wondering why Lilith’s reward was a bottle of black dragon blood . Now, he understood that Lilith was certain that they would come to Samael, so she had given them the black dragon blood in advance to help him escape…

Lilith had calculated everything…

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Roy and Julia looked at each other and helplessly took out the bottle of black dragon blood that had yet to be used . “No need, Your Majesty Samael . In fact, we’ve already sought help from Mother Lilith . We obtained this bottle of black dragon blood from Mother Lilith!”

“Hahahaha!” Upon hearing this, Samael laughed wildly . “Very good! Very good! Julia, Osiris, your loyalty is worthy of praise! Come on, pour the black dragon blood down and let me come out!”

Roy handed the black dragon blood to Julia . Julia walked over and poured the blood into the grooves . Then she saw the boiling black dragon blood emitting smoke as it flowed along the grooves . After drawing all the runes, it dripped onto the Demon God Pillar in the center .

The next moment, the surrounding space immediately trembled . Roy and Julia could clearly feel this spatial tremor .

In the midst of this huge tremor, a fiery red spatial channel suddenly appeared in the center of the altar . Then a wingtip rose from the spatial channel, and the King of Wrath Samael, wrapped in a pair of gigantic reverse wings, slowly rose up . When his entire body emerged, Samael’s wings spread out as he landed on the ground with a thud!

The strong smell of sulfur and the immense heat that was wantonly bursting everywhere spread toward the surroundings with Samael’s appearance . Roy felt the massive magic power pressure contained in the heat, and he felt as though he was suffocating! He could not help but feel surprised . It was hard to imagine that Samael was currently in a state where most of his power was sealed . If his power completely returned, how powerful would this magic power pressure be?!

Ignoring the expressions on Roy’s and Julia’s faces, Samael raised his head and laughed wildly, seemingly celebrating the success of his plan…

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