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Chapter 201

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Many knitted their brows tightly, unease and anxiousness present. They didn’t even memorize the script completely.

Some wore calm expressions, clearly more assured than the others.

Qi Shu walked out and exclaimed, “The contest is about to start. People whose name I called, step to the front.”

The judges included not only He Han but also movie producer, Dong Xian, and an actor, Li Yan.

He Han and Dong Xian sat down while Li Yan stood on the stage.

Qi Shu looked at the list, saying, “Chang Su, you’re up first.”

Chang Su walked over calmly. Those who hadn’t been called stood to the side. Qi Shu pointed at Li Yan and said, “This is the actor that will act with you.”

Li Yan played the role of a lawyer from the other side. He started speaking English.

“Ever since her birth parents passed away, her foster mother raised her up with difficulty. She attempted to kill her foster father just so she could get a share of the inheritance.”

Chang Su stated, “The complainant or rather my client’s foster mother holds prejudice to my client…”

Chang Su’s voice rang in the lounge. She talked in English fluently and pronounced each word accurately.

Chang Su had filmed some China-USA films before so she had abundant experiences. Likewise, she was also very fluent in English. As a result, Chang Su wasn’t nervous nor did she forget her lines. She handled her character’s emotions pretty well.

Dong Xian smiled and said, “Chang Su, you performed really well. You handled your lines and character’s emotions appropriately.”

He Han nodded and affirmed Dong Xian’s words. “Chang Su gave everyone a good start. I hope your performances will be like hers.”

Chang Su walked off stage, causing everyone to feel even more nervous.

Li Qiwen was up next.

Her idol, He Han, was sitting under the stage. She wanted to perform well. She was originally already really nervous and with how good Chang Su’s performance was previously, she became even more afraid.

Li Qiwen stood on stage and tried her best to stay calm.

Li Yan said his lines. It was Li Qiwen’s turn now.

Li Yan expressed his lines greatly causing Lu Qiwen to be completely suppressed. She forgot what she had to say right then.

Lu Qiwen stuttered, “Complainant…mn…the client’s foster mother…holds prejudice.”

Dong Xian knitted his brows, anger flickering in his eyes. He hated people that didn’t take things seriously. However, Lu Qiwen’s performance didn’t end yet. He couldn’t only suppress his anger.

Lu Qiwen barely memorized the majority of the lines from the start but she ended up forgetting everything now.

In a panic, she subconsciously turned to look at He Han.

What she saw was He Han’s icy appearance which seemed like winter.

Lu Qiwen’s heart felt heavy. She couldn’t say anything, standing there stiffly.

Lu Qiwen’s performance was hard to describe in one word.  Dong Xian knitted his brows. “What were you doing? Did you even memorize your lines seriously?”

“Even if the lines are hard to memorize in twenty minutes, you should be able to recite the first line fluently.”

Li Qiwen’s face paled.

He Han’s tone was really cold, “When you’re acting with someone, look into their eyes. That’s basic respect. Have you done that?”

Lu Qiwen’s heart trembled and felt embarrassed.

He Han replied, “The contest isn’t a child’s play. Since you got this opportunity, you should do your best.”

“Clearly, I can’t see your sincerity.” He Han ruthlessly said.

Lu Qiwen’s face paled even more. She clutched her hands tightly.

He He was actually that stern. He was completely different from what she imagined him to be.

He Han didn’t even look at Lu Qiwen. “Next one.”

Lu Qiwen walked down the stage in a daze.

Everyone else became even more nervous. There were some that stuttered on their lines. Clearly, some people haven’t even prepared.

Some people’s minds went blank upon hearing professional terminologies. They stammered, unable to continue their lines so they stood there awkwardly.

The judges’ expressions became worse and worse, the air tensing.

Ye Fan was next. She calmed down and allowed herself to relax.