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Custom Made Demon King - Chapter 424

Published at 27th of January 2021 04:00:12 AM

Chapter 424: 424
Before Sareth could react, V had already stabbed the sword!

Dante suddenly opened his eyes! The Sword of Sparda grazed his face and stabbed into the ground .

“Ah…” After opening his eyes, Dante did not do anything drastic because he saw V’s face clearly . As he struggled to sit up, he grunted with a headache before saying to V, “Did you need to use this method to wake me up?”

V held the Sword of Sparda and said breathlessly, “I understand you . This method works for you . ”

Hearing their conversation, Sareth realized that V had actually used killing intent to stimulate Dante to get him to wake up . No wonder he held the Sword of Sparda and made such a dangerous move .

“What time is it?” Dante asked as he stood up .

“June… fifteenth,” V replied .

“I actually slept for a month?!” Dante was shocked . He raised his hands high above his head and stretched . “No wonder my bones feel stiff…”

Listening to the sound of cracking bones coming from his body, Dante felt much better . At this moment, he saw Sareth, so he waved his hand and greeted, “Hey, brat, you’re here too!”

“Calling me this again!” Sareth said hatefully . “Why do you like to say this word in such a despicable tone every time?”

Cerberus had also called Sareth half-demon brat, but Sareth did not have much of a reaction to this name . Instead, every time Dante called him it, he could not help but want to hit him…

Seeing Sareth’s hateful look, Dante laughed .

The demon crow Griffon flew over at this moment . As he circled around Dante, he said, “Okay, sunshine boy, let’s get moving . We have to go quickly . That annoying brat Nero is rushing toward Urizen . If he really gets there, I’m afraid…”

Before he could finish speaking, Dante grabbed Griffon’s bird head and threw him far away…

Turning around, Dante said to V, “Hey, this is my job . You shouldn’t have gotten Nero and Sareth involved!”

V said expressionlessly, “If you could have defeated Urizen before, I wouldn’t have had to involve these lads!”

V walked over and picked up his cane . “Urizen is too powerful, beyond our imagination . We need to unite all the forces that we can unite . ”

Dante crossed his arms, recalled the scene of his sword, Rebellion, being shattered, and had nothing to say .

After thinking about it, Dante walked over, pulled out the Sword of Sparda from the ground, and carried it on his shoulder . “Okay, adults can’t let children do their jobs!”

With that, Dante carried the Sword of Sparda and wanted to leave .

For Dante, after knowing that Urizen’s identity was actually Vergil, he had always thought that defeating Urizen was his duty . Whether it was Nero or Sareth, he did not want the two of them to participate in this dangerous job .

Seeing Dante leaving, V wanted to chase after him hurriedly, but he staggered and fell to the ground . Dante turned around to look at V and said, “V, Sareth, rest here for a while . ”

With that, Dante accumulated strength and jumped toward the top of the fissure .

At this moment, Sareth suddenly yelled, “Cerberus! Stop him!”

As soon as he finished speaking, three ferocious dog heads suddenly appeared at the fissure entrance . Dante, who had just jumped up, was shocked, and he could only quickly turn around in midair and fall back to the ground .

“Where’d this big dog come from?” Dante looked up in surprise, only to see Cerberus grinning at him viciously .

“It’s something that Sareth encountered halfway… I’m not too sure about the specifics,” V said .

Dante was a little depressed . He turned around and said to Sareth, “The joke ends here, brat . Get this big dog to move out of the way . ”

“Wait, why do you never listen to me?” Sareth said angrily . “Is that Urizen really that powerful?”

“Absolutely . He’s the strongest demon I’ve encountered!” Dante said solemnly .

“If you go like this, won’t you still be defeated?” Sareth said . “You luckily survived the last time, but what about this time?”

“… No matter what, I have to try!” Dante said .

Sareth smiled . “Then, don’t you want to hear my suggestion?”

“Oh?” Dante was surprised . He lowered the Sword of Sparda and stabbed it into the ground . “Okay, let’s hear what you have to say . ”

Sareth raised his index finger . “Have you ever thought about why Urizen is spending so much effort to make the Qliphoth bear fruit?”

“Isn’t it just to strengthen himself?” Dante spread his hands . “He’s already extremely strong now . If he eats that fruit, perhaps no one will be able to deal with him, so we have to defeat him before the fruit matures . ”

“Then haven’t you thought about taking the fruit away?” Sareth said . “If he wants to do something, don’t let him do it . Isn’t this the simplest method?”

Dante shook his head in amusement . “Sareth, you’re thinking too simply . Haven’t you seen that a powerful barrier surrounds the crown of the tree where the fruit is? If we don’t defeat Urizen, no one can approach the fruit . It’s easier said than done to snatch the fruit first . ”

“But I can!” Sareth patted his chest and said proudly, “I can enter the barrier!”

“What?!” Dante and V were shocked and looked at Sareth in disbelief . “Hey, you’ll be spanked if you lie!”

“I’m telling the truth!” Sareth said . “In fact, I’ve already gone in once when I came back, and Urizen didn’t seem to have noticed…”

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Dante and V looked at each other and saw the disbelief in each other’s eyes . This news from Sareth was indeed good .

Dante could not help but rub his stubble and ponder . “But there’s a problem . The fruit is about to ripen, so Urizen will definitely be very careful . Just because you weren’t discovered earlier doesn’t mean that you won’t be discovered this time…”

“Indeed!” V nodded . “If he catches you, you’ll probably be miserable . ”

“Then don’t let him find out!” Sareth said proudly . “You go fight and distract him so that I can go in!”

“That’s a good idea!” Dante nodded . “Then it’s settled . Sareth, let’s split up . I’ll try my best to stall Urizen . You find a way to pluck the fruit from the tree crown!”

With that, he jumped out of the fissure again with the Sword of Sparda on his shoulder . When Cerberus saw Dante appear, she immediately opened her mouth to bite him . But this time, Dante kicked her chin, and the immense force directly knocked her enormous body over .

After Cerberus got up with her face covered in dust, Dante laughed . “Good dog . I don’t have time to play with you now . If you know what’s good for you, get out of my way . ”

Cerberus became annoyed and was about to fight Dante, but Sareth and V came out of the fissure at this moment, and Sareth quickly shouted, “Wait, Cerberus! Don’t forget our contract!”

“My contract with you was completed when I found this guy . I didn’t say that I wouldn’t bite him to death!” Cerberus roared fiercely .

“How is it completed?” Sareth asked . “Aren’t you still going to help me collect offerings?!”

“Then use his soul as an offering!” Cerberus was not stupid .

“No!” Sareth said . “You can kill him anytime you want . Help me get the offerings first! Helping me summon Brother Fat Tiger is the most important, right?”

Cerberus hesitated for a while as she paced around before saying hatefully, “Okay, I’ll let you go for now, descendant of Sparda…”

“Oh, thank you so much!” Dante whistled and did not provoke him anymore . He could tell that this big dog was now on Sareth’s side . If he could avoid fighting, then there was no need to .

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Thus, Dante and V left first . After the two of them left, Cerberus turned around and lowered her heads . “I’ve already violated too many principles . If you can’t summon that hellhound, I’ll make you wish you were dead . Do you understand?”

“Understood, understood!” Sareth waved his hand indifferently . “Now, we have to find a way to get out and fly to the top of the tree from the outside . ”

“I can’t fly, so I can’t carry you up . You can only rely on yourself!” Cerberus said . “But I can bring you out!”

“Then what are you waiting for? Let’s go!” Sareth said as he ran . Meanwhile, Cerberus shook her three heads in annoyance before following .

Under the lead of Cerberus, they ran for a long time before finally arriving at the edge of the Qliphoth . Cerberus gestured for him to look above, and when Sareth looked up, he saw a grayish-white area .

“Do you see that? The tree trunk there is already rotten . It seems to have been caused by the black storm earlier…” At this point, Cerberus could not help but look down at Sareth . In fact, she had overheard the conversation between Sareth and V . After all, her ears were very sharp, so she knew that the situation that Urizen had asked her to investigate was actually caused by this half-demon brat in front of her .

However, she did not intend to pursue this for the time being . In fact, from the moment she signed the demon contract with Sareth, it was tantamount to her betraying Urizen . So it did not seem like a big deal to betray further…

“The entrance to the Qliphoth has closed . If you want to go out, you can only go out from here!” Cerberus said . “I’ll help you open an exit here, and you can fly out yourself . ”

Sareth nodded and stood aside .

Thick flames suddenly rose all over Cerberus’s body, and then an incomparably gigantic explosive fireball shot out from her mouth . This fireball was full of powerful magic power . After a short flight, it hit the grayish-white trunk area and then exploded!

Light shone in, and a large hole appeared . Sareth spread his flame wings and flew toward the hole .

“Half-demon brat, if you dare not to fulfill the contract, you know what the consequences are!” Cerberus roared at Sareth’s distant figure . “With the power of the demon contract, even if you hide at the ends of the world, I can still find you . Understand?!”

“Got it, got it!” Sareth replied without looking back as he flew out of the hole…