Custom Made Demon King - Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Bloodlust

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In the beginning, Roy wanted to create a long-range skill . On the one hand, he could shoot out this skill with a biubiu sound, which would have a very hands-on feeling . On the other hand, he subconsciously felt that only skills that were launched could be called magic .

Roy knew quite a number of such skills such as Fire Arrow, Frost Arrow, Chaos Arrow, Spirit Ball, Windblade, Railgun, and so on . As a result, Roy suffered from difficulty choosing . He wanted to learn everything .

However, he currently only had one fallen soul in his possession, and he did not know how much it would consume to manifest a magic skill . Therefore, Roy could only control his mind and think about which one would best fit his situation .

He had idled most of his time away in the Van Helsing world, although it was for exploration and seeking answers . Moreover, if he had not planned to return early, he almost could not have come back . His first experience being summoned allowed him to understand many things .

Most of these worlds that could summon demons usually had extraordinary powers like magic . However, there were differences in their power, which were the low and high-magic worlds often mentioned . In low-magic worlds, the monsters and exorcists mostly used their physical strength when fighting . This was why the low-rank demons of the upper level of the Abyss could make waves in such worlds .

Roy was a low-rank demon himself . He had drawn out most of the potential of his demon body after using the T-Virus to strengthen himself . His current strength was equivalent to that of a normal top-low-rank demon, but even this strength was enough to crush the famous vampire Dracula in the Van Helsing world .

However, it was worth noting that even Roy was not sure if he had any chance of evolution because of his impure bloodline . Roy felt that he either had to seek ways to evolve like demons had done so over the millions of years or seek a way to collect a large number of souls and use the system to evolve himself . No matter which method he chose, the fact remained that Roy would have to spend a lot of time in the upper Abyss .

Roy was not sure how big the upper Abyss was either, no clue how many low-rank demons there were, and if there were any stronger or faster than him among these demons .

The so-called top-low-rank demons were just a phase . It did not mean that they had reached their peak, but that they had crossed infancy and entered maturity . The longer a demon lived, the more powerful they would be . This was an indisputable fact .

Roy felt that the effect of a magic arrow would probably not be any stronger than the damage with his claws given his current magic energy situation . So after thinking about it, Roy finally decided on his first skill .

His first magic skill should be something that could increase his own strength and speed!

After deciding, Roy started modeling . He first completed a model of his normal self, fixed the proportions, and made a bigger copy of it .

He went to work, though he did not spend too much time, and quickly completed a GIF animation .

In the animation, Roy’s body was normal at first, but then his body began to swell after a burst of red light . Not only did his body become larger, but his muscles were stronger .

Roy even added a BGM for this animation in his head . Oh oh oh oh…

It was a very familiar animation . Right! Its name was Bloodlust!

After completing the animation, Roy began to define this skill . He kept its name as Bloodlust, and his description for it was ‘increase strength and speed by percentage’ .

Roy did not set a specific percentage increase . After all, if he set it himself, he would definitely increase it to 100%, 200%, or the like . The higher, the better . However, the higher he set it, the higher the consumption of souls .

Even if he wanted to set it lower, he did not know what the best price-performance ratio was . Therefore, he simply handed it over to the system to decide the optimal number .

With that, Roy completed his first magic skill . The modeling of this skill was pretty simple . It did not even need any extra actions other than enlarging the model . The rest was nothing more than the length of effect for the Bloodlust skill and the red glowing special effect emanating from his body .

Roy saved the skill, and before long, the Bloodlust skill appeared in his attribute panel .

Without further ado, Roy wanted to experiment with it . However, he was a little unsure if he should do it in the nest, so he flew out and landed on the ground before using it on himself .

Since he had not set any extra movements, the effects of the Bloodlust skill were almost instantaneous . When the blood-red light permeated his body, Roy immediately felt an immense power all over his body .

Roy’s original two-meter-tall body began to swell, and the muscles in his arms, chest, abdomen, and legs bulged up . This feeling was like changing into the Hulk, and Roy could not help but roar!

After a short while, he stopped growing bigger . He grew about fifty centimeters, and his weight increased quite a fair bit as well . The ground he was standing on now had a shallow pit from his weight increase, and even his wingspan grew wider . The blood-red light permeated his body, feeling as though it was radiating .

Roy looked at the ground and picked up a stone the size of a grinding disc with both hands . He gauged it in his hands and felt that it was at least a few tens of kilograms . He pierced his right claw into the stone, picked it up with that hand, and then flung it forward!

This large rock flew out with a whistling sound . It traveled for quite some time, drawing a curved trajectory before landing about a kilometer away!

“Ooh!” Roy exclaimed . Such strength was indeed incredible .

Then Roy stomped on the ground and sprang out . He did not take too long to cross the kilometer and reach where the stone landed .

I used… about thirty seconds?

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Roy estimated the time he took and came to the conclusion that he could easily run at a speed of ninety kilometers an hour with his legs, like a car running on a highway . This speed was simply…

His power was so ridiculous that he did not know how much strength he had now .

He opened the system interface and found that his strength attribute had increased from the original 77 to 108, and his speed increased from 35 to 50 . That meant that the increase brought by his Bloodlust was about 40% . It was not like the 100% that Roy wanted, but it satisfied him since it only used up twenty magic energy . One point of magic energy brought an equivalent of a 2% increase in his attributes .

Most importantly, the duration was very long, lasting about three whole minutes before the light of Bloodlust faded away .

This was the optimal choice after automatic adaptation by the system . The increase might only be 40%, but the magic power consumption was within acceptable range . The duration was also enough to support a small-scale battle .

Roy was naturally very satisfied with it . But the cherry on the top was that it did not fully consume the fallen soul! In fact, there was plenty left!

This surprised Roy . It seemed like this fallen soul was not only of high quality, but it also contained more soul power than he had imagined .

Roy thought about what to do with the remaining part of the fallen soul . He did not intend to make another skill, so he modified Bloodlust by adding another definition attribute to it: Can cast on specified target!

In other words, after the modification, Roy could not only use Bloodlust on himself but also on targets that he wanted to enhance .

Saving the modification consumed quite a lot of the fallen soul . The description of the fallen soul in the system was now ‘nearly disappearing’, meaning there was not much left .

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Roy still had the souls of Anna and Viken, as well as several other human souls that Lucius had contributed to him . They were all relatively large but were low-quality souls . After thinking about it, he used these souls to make a Magic Energy Growth Potion once again .

After drinking the Magic Energy Growth Potion, Roy’s magic energy increased more than a dozen points again, breaking through to forty . This way, he could at least ensure that his magic energy was enough to use Bloodlust twice .

He basically exhausted his supply of ordinary souls, so Roy was now left with that ‘holy soul fragment’…

So, what can I do with a holy soul fragment?

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