Custom Made Demon King - Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Chapter 37

Chapter 37: There Was Q in Addition to A

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It was a good thing that he managed to get away, but it gave Roy a rude awakening as well .

It seemed like he still needed to be cautious about being summoned to other worlds .

Although a low-rank demon might be stronger than many monsters in the human worlds, that did not mean he could afford to be careless . Demons also had powerful enemies .

Humans were usually the ones who summoned demons, but humans also found demons unacceptable more often than not . They wanted to borrow the power of demons but were also disdainful and fearful of them at the same time . And many exorcists viewed killing demons as their responsibilities . It could be said that demons had an innate disadvantage in human territory, which was called the home-field disadvantage factor .

Roy felt helpless about this . He had the mind of a human and the body of a demon, so he could not treat demons as comrades, but humans did not treat him as one of them when he went to a human world . Even if he did nothing wrong, humans would still despise him .

Roy was soberly aware of this fact . Thus, he could fight against both humans and demons because he was aware that he was isolated, and both sides would not accept him . If he wanted to live well, it was best not to harbor any naive thoughts .

When he saw Gabriel in his angel form, Roy had felt afraid, but he was also really envious . Why had he not been reborn as an angel? Even if he were to allow monsters to scourge humans for hundreds of years before he finally appeared to take care of it, humans would still worship him… It would not be what he was going through now, causing panic and killing intentions against him as soon as he appeared…

Thinking about it… makes it even more ridiculous! Appearance really is the face of justice!

The concubine will be forgiven no matter what she does because she is just too beautiful… right?

He shook his head and left the altar . Roy climbed out of the volcano, intending to find a place to settle down before checking his harvest .

Roy stored Grabriel’s holy soul fragment and Lucius’s fallen soul in the system . He did not even dare to bring it out to take a closer look . He knew very well that it would only cause a huge uproar once he took it out in the Demon World . Only when he stored it in the system could he isolate the smell .

He thought that he could obtain a fallen soul and a noble soul this time . He did not expect that he would not even see the shadow of the noble soul but obtained a holy soul fragment instead . Would this be what you lose on the swings, you gain on the roundabouts?

If both fallen souls and noble souls are high-quality souls, then what level are holy souls? What can it be used for?

Roy did not know the answer to these questions for the time being, and he would need to experiment with them himself .

While flying out of the volcano, Roy found the nest of flying demons against the dome atop the cave . This nest was actually an entrance . The original occupants seemed to have abandoned it for quite some time and were likely hunted . As such, Roy occupied it directly .

It was rather spacious inside . Roy found that it could hold at least three of his size .

After staying in the nest, Roy began to study the system .

As expected, once he had Lucius’s fallen soul, he could use the functions of 3D and AE .

Roy studied while consulting the system, and he did not take long to understand what these two functions were for .

The 3D function was for Roy to create models, while AE was to allow Roy to create special effects and generate videos .

Moreover, these two functions were used in combination . Roy could use the 3D function to build his character model and draw different poses before superimposing them together to form a motion picture . He could then use AE to add special effects before generating it as a video and cropping a certain portion of it in GIF format .

Simply put, the GIF images generated through these two functions were actually skill demonstrations with special effects! After saving the material, Roy could use the skills in the GIFs, and the attacks he unleashed would have exactly the same special effects!

When he figured out what the functions were for, Roy could not help but feel stupefied . Sh*t, I can even play it this way?

Roy’s interest came, and he started to tinker with it excitedly .

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3D modeling was tedious . He had to first think about the different actions his model needed to make before he started drawing, and in the skill demonstration, he then had to draw out all the individual actions needed .

At the same time, he would have to model the special effects if he wanted these actions to come with them . For example, if he wanted flame special effects, then what was the trajectory of the flames? Was it spreading out or skyrocketing into the air? He had to draw it out as well . In short, the combination of these two functions was the process of animation .

Therefore, while drawing and modeling, Roy was thinking about what kind of skills he wanted to make .

Since they were self-created skills, Roy could draw anything he wanted . However, he had to consider two problems at the same time . One was the amount of Lucius’s fallen soul because the materialization of skills required consuming this high-quality soul . It would consume more of a high-quality soul with an increase in special effects .

The second question was the question of his own magic energy . Roy had already asked the system . The power of his created skills ultimately depended on the amount of Roy’s magic energy .

He could even create a skill that ignited a nuclear explosion by spitting on the ground . However, even if he could really achieve it, his current amount of magic energy would probably make it into the power of a grenade at best . He would use up his magic energy in one shot and be unable to achieve the effect in the skill demonstration .

So after thinking about it, Roy felt that his first skill had to have a simple effect where his magic energy could continuously support it! After waiting for his magic energy to increase, he could gradually modify the special effects to increase its power .

In other words, it’s best for it to be a Q skill… Thinking was easy, but Roy was suddenly caught in a conundrum when he started to design . What kind of Q skill should I make?

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This first skill could actually be regarded as his first magic skill . It was a novice-level skill, so the first thing that Roy thought of was Fireball, Shadow Arrow, and the like . Such skills were easy to realize, and he could perfectly achieve the special effects regardless of the amount of magic energy they would use .

The problem was that he felt that such skills did not seem cool enough…

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