Dagger - Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

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Two days later . . .

The Three Heads Tavern was going to open for business in a few minutes . However, it was as if the initial mood of the establishment today wasn't that happy .

"Where's Allen? He didn't get to work yesterday . ", Kate was going back and forth in the tavern .

"Hey, hey! Sit down first . Maybe he's just late?", Drake speculated .

"Maybe? I don't know either . ", Kate didn't stop going back and forth .

"Just sit down first, and calm down . You're making me dizzy!", Drake guided Kate to sit down .

"I feel like something has happened to him . ", Kate slowly calmed down and drank a glass of water which was provided by Drake .

"We'll go visit his house later after working, alright?", Drake said .

"Okay . ", Kate nodded .

"I don't know why you get concerned about Allen these past few days . ", Drake wondered out loud . However, Kate didn't pay attention to what Drake just said .

"Go to the kitchen, it's opening time . ", Kate said . While Drake immediately went to the kitchen .

. . .

The business time passed by and it was already dusk . For Kate, it was as if the time has moved very slowly, torturing her into waiting .

When the last customer left, Kate placed her apron beside Allen's and called out to Drake .

"I'm coming! Wait for me . ", Drake went out of the kitchen and placed the apron beside Allen's .

"Okay, let's go now . ", Drake said .

However, before they could exit the building, they saw a boy who looked like a bit younger compared to the two of them .

"Erm . . . excuse me, are you my big brother's . . . I mean Allen's workmate?", of course, it was none other than William .

"Uh-huh, aren't you Allen's little brother?", Kate asked .

"Looks like we don't have to go to his house after all . ", Drake added .

"Yes, I am his little brother . ", William nodded in agreement .

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After a pause, the younger Morgan asked, "Have you seen big brother? He didn't come back home yesterday and didn't tell me anything that he won't be able to come back soon . "

Hearing what William has just said, Kate and Drake suddenly felt that there was really something wrong going on .

"No we didn't, but can you inform us if he came back to your house?", Kate asked .

"Of course, but can you also please inform me if he came here? I think he might have been staying here until midnight, sneaking in and out of the town for some time . ", William asked .

"Alright . ", Kate nodded .

"Thank you big sister . ", William didn't waste anymore time and exited the establishment .

"Something serious really happened on Allen . ", Kate said .

"Looks like I can't doubt your intuition anymore . ", Drake said .

"We better look for him, but where do we start?", Kate pondered .

"Err . . . excuse me, is this Three Heads Tavern?", a man carrying a sack walked in and asked .

"Didn't you read the sign above the door on the outside?", Drake asked .

"Umm . . . I did, I was just checking . ", the man was embarrassed .
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After a pause, the man said, "There's a mail for your establishment . " After which, the man took out a small box from the sack and handed it to Kate . The girl, on the other hand, accepted it .

"Do we need to pay for the delivering fee?", Kate asked .

"No, it's already paid by the sender . Have a nice day . ", the mailman left the establishment .

"This must be for master . ", Kate said .

"Let's take it to him . ", Drake said .

The two of them walked upstairs towards Mr . Sanchez office room and knocked on the door .

"Come in . ", Mr . Sanchez said .

The two kids entered the room and presented Mr . Sanchez the mail .

"Oh?", Mr . Sanchez gave a curious look . He looked up to Kate and Drake who were about to leave the room .

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"Hold on, don't leave yet . ", Mr . Sanchez called out .

The two kids obeyed Mr . Sanchez and stayed to his side .

"Is there a name of the sender?", Mr . Sanchez asked .

"No . ", Drake and Kate shook their heads .

The tavern owner didn't waste anymore time and opened the box . There, they saw a small gem resting inside the box .

"What is that?", Drake asked .

"A recording gem . ", Mr . Sanchez answered . Afterwards, the tavern owner activated it .


A holographic video appeared in front of them .

On the other hand, Kate's and Drake's eyes widened as they saw who was in the video .

"Allen?!", they unconsciously blurted out in surprise .


A day ago, at the outskirts of Loraint Town . . .

Loraint Town was located at far West-southwest of Crescent Town . It was built near the river, but it wasn't that well-developed unlike Riverboard City .

On the east of the town was the Rigel Farmlands, the biggest farmlands in the entire southern region .

On it's north was the Victorian Lake, where the river in the southern region ends .

On the outskirts of the said town . Atop of a hill, there was an old castle which was long abandoned . However, a group of people arrived and occupied it last night, but the townsfolks didn't notice their presence .

Of course, that group of people was none other than from that secret organization .

"Why have you called me, sir?", Lazar asked to the leader .

"Just follow me . ", the leader guided Lazar down to the deepest part of the castle, where there was a steel door .

The leader took out a key and opened the door . There, they saw Allen, whose head was bowing down . In addition, his body was magically tied up on the steel chair, his arms down to his hands were magically tied on the armrests, lastly, his feet and legs were tied to each other and to the legs of the chair too .

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Allen was shivering and panting . He looked up and saw the two men . He was already familiar with one of them, who was the leader . However, he didn't know the other one, but he could see his fury on his face .

"Didn't you say that he killed your brother?", the leader asked towards Lazar .

"Yes . ", Lazar nodded . He could still remember Allen's face when he killed his brother due to his' and his brother's innate connection .

"Well then, I'm tasking you to force him to spit out where's the treasure and who's possessing it . ", the leader said and pointed towards a large table full of . . . 'equipments', "You can use any of those things, but remember, don't let him get killed . There are healing vials on the drawers of the table, use it to prevent him from dying due to getting succumbed to his injuries or bloodloss . "

After a pause, the leader exited the room and closed the door, with the small hole on the door, he peeked inside and chuckled, "Have fun avenging your brother . " After which, the window was closed tightly .

"W . . . what are you going to do?", Allen asked in fear .

Lazar approached the table and calmly said, "Avenging my brother . "

The barbarian picked up a large scissor and approached Allen .

"No . . . no! Stay away!", Allen frantically shouted .

. . .

"GAHHHH . . . "

The painful shout could be heard from outside the room . However, it never got out of the deepest level of the castle .


Back at the present time in the Three Heads Tavern . . .

"Allen?!", Kate and Drake blurted out as they saw Allen, whose head was bowing down while tied to a steel chair, with a blood puddle on the floor below him .

The kid on the projection was shivering, panting and sobbing non-stop, making the two kids' and Mr . Sanchez's hearts go cold .

After which, Lazar appeared on the video while carrying a dagger .

"What did you do to Allen?", Kate angrily asked .

"They won't hear you, it's just recorded . ", Mr . Sanchez said .

At the same time, Lazar spoke, "We just want the treasure . I won't talk too much, because I know that you know what I'm talking about . "

"Treasure? What treasure?", Drake was baffled .

"Is it the treasures we got from Mount Watchtower?", Kate pondered .

"No . ", Mr . Sanchez shook his head .

"But of course, first we'll give you a warning for meddling with the affairs of the organization . ", Lazar lifted Allen's head up with his big hand, and the latter's frightened face was seen by the two kids and Mr . Sanchez .

"What the heck did they do to him?", Drake asked .

"They . . . tortured him . ", Mr . Sanchez slowly answered .

Hearing the tavern owner's answer, Kate and Drake became angry while feeling a chill on their spine .

"Have you ever heard of the Reptile's Condemnation?", Lazar suddenly asked .

Kate and Drake curiously looked towards the tavern owner for the answer, "Reptile's Condemnation is a kind of liquid which was mixed from a minor dragon's saliva and an ancient viper's poison . Mixing it with it water would create a clear liquid . If you smeared on a weapon, then if you injure somebody with that weapon, their injuries would never heal . "

Hearing Mr . Sanchez explaination, Kate and Drake was enlightened, but at the same time felt that something very bad was about to happen . . . or rather, it has already happened .

"If you say that it would make an injury never be able to heal, then you are correct . ", Lazar said .

"The tip of this dagger is smeared with that liquid . This kid would be able to heal his wound from that injury . . . but I can't say about his eyesight on his right eye . ", Lazar stabbed the dagger on Allen's right eye . The kid's body shook on the chair and shouted in pain .



The dagger was stabbed even deeper .

Seeing what was happening, Kate's and Drake's faces became pale while Mr . Sanchez's face became gloomy .

"Tomorrow night, go towards into the middle of the Rigel Farmlands and hand over the treasure, or else this kid would be blind forever . ", Lazar said and after which, the projection ended .

When Kate and Drake snapped out on what just happened, the former immediately said, "We need to rescue Allen!"

In addition, Drake said, "Damn it, they might do something even worse to him later on, we need to rescue him, master!"

Hearing the complaints of the two, Mr . Sanchez said, "We still don't know where they are, but by tomorrow I could probably obtain the information where they are hiding . "

"But . . . "

"No buts . . . go get a rest, now!", Mr . Sanchez angrily said .

Seeing the rare anger of the tavern owner, the two kids left the room at once .

After they left, Mr . Sanchez quietly sighed and muttered, "It's not that I don't know his location . . . but it's not yet the right time to do so . "

The tavern owner rubbed his forehead in distress as he muttered, "I'm so sorry kid, I'm powerless in front of fate . "