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Dagger - Chapter 45

Published at 20th of August 2019 10:44:59 AM

Chapter 45

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As soon as Allen ran out of the passageway that leads towards the exit . He saw that he was in the main hall, where there were many black robed men resting .

The black robed men saw Allen and they were surprised, because that kid was the one that they have to escort to the headquarters . After which, they charged towards him .

"Isn't that that kid . . . ?", Lazar, who was among the black robed men saw Allen . He was caught off guard at first, and after which his blood boiled out of anger .

As he was about to go after Allen with his comrades, he felt that there was somebody holding his arm, rendering him from doing so .

The barbarian turned around and saw that it was his friend, Robert!

"What are you doing?", Lazar angrily asked .

"I have a feeling that something bad would happen . ", Robert said as pulled Lazar away . The former was skinny and a bit malnourished, yet, he got to pull the latter away!

Lazar didn't get to say anything else and he just let himself get pulled by his friend .
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The ground shook which made all the black robed men going after Allen stop in their tracks .


Suddenly, the ground cracked upward and a red monster who has four limbs for moving and six limbs on it's back with a mouth on his stomach area appeared . Some black robed men were squashed into crimson paste by the rocks that flew everywhere and by the monster .

"Roar . . . !", the giant monster roared . Afterwards, when he saw the black robed men . The monster's mouth on the stomach, which was closed, opened up and a suction force started to appear on it .


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The wind blew fiercely and the suction force sucked up the black robed men . Some of them tried to fight back, but due to the toughness of the scales of the monster, it was all in vain . Some of them tried to escape, but it was too late .

The monster ate all the black robed men, except for Lazar and Robert, who already escaped earlier on . The two latters saw what just happened and their eyes widened . On the other hand, Allen was holding onto a pillar until the suction forced stopped .

Allen, Lazar and Robert all had one thoughts when they saw that monster, 'A demon . '

The kid knew that it was a demon, because he had read a book where it fully described a demon's form . Actually, the demon that he was now facing was just one of the many kinds .

Meanwhile, Lazar and Robert knew that it was a demon because of the story of their parents, which they got from their grandparents and to their ancestors .

"Hahaha . . . thank you for cutting my head off kid, because of you I unlocked the bloodline of my ancestors . . . HAHAHAHA . . . ", the demon laughed with a menacing tone .

Lazar and Robert were surprised when they heard the demon's voice, they recognized that it was their group leader's voice!

"Our leader . . . is a demon?!", Robert and Lazar were dumbfounded . Meanwhile, they suddenly felt a chill on their backs . A demon was always beside them! Demons were relatively known to be bloodthirsty, fear provoking enemy of mankind! The barbarians had a history with them, so as the necromancers, but that history was bitterful .

The demon didn't say anything else and lunged itself towards Allen . The kid rolled away and sent a (Dagger Flash) towards to the side of the demon .


The attack only created sparks on the demon's scales, there wasn't even a scratch on it! Allen's eyes constricted as he saw what happened, that was the strongest (Dagger Flash) he could send out, which was on the power equivalent to a peak adept! That means that the demon's potential attack power would be as powerful as a wizard!

Noticing that the kid was on his side, the demon sent out three limbs on his back to attack Allen .

The kid unhesitatingly initiated (Shadow Steps) to boost his dodging ability while sending out some (Dagger Flash)es towards the limbs to check how tough they were .


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Just like the body of the demon, the limbs on the back were also tough .

Seeing what was happening, Lazar and Robert went to the side hall and watched the battle from it's entrance .

The demon turned to the side and jumped towards the kid . The latter immediately backed off while avoiding an another attack from it's back limbs .

Afterwards, the demon swiped it's claws towards Allen . When the kid saw it, he rolled backwards to dodge it and reached the wall .


The action of the monster destroyed a nearby pillar, which shook the whole building . It didn't stop and made use of all the limbs on it's back to attack Allen .

The limbs were quick, but Allen was quicker . The kid continuously dodged all of the attacks, after getting an opportunity, he initiated (Burst Steps) and appeared right before the part where the demon's scales were flat, then he used (Firm Fists) and punched on the monster .


The punch caused a loud noise, and the monster's scales were damaged . However, in an instant . . .

The crack suddenly opened up and sucked in Allen's hand . The kid felt pain, but there was no trace of emotion on his face . He tried to remove his hand from being stuck, but one of the back limbs of the demon stabbed towards the kid's back!


The limb pierced through Allen's body and threw him towards a pillar .


The pillar was destroyed and the kid continued to fly to an another pillar .

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During those explanations, dust and smoke flew around the surroundings .

"You called me pathetic? Look who's pathetic now . . . ", before the demon got to laugh, it's face became stiff as he saw Allen walk out of the smoke .

"I thought I wouldn't even use the dagger against you . ", Allen emotionlessly commented as he discarded the dagger he was currently holding .

The demon was surprised that there were no wounds on Allen's hand and chest, only a hole on his shirt!

It was an another skill of Allen, which was (Regeneration), and it was a passive skill!

In a flash, a new dagger appeared on Allen's hands from nowhere, it was none other than the (Erchian Dagger)!

Allen didn't waste anymore time and used (Flicker), and appeared above the air behind the large body demon!

But the demon noticed where the kid was and launched all the six limbs on it's back to Allen!

On the other hand, the (Erchian Dagger) suddenly became bigger . . . no . . . rather, it became a sword! It was Allen's last new skill, which was (Weapon Shapeshift) .


As the first incoming limb was about to hit him, the kid blocked it with the sword and used the force of the attack to dodge the second limb . After which, Allen grabbed onto the second limb and propelled himself on top of it to dodge the other more incoming limbs, then he slid down it towards the back of the monster and slashed down the sword .


The demon roared in pain, because the kid cut off one of the limbs directly from it's body!

The tough scale of the demon was nothing in front of the (Erchian Sword), it was as if it was only slashing through thin air .

The demon shook his body to get Allen of it . The demon was successful in his action, but it was too late, because the kid has already cut off all of the limbs on the back!

The kid landed safely on the ground and looked towards the demon .

"You . . . I'll kill you!", the demon was thoroughly enraged . Inwardly, he was also stunned, because he recognized that dagger . It was the treasure that the organization was seeking! Actually, he was the only one in the mission group who knew that was the treasure they were after for, because of the seriousness of the mission .

"I already heard that many times . ", Allen charged forward the demon . The latter didn't dare to attack head on and backed off . However, the kid initiated (Burst Steps) again and appeared right in front of the demon in an instant .

The demon was caught off guard, but it immediately tried to stand up, albeit a bit stiff . After which, suction force suddenly appeared from the mouth on it's chest .


The suction force caught Allen and forced him to get closer on the demon's mouth . However, the kid didn't resist the suction force and he let himself get dragged towards the mouth . After getting at an enough distance, he plunged the sword inside the mouth and slashed upward .

"Roar . . . ", the mouth on the demon's head let out a roar of pain . As it was about to retreat, Allen slashed off his legs which stopped the former from doing so; then the kid slashed towards the other leg and he cut it off .

The demon's body collapsed to the ground . Making use of this chance, the kid used (Flicker) and arrived by the demon's neck and slashed down .

"No . . . !", the demon indignantly roared . He has just awakened his bloodline, yet, he would die after doing so!

The roar was cut off, because Allen has sliced off the demon's head already . At the same time, the sword on his hand disappeared .

Even though Allen got a huge boost on his power, including to the energy of the body he could store, it wasn't enough to sustain (Erchian Dagger) for almost 20 seconds . The said time limit might sound short, but comparing to the kid's former time limit, which was less than a second, it was an obvious great improvement .

Allen got his knees then to his hands on the ground due to exhaustion, he also started to pant heavily .

Meanwhile, after the battle was over, Robert and Lazar emerged from the side hall and saw the kid .

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