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Dagger - Chapter 43

Published at 20th of August 2019 10:45:01 AM

Chapter 43

Time passed . . .

"Please stop . . . no . . . no . . . GAHHHHHHH . . . . G . . . G . . . . GAHHH . . . "

"This is what you get for killing my brother . ", Lazar poured a drop of liquid from the healing vial towards Allen's wound, and the wound immediately healed . However, it was the start of an another torment .

"GAHHHHH . . . "

"Suffer more! I will make brother rest in peace . . . SUFFER HAHAHA . . . "

"GAHHHH . . . "

The process of injuring, healing, and repeat has been going on for several minutes, and stopped after half an hour has passed since it started .

This was the 43rd time that Allen was tortured for the day . He was subjected into different kinds of torment, such as his ribs getting pulled out of his body numerous time, crushing the bones on his thighs to powder, and even removing some of his organs, but they were all healed by the vial, though, it was like he was in hell .

"We'll start a bit later again . ", Lazar walked out of the room and locked the door .

Tears flowed down from Allen's eyes, his right eye has already healed with the help of the healing vial . However, it's pupil faded in color and became grayish-white .

On the other hand, Allen could hear the laughing voices around him .

The laugh of the people he blinded in the gambling den .

The joyful sound of the people he killed .

The chuckle of the barbarian-necromancer he killed .

The deafing shout of happiness of the man he first killed .

He didn't know if he was getting crazier or were they were really their laughs from the afterlife .

"Is this retribution?", Allen sobbed .

"I just wanted for my family to have a good life . . . w . . . why did this happen?"

'Sell me something, I'll help you out and break you free from here . ', suddenly, the devil's voice echoed within Allen's mind .

"Shut up, this is your fault . If it weren't for you . . . I wouldn't be here . ", Allen retorted .

'Hehehe . . . you know that there's only one choice for you kid . Come on, do it!', the devil chuckled .

"Shut up . . . . shut up . . . . SHUT UP!", Allen shouted like a madman . Which prompted the voice to stop talking .

'But . . . '



Deep in the night . . .

A few hours passed, inside the castle's main hall .

Lazar was carrying a handle whilst carrying a recording gem . The barbarian suddenly saw beside the way towards the underground part of the castle .

"Robert, what is it?", Lazar asked .

"What were you doing down there?", Robert asked .

"I was teaching the kid a lesson . ", Lazar answered .

"You mean by torturing him?", Robert calmly retorted .

"Yes, because it was the leader's command . ", Lazar said .

"The leader's command is to just force him to tell where the treasure is, but didn't he conclude that the kid didn't actually know?", Robert retorted .

"Then you want to side with the kid?! He killed my brother! What if he killed your brother or any member of your family?!", Lazar angrily asked .

"You know . . . I wish that I could see my family again . You're not the only one who lost somebody . ", Robert said .

"Your family died because of a natural disaster, but my brother was killed!", Lazar angrily retorted .

"You're changing . . . you know that?", Robert got straight to the point .

"Hmph, everybody needs to change . ", Lazar snorted .

"But you're negatively changing . Did you even remember that your older brother told you once to not let your anger prevail upon you!", Robert calmly said .

After a pause, he added, "Even though he's bloodthirsty, he has morality . "

"But he's already dead . So what?! I will make that kid feel the pain! I will avenge my brother . ", Lazar said .

"If I can't do anything to stop you, then let me just say to you . The law of karma is cruel . ", Robert stepped out of the way . After which, Lazar entered the passageway .

Seeing the fading back of Lazar, Robert sighed and muttered to himself, "We probably are the same age, but I experienced much more than you did . I hope you considered even just a tiny bit of what I said . . . my friend . "

Afterwards, Robert checked onto his communication amulet and learned that reinforcements from the headquarters would come to their location .

"Oh?", Robert was surprised when he saw the message . He then shook his head and left the area .


Earlier, at the Three Heads Tavern . . .

Kate and Drake were sparring each other to their full capacity so that could be prepared to battle . Assassins power wouldn't be the much if they battled head on, but these two weren't ordinary assassins .

-tap- -tap- -tap-

Mr . Sanchez walked down from the stairs and said, "We're moving out, tonight!"

"Huh? You already know their location, master?", Drake asked .

"Yes . ", Mr . Sanchez nodded in agreement .

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"Let's get some rest first . ", Kate said, and Drake nodded in response .

After informing the two, the tavern owner went back to his room and muttered, "Why did everything move forward in advance again so suddenly?"

"It was as if there's somebody manipulating . . . "


Electricity flowed through the steel chair .

"G . . . G . . . . GAH . . . GAH . . . G . . . GAHHH . . . ", Allen's chair shook as he repeatedly moved due to the shocks he got from it .

"Please stop . . . p . . . p . . . please s . . . stop!", Allen shouted .

It didn't stop until five minutes had passed since it started .

"Please . . . no more . . . please . . . just kill me instead . . . ", Allen sobbed . He couldn't take the pain anymore .

"Kill you? You didn't suffer enough yet . . . and I heard that you have a little brother, am I right?", Lazar suddenly said while placing down a button on the table .

Allen's eyes widened as he immediately said, "W . . . what did you do to him!? Please don't do anything to William! What did you do to my family?!"

"William? So that's his name? Don't worry, we didn't touch any members of your family . ", Lazar approached Allen and whispered, "But not for long . "

"No . . . don't do anything to them please! No . . . no!", Allen begged .

"You care so much for them . ", Lazar remarked .

After a pause, he asked, "Have you ever thought of the idea on how did we know where were you?"

"W . . . what do you mean?", Allen looked up, panting .

"I borrowed this from somebody else . ", Lazar grinned and showed him a recording gem, which Allen recognized . Afterwards, he activated it .

There, he saw that the a person was carrying the gem was heading out of the mayor's manor . After which, Allen wondered what would happen .

When the projection reached a tavern, and entered it . There, the kid saw a lot of people inside the tavern, but the most noticeable one was his father, Marco . After which, the man who was wearing the recording gem that time approached him .

The kid widened his eyes and shouted angrily, "What did you do to my father? I'll kill all of you!"

However, Lazar didn't respond and his grin became even wider .

The man who was the owner of the recording gem sat across Marco, and the latter asked the former what does he want, then the man whispered something to Marco .

Marco's countenance became ugly as he said, "Do you think I won't know what would you do?! No, thanks . "

"Well then . . . ", the man paused and continued, "How about we talk with a price?"

"Hmph . ", Marco snorted .

"Ten gold coins, and you'll tell us where is your son . You better do it, because we're in a hurry, I'll only offer now . Plus, I'll know sooner or later where you son is . ", the man said .

After a pause, Marco unhesitatingly said, "Deal . "

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"Here's the ten gold coins . ", the man handed over a pouch of ten gold coins . "Now, tell us where he is, if you're lying . . . "

Before the man finished his sentence, Marco said, "He's at the Three Heads Tavern . "

"Alright, thank you for your cooperation . "

Lazar deactivated the recording gem and looked at Allen .

The kid's eyes were wide open as tears flowed down his face, "T . . . that's impossible!"

"We can't fake anything recording within the gem . ", Lazar said .

Allen also inwardly knew from reading books that one can't fake anything recorded within the recording gem .

"You said earlier that you'll kill us if we did anything to you father, but your father was the one who sold you out! Hahaha . . . ", Lazar laughed .

"No, no, no . . . GAHHHH . . . ", electricity flowed through the chair was again .

. . .

"Get some rest, you'll be taken out tomorrow morning . We also found out that the people from the tavern you worked from weren't simple as they seem . Probably they'll join you too if they take the bait . Hahaha . . . ", When the torment stopped, Lazar walked out of the door while having a satisfied expression .

This time, Allen was quiet, he wasn't panting, sobbing nor making any noise .

'Sell something, sell, sell, sell, sell . . . !', the devil's voice echoed within his mind once again .

"What do you want?", Allen asked while his voice was bit hoarse .

'You know that I want something part of you! Hahaha . . . ', the devil within his consciousness laughed .

"Then . . . then . . . I'll sell you my emotions!", Allen while starting to sob .

'Are you sure about it?', the devil's voice asked .

"I'm sure . . . I'M SURE! I DON'T NEED IT ANYMORE, JUST TAKE IT AWAY! DO IT! I DON'T NEED IT ANYMORE!", Allen shouted frantically as he cried even harder .

"Well then, it's a deal! Hahahaha . . . !", the devil laughed heartily .

After which, it was as if Allen felt that something was taken away from him . He suddenly stopped crying and became quiet . . . or rather, he can't cry anymore .

'Finally, I'm free! Hahaha!', the devil within the consciousness laughed .

'You'll unlock all the skills overtime, but you'll gain a large boost in your strength and five skills right now . ', the (Erchian Dagger) glowed red, and that red glow evaporated into mist and it disappeared .

The mist that disappeared, was none other than the devil .


In the Three Heads Tavern . . .

Mr . Sanchez was wearing his black robe when he suddenly looked over towards the southwest direction .

"It has happened . ", he slowly said, with a tinge of sadness .

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Near the Riverboard City . . .

Lord Levine was busy handling the paperworks inside his office room, when he suddenly looked over to a particular direction .

"Kid . . . ", he muttered .


In the nomadic lands where one could see vast stretches of the desert . . .

There was an old abandoned ruins on a mountain where there was a giant statue with it's eyes closed . In an instant, the statue's eyes opened and looked towards a particular direction .

"Hais . . . ", a sad sigh echoed out .

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In the central region of the Trigurniburg Kingdom . . .

The capital of the whole kingdom, Almighty City was in the center of the said region . It was surrounded by mountains, while a wide river was surrounding the mountains . Making it look like a sanctuary .

There was a large castle on the mountains, inside the lands of the castle was a large palace . Inside a bedroom on the highest floor of the palace .

An old man was peacefully sleeping alone, but he suddenly woke up and sat up to look towards a particular direction .

"Will it repeat?", the man muttered towards himself .


Beyond the northern region of the Trigurniburg Kingdom .

There was a forest that stretched out from the north towards to the republic of the east .

In the depths of the forest .

There was a treehouse where a lady druid was eating a salad . The druid suddenly looked over towards the Trigurniburg Kingdom in surprise .


On the western mountains far away from the Trigurniburg Kingdom . . .

A man was sleeping inside a cave, when he suddenly woke up .

"It has appeared again!? Hahaha . . . I'll finally be able to get that treasure for myself . ", the man then tried to find the where that faint aura was from, then looked over to the direction of the Trigurniburg Kingdom .

The man's face became unsightly as he said, "Damn it, it's in that old man's lands . "


There were similar cases like what was mentioned above all over the lands of the continent .

The powerful existences sensed it, however, most of them ignored it for the time being . There were others who had evil intentions, but didn't dare be reckless and didn't do anything .

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